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Adult Written bykitty67 April 9, 2008

this is why teens are preggers so early now!!!

Adult Written byhollywally April 9, 2008

Epic Mistake! Stay Away!

Please do NOT let your kids see this movie. It is NOT like the funny trailer but way more raunchy. I took my youngest son to it and almost died. It had tons of gay humor, men in bed with men. Lots of talk about or inference to beastiality. I was shocked. I will read the reviews in advance for sure now. Save your money and see a great movie instead. Major warning. This made "Austin Powers" seem like Disney.(I liked that one.)
Adult Written bypopcornlover April 9, 2008

What a shame!

This movie is absolute garbage. I took my kids as part of a friend's birthday party trusting the judgement of the mother in charge. She made a mistake trusting the rating and there we sat with 15 children. We were mortified! Don't take children. Even adults shouldn't waste their time and money on this trash. What a shame it is for people to have made this poor excuse for entertainment.
Adult Written bymcmunoz April 9, 2008

I made my kids leave 30 minutes into the movie

I agree with the other reviewer "What a waste of time,money,brain cells!!! This movie is raunchy, filled with gratuitous sexual inuendo and creativity, not funny at .....plain out stupid. Don't let your children, your sons especially, watch this awful, awful movie. "
Adult Written byDMX_Hater April 9, 2008

Iffy but funny!

This mvoie was a little iffy for me, but it's hillarios, so that doesn't matter!
Adult Written byjamie_lynners April 9, 2008

Not worth your time

Just stupid. Raunchy Humor. It was a waste of time and money and has ruined "The cronicles of Narnia" for me now!
Adult Written byIshilen April 9, 2008

So For Once I Agree With Most Of The People But...

It was pg-13, i mean really people you need to see the rating first, it was a very bad movie and tons of sexail humor. at one pointthe 2 leading women and the leading man where in bed with a lion....
Adult Written bycoolmandude April 9, 2008

15 AND UP!

This is almost as bad as Scary Movie 4! It has very vugular sexual references and crude language and alot of it. drinking and more. You should know you kid with this movie!
Adult Written byquest133 April 9, 2008

A filthy crude and sexual movie packed in as much as a pg-13 movie can hold

Graphic Lewd sexual humor and content Violence gets high and language gets foul. The firs 20 minutes are hilarious but after that the next hour is filled with bare breasts pubic regions tiny bikinis gay/lesbian jokes and sexaul images non-stop.Don't waist your time.
Adult Written byracingrough April 9, 2008

Epic Movie IS VACUM

What the director was thinking when he made this film? ?????? The only funny part is Crazy Day Pirates but it does have girls that are gay.