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Teen, 17 years old Written bydavyborn January 18, 2012

Crude, crass, but moving sci-fi\fantasy is better for teens

Cocoon may be a derivative, horribly dated mess of a movie, but hwat a mess it is. Seriously, this is one of those movies that,w hile it misses the mark in nearly every single ddetial, it still manges to almostc completely make up for that fact with likeable characters, fun atmosphere and some of the most iconically funny scenes in any movie for the 1980's. So, no, it isn't perfect. Heck, it issn't even very good, but for what it is, it manages to be a good enough little fantasy for everyone, and it makes such a smart move-especially for a sci-fi movie-in making the main characters all elderly folks. That's fantastic. it's funny, it's relatbile and, if you really want to get sentimental about it, it teaches the younger audiences watching about the depressing attitudes that some people get to be in, once they have reached a certain, old age. But, despite the PG-13 Rating, this movie is very strong in terms of content, and much, much morw so than most movies, even today, with that Rating, but, here goes: There is very frequent crude and sexual humor involving some of the elderly couples, hwich gets actually quiet raunchy at times. Also, regarding that, there are about three slightly shown and very comical sex scenes, all involving the elderly cpouples, and, there is also even one graphic scene involving a womans entire nude rear end on display in a close-up at the camera. And, finally, there is frequent and moderate profanity throughout the movie, including at least one iuse of the F-word, but other milder obscenities which are sued slightly more frequently are words such as, sh-t, b-lls, h-ll, cr-p, g-dd-mn and -ss. So, if you still like great, funny and even immensely heart warming and moving 80's sci-fi\fantasy\comedies, you will love this movie.I know I did.
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 13 years old Written bySanjay407 November 25, 2011


Change: Rated R: Mild Violence, Sexuality (includes a reference of a b*ner), Language, and a little over mild use of drugs
What other families should know
Too much sex