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Parent reviews for Christmas with the Kranks

Common Sense says

Unoriginal, unfunny slapstick holiday fare.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 7+
Based on 16 reviews

Kids say

age 8+
Based on 21 reviews
Adult Written byMark A. November 25, 2016

The Best

I think Christmas with the Cranks is a great Christmas Comedy. I Look forward to watching it every year at Christmas time.
Parent of a 4 and 8 year old Written byAnnie4Jesus December 31, 2015

Great Movie!

The reason I'm giving a review is because I think CSM review isn't very fair. As a family, we have watched a lot of movies in the last few months and Christmas with the Kranks has got to be the funniest I've seen in a long while. I was honestly laughing almost non stop. I could relate to them wanting to 'skip Christmas' and the expectations that family and friends can have for you at Christmas. My husband and both our kids loved it as well. It was just the movie I needed to watch - it made my day!
Adult Written bymike600 April 9, 2008

Briliant 6+

It was a heart warming pleasure, fun for the whole family. There was one reference of languuage but it was corrected by a mom. Very funny, great for everyone, nothing bad, cleen slate.
Adult Written byCaitelen December 7, 2018

Some things parents will want to know

Contrary to the main review, there is in fact a some language. Main characters say “Damn, jerk, idiot, and hell.” Also, in one scene the wife character mistakingly assumes that her husband is coming onto her romantically and starts to unbutton her pants (not shown, but the husband says “button up and sit down”). This went over my 6 year olds head but the 8 year old asked what was happening. Not ready for that convo. The lead woman also is pictured in skimpy bikini with cleavage. She also gets caught in the bikini by her priest who awkwardly checks her out.
Adult Written byQueen_Is_Great December 3, 2018


I think it’s great!! It dosnt have any inappropriate things!! Definitely a Christmas favorite!!

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDJOLE1 December 1, 2018

Great family fun!

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 9 and 15 year old Written byMeowstiic T. December 17, 2017

Unfunny, and Very Disappointing

My reviews are usually very long. But please don't see this movie. It is a muddled mess.
Parent Written byAshley W. November 27, 2017

Unfair CSM Review

This movie doesn't have the positive messages and kid appeal as most classics, but it's not nearly as far off as the unfair review on this site. Younger kids will not pick up on any sexual references. My children are 4 and 1 and aren't really interested in this movie. However, if it's playing on the television I know I have nothing to worry about when walking out of the room. A toned down, more corny, family friendly national lampoon Christmas in a way.
Parent of a 7 year old Written bylinda_s September 24, 2015

Common Sense's reviewer got this wrong!

This movie is hilarious and good for all ages. We watched with grandparents, teenage cousins and my 9 and 7 year olds, and everyone enjoyed it. I'm very picky about family movies. Believe me, this movie is really good!
Parent of a 11 year old Written byMuvesforus December 31, 2009
Our whole family loved it, laughed at it through the whole time. I was very surprised at the review, as we've watched this numerous times. My kids especially liked it.
Adult Written bybob_dahlstrom April 9, 2008
Adult Written byeilenew April 9, 2008

Read the Book

I was so looking forward to this movie. I love Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis and the book was so funny. The movie, even with the great cast, was a disappointment. It really missed the depth of characters and didn't build the conflict with the neighbors nearly as well. Rent it if you must, but the time would be better spent with the book.
Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008

Very funny!

You can't beat Tim Allen! You just can't! If you like "Home Improvement" you'll probably like this movie.
Adult Written bycon5987 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bybethlthomson April 9, 2008
Adult Written byG3 April 9, 2008

Not a family/kids movie