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Two girls convince a nation that fairies are real.

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Kid, 10 years old April 2, 2010


It may be the best true story fantasy I've ever seen next to Mermaid.
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Parent of a 5, 8, and 12 year old Written byJMKline March 17, 2010

Perfect for everyone, Young & Old

Loved it! Was a real treat and with nothing offensive to anyone. In this age of of movies with such violent, rude and crude behavior and language, this movie is one for the whole family! You just can't say that very often anymore. Beautiful scenery too.
Parent of a 7 and 9 year old Written bystuhlly August 11, 2009
Educator and Parent of a 7 and 9 year old Written byquadrupleuma June 8, 2009

over the heads of the very young, but a wonderful story

Watched this movie with my daughter (9) and son (7). My daughter cried & says it's her new favorite movie, & I was really impressed by it. My son was bored & had a hard time following it. We paused frequently so I could explain various characters' motivations & actions. There's only a little bit of potentially controversial content (one "cover-your-_ _ s" and a "d_mn" is all I noticed, language-wise), along w/ the scene with injured soldiers, mentioned above), and it certainly depicts a lot of interesting history & childhood magic. But much of the food for thought it offers may be lost on the younger (or less sensitive) viewers.
Educator and Parent Written byKaangkies April 2, 2016

Melted face father will scare you

1. I'm floored as to why scariness is a zero stars. There's a war-injured melted face man whose visage is gruesome and terrifying to look at. How is no one else seeing this? Yes, war is gruesome, but the end result in or out of context is that he's very scary. 2. The girls are minding there own business and intentionally scared by a large man that chases them! I'm no helicopter parent, but my goodness, that's terrifying. 3. Also, there are several times throughout when there is tension, apprehension, and thriller like suspense before it resolves. I mean the last scene where the car pulls up and the mystery foot touches the ground, and we see an over the shoulder shot of this dark figure lording over the little girl who looks up almost in terror or, oh, wait, no no, we can unclutch our pillows now, it's just her dad. Ya, this type of suspense is torture on little kids.
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Too much violence
Parent of a 6 year old Written bymadsmooney1214 November 26, 2012

fairy tale a true story

but the first plea. Not only does the movie beg us to believe, but it also populates its world with fairies. Though countless special effects must have been required to bring the fairies to life, technical wizardry never overpowers their grace. Fantasy worlds and imaginary friends are integral to childhood, and kids will identify with Francis and Elsie's ability to summon fairies and persuade adults they exist. Families can talk about why so many people flocked to the fairyland? What did the fairies mean to them?
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Parent of a 6 year old Written byskadanoir August 12, 2012

A Great Family Movie (for kids 6 and up)

I loved this movie when I watched it at age 13 and again at 27 with my daughter, age 6 1/2. The story is based on actual events that did involve Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini, which definitely adds a bit of history to the movie. It can present an excellent opportunity to discuss hardship as well. The family in the movie has lost a son and the cousin's father is MIA during WWI. The only warning is that Harry Houdini does say the word "ass" in one scene. My daughter understands what we call "grown up" words and simply giggled when the word was said, so it wasn't a big deal, but some parents may not want their children to hear the word in a film shown to their children. It is definitely not a movie for anyone under 6. The concepts and actions in the film are difficult to understand at a younger age.
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Too much swearing
Adult Written byKatg July 10, 2011

absolutly Amazing

I am 60 years old and cant tell you how many times I have watched the movie, I love , love , love it.