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Cute, sometimes-frantic movie has peril, potential scares.

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Kid, 9 years old April 9, 2008
Teen, 13 years old Written bystarman April 9, 2008

chicken little, best movie!

It was so funny. I could see it every day.
Teen, 16 years old Written bydancer917 April 9, 2008

A classic!

This is a great family movie with plenty that adults will enjoy too! But parents be aware that there is some potty talk. Also, aliens invade the city. They make jokes from a lot of movies like Star Wars and War of the Worlds. The movie has a good message about family bondage. This movie will get a laugh out of anyone(Morkubine Porkubine is one reason)!
Kid, 8 years old April 9, 2008

I really liked it at the end but at the beginning I didn't want to see it

I liked the part where he won the baseball game. People did not believe in him before he got the big hit. I was iffy about the aliens at first. They were a little scary. But at the end they weren't.
Adult Written byFlytesdad April 9, 2008

Kind of 'so-so' movie

I am 7 years old. I think parents should go first because there are scary parts like the aliens and maybe the panic. I think four years and up would be okay. Its was very boring to me. My sister went to see Harry Potter with my dad. I wish I had gone to see that instead of Chicken Little. There were not enough funny parts. More funny parts and I would have been a happy camper.
Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008
Some of the images might scare little kids, but everyone else should enjoy this movie.
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

you will say" well then the sky falls on me alot".

You and your family will enjoy wathing this over and over again.
Adult Written byDPAM April 9, 2008

A Bad Teenage Movie Pretending To Be For Kids

Last night I took my nearly 5yr/old to see Chicken Little. Except for the cute animated characters and tiny slices of the upside down ‘sky is falling’ tale, there are no trace of a kids movie in this mess. The mood, messages, and aggression aren’t going to benefit any child, the story telling and even animation is so furiously paced that it’s almost unpleasant to watch. There is no craft, no charm, no subtlety to the storytelling or animation. It’s just crammed with motion that seems like an effort to fit in every possible idea they had for every scene. Worse, much of it serves no purpose but to pack in supposedly humorous references aimed at adults - more tightly than in a Dennis Miller monologue. There’s plenty wrong with the concepts and images shown, but I would admit that it stays just shy of horribly harmful – I resisted grabbing my child and leaving although it was on my mind the whole time. I wish my child hadn’t seen it and that instead we’d have stayed home and watched ‘Nemo’ or ‘Toy Story’ or ‘Winnie The Pooh’ one more time.
Adult Written byricksjewel April 9, 2008

Little Faces Big Issues

The underlying message in this movie was Chicken Little's relationship with his Dad. There were several heart wrenching scenes when the Dad totally ignored his son's need of love and accpetance. As usual Disney has the mother deceased and the Dad says more than once that "she was good at this stuff." Younger children won't get this but older ones and adults will. If you have really young children you should know that the aliens are pretty scary. They are a cross between a spider and an octupus. Good messages about family and friends& fun but not for the youngest members of your family.
Adult Written bychimanbj April 9, 2008

Good Family Fun

Chicken Little teaches a good lesson for kids and parents alike (you're going to watch it with your kids, right?). With aliens, there is a bit of violence, but it turns out to be not as bad as you might think it was. There's not much scary about this, and the resolution and social interaction is well done.
Adult Written byLisaDonthree April 9, 2008

Don't take the toddlers!

The kids all loved this except for my almost three year old. He was scared of the aliens during the invasion (he turned and faced away from the screen). It was understandable as the aliens kept zapping people and the people would dissappear, later you learned that they were safe inside the alien's ship, but during the height of the invasion, which is very noisy seeing people dissappearing is very scary for the toddler age group. This is why I wrote iffy for violence.
Adult Written byHuffanator April 9, 2008
Adult Written byMarisolMomma April 9, 2008

Not for Small Children

I hate to admit it, but my 3 year old is fairly movie literate. I have taken her to everything from Finding Nemo (her first movie) to The Incredibles and the recent Wallace and Grommit. Seeing that this film was rated G, I didn't give it a second thought. That is, until my husband and I took her crying out of the theater because she was so scared. This movie starts out all right, but once it gets scary and "dark" it stays that way for quite awhile. My daughter wasn't the only crying child in the audience.
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008


Adult Written byavee April 9, 2008

I highly recommend it but be aware there are scary parts.

This movie was great! We enjoyed it very much. My kids, friends kids (2, 3 & 5) and I laughed and clapped at the end of the movie. But I would be sure your kids can handle the scary parts of the aliens because it can be a little intense although the ending makes up for it. I give it an A. I don't know why the critics are saying it is only a 3 star movie we really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and we would go see it again and will be buying the DVD. The pig was my favorite character he was to funny.
Teen, 13 years old Written byNatasha2 April 9, 2008
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

Disney does a good job in CG without Pixar

Teen, 16 years old Written byRRosatti April 9, 2008


Chicken Little is good. It is just like any other Disney 3-D animation movie released lately. Cute, but teenagers may find it boring. (or stupid, even.)
Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008

Really silly. Good for any age!

The movie was great and silly. The Alien part could be scary for little kids, but not the 8, 7, 6 or 4 year old boys who went with me. Turkey Lurkey the mayor was funny. It had all the Characters from the Chicken Little story and more. I would recommend this movie for 4 year olds and over.
Adult Written bycookingsherri April 9, 2008


We went to see this and I was so disappointed. My six year old couldn't follow the story line because there wasn't one. The movie begins with the expectation that kids are really familiar with the sky is falling story, if not it does not really brush youngsters up on the story. It has violence, it is frightening and the message was so unclear. My 10 year old like the funny scenes but said the plot was even missing for him. I don't recommend it all.