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Parent Written byJem George June 26, 2011
age 18+

Based on the reaction of an almost 4 year old, McQueen fan.

Today we saw the 10:15am am session of Cars2 with our 3yr old. While he seemed to enjoy most of the film and certainly was transfixed for the duration, at 7:30pm we're still fielding questions from him about the violence. I don't believe this film should have been rated G. At the very least it should have been PG. I don't dispute it's a great animation and has a fantastic soundtrack that my son frequently bopped along too, but I also think it's an inappropriate visual experience for smaller children. When asked if he wanted to see the movie again my son said 'No'. When asked 'why?' he responded in a way indicating that the characters representing the 'bad guys' scared the crap out of him. While these Pixar films typically have dual layers of storyline (one for the kids and one more subtle for Adults), I think this time the balance was the wrong way round. My husband and I agreed the Adult level storyline including the violence and implied murder and espionage was hardly masked, while there was really very little in the way of child friendly morals and funny tales for the younger child. Now I'm not sure, (because my child is only 3years old) but I'd guess this is more suited to kids around 8years old. I wouldn't have expected to be dealing with questions from my 3yr old about death 9hours after seeing the film. It certainly left an impression on him but I dare say not the best one!
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Too much violence
Parent Written byburtmustin June 25, 2011
age 18+

The people of Pixar should be ashamed.

We have been looking forward to Cars 2 for over a year. I must say what we saw today was a major disappointment. There was so much violence I was surprised the film was rated G. My daughter age 4 was afraid much of the time. The only funny scenes in the film were in the previews that have been everywhere on TV. The people of Pixar should be ashamed of themselves for releasing a terrible film.
Adult Written byDr.Pepper June 25, 2011
age 6+


A lot of gunshots and explosions for a G rated movie. Other than that it is clean.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Parent of a 4 and 8 year old Written byForPetesSake June 25, 2011
age 8+

Not for little ones and a disappointing sequel

I was suprised to find the movie rather boring. It was very like lots of other movies involving a lot of shooting, chasing and blowing things up though there were some good jokes for adults. My 8 year old enjoyed it a lot but the younger kids in the theatre (particularly the 3-5 group) looked bored.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byTecFan09 June 24, 2011
age 5+

Cute, Funny and Colorful. My family and I loved it.

Ok I don't care what critics say. I was expecting for this to be terrible based on what they said. But it was very much the opposite. A great follow up to the original. I love how they manage to transform everything into a cars world version of both types of people and famous world land-marks. And the art and detailed sets are absolutely breath-taking. The story was cute and how can you not love Mator? I really felt for him when he realized how much of a "fool" he was. A great summer family flick! Admittedly not Pixars BEST work ever, but def. a great addition to the collection!
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Parent of a 6 year old Written bypelvis June 24, 2011
age 5+


This makes the first Cars look like the greatest film ever made. Honestly, this is a shockingly awful sequel. Parents will be in hell watching it.