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Teen, 15 years old Written byTheSuperman765 April 16, 2011

i rate this title ON for ages 14+

What to watch out for * Messages: Though the movie is primarily about a terrible person, the movie is well aware of that fact, and his faults are always evident to viewers -- and he eventually gets his comeuppance for his extreme greed and perhaps even learns a lesson or two. That means the audience ultimately comes away with the message "do not try this at home." * Role models: Even though he's funny and tries to do a few good turns during the story, Abramoff is unrelentingly backstabbing and greedy. He treats others with contempt, swears profusely, and exhibits destructive behavior. The only good thing is that he's eventually caught and punished, thought it remains to be seen whether he's learned his lesson. * Violence: A character is stabbed with a pen, and viewers see some blood. Also lots of shouting and arguing. * Sex: A secondary character is seen with two naked women in his room, with naked breasts on view. Another main character cheats on his girlfriend and sleeps around. Viewers also see dancing girls in a casino, though they mostly wear skimpy costumes. * Language: Dozens of uses of "f--k" throughout the film. Other words used less frequently include "s--t," "godd--n," "a-s," "h--l," "wh-re," "schmuck," and "bas-ard." Characters also use racial slurs from time to time, especially to describe Native Americans. * Consumerism: Not an issue. * Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Not an issue.
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Too much swearing