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Adult Written byslm April 9, 2008
Adult Written byjtnmom April 9, 2008
Adult Written byRachel D April 9, 2008

another good Bond film

Very fast paced and good story line in the prequel to the rest of the Bond movies. Some of the time line didn't make sense but the action and acting was excellent. Fun and enjoyable.
Adult Written byDisneyFan April 9, 2008

Best of the Bond

I love Craig as Bond! My husband and I watched this first before letting our 11 year old--Bond movies have a reputation for sexiness and violence and I wanted to know just how bad it was. That being said, we decided to let him watch it and he really loved the movie. The part with the drowning is very sad--and I'd say the most disturbing part of the movie. Bond beds two women?--what else is new? Action violence? Yep! I think it's a great, fast-paced action flick!
Adult Written byMissMovieLuver88 April 9, 2008

The Bond Movie Of The Millenium!

I enjoyed this a lot. Casino Royale has to be the best Bond film of the 00's so far. It uses a more gritier Bond and certainly it's more violent than the last three Bonds. Casino Royale has to be the best Bond film since Goldeneye. Both films seem very similar to me but casino royale certainly mirrors Licence to Kill in every aspect. If I had to mention some flaws it would have to be The villian, La Sheff( played by Mad Mikkelson.) To be blunt he was pretty awful and I didn't find him believable at times.proved me wrong. Daniel Craig was the right choice for the role. I have to admit that I had my reservations at first, but he certainly has something which Connery had and this makes him so much more believable than he likes of Roger Moore and George Lazenby. Overall, this is the best movie movie in recent years and has probably the best Bond which you could ever imagine. He pocesses what a Agent should be like. Please go and see it if you haven't!
Adult Written byruggedized April 9, 2008

Bad structurem Makes no Sense!

While there are moments of great action scenes the movie is just disorganized and too long. More far-fetched scenarios than ever before...if that's possible. After you see it you have to conclude that the entire story made no sense at all.
Adult Written bybergwerff4 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bymjoys April 9, 2008

Last half hour is hard to stomach

I thought this movie was pretty good up until the last half hour where it should have ended anyway. The torture scene was hard for me to stomach although there were alot of uncomfortable laughs. Also the movies starts off with a violent killing and glorifying it. Too bad.
Adult Written bycptnrandy April 9, 2008

A great new Bond.

This is a terrific action flick and a great restart for the Bond series. That said, it's violent and focused on a hired killer and womanizer. Use judgement before sending a young teen.
Adult Written byecapulla April 9, 2008

Fresh Bond identity

Not for the young
Adult Written byHaloFreak123 April 9, 2008
Pretty cool. Lots of action and violence. special effects are good, but the sex scenes are just annoying and pointless.
Adult Written byLianny92 April 9, 2008

Not too Good...

I didn't think that is was a good movie at all... I thought it was pointless and stupid -.- I also don't think it's alright for kids my age to see it, this movie should have been rated 'R'. I thought it was very inapropriate. There was a lot of sexual refrences and about 2 sex related scences. Also there is a scence where they cut a hole in the chair, make him strip nude and sit on it, while they torture him by swinging a rope under the chair making it hit his balls... I really wished I hadn't seen that movie...I'm scared for life!
Adult Written byJoe Morris April 9, 2008

Only 3 stars for this espionage masterpiece?!

Casino Royale deserves the highest praise. The action is incredible, Craig is superb in the role, the direction is slick, the plot intriuging. Not only is this the best Bond in years, it's an outstanding action thriller in it's own right. Craig is also arguably the best to have donned the tuxeo so far. Damn near essential viewing.
Adult Written bytrojan51 April 9, 2008