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Parent reviews for Fantastic Four (2015)

Common Sense says

Disappointing adventure wastes talented cast, gets bloody.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 12+
Based on 15 reviews

Kids say

age 12+
Based on 39 reviews
Adult Written byCriticus March 30, 2019

NOT Fantastic OR Marvellous.

I didn't take particular interest in the MCU at the time of Fant4stic's release, but I know that if I had, I'd have been shocked and embarrassed at this sorry excuse of a mess they tried to pass up as a superhero origin story! It's completely miscast, and the "story" manages to pull off the travesty that is introducing an arch villain and killing him off in the very same movie, without even giving him anything to do beyond a few minutes of random rampaging. One day, the unsuccessful properties of X-Men and the Fantastic Four will get their due, and the world will be amazed. Victor von Doom has to be one of the greatest and most charismatic villains ever created, so it's a horrible waste to see him so poorly adapted. All the rest of the characters are selfish and flat. The movie is one of the worst superhero flicks you'll ever see. Not the worst! But it's up there...
It also contains some rather bloody kills nearer the end, so it's not even very appropriate for kids. The superheroes act sort of traumatised by their own abilities, providing a horror vibe that just doesn't work. There's a lot of language.

3:15 - "Swear to G*d"
5:45 - H*ll, d*mn-it
9:05 - D*ck
17:20 - Holy sh**
21:15 - Sh**
21:20 - *ss
22:25 - Muffled sh**
24:15 - Sh**
26:50 - OMG
33:00 - The finger
34:45 - Screw
36:30 - D*ck
37:25 - Sh**
38:20 - G*d d*mn-it
46:00 - OMG
49:00 - OMG
50:45 - OMG
51:05 - Sh** x 2
55:00 - H*ll
1:03:10 - OMG
1:04:05 - Bullsh**
1:11:45 - Sh**
1:25:45 - H*ll

This title contains:

Adult Written bybrian60420 July 23, 2018

A kids movie about kids that turns into a snuff film.

I sat down the other night to watch a superhero movie with the kids. 2/3 of the movie was kid dialogue with a spattering of foul language. A few laughs and kind of slow. Then just when they pull their colleague back from the other world, people get crushed, stabbed, gutted and heads explode. Total destruction of bodies in graphic detail. The kids were crying their eyes out, had to stop the movie. No good messages in this one, very un-superhero like where all the characters dislike each other. We usually like Marvel heroes, but this one was a waste of time.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent of a 9 and 15 year old Written byMeowstiic T. December 17, 2017

Some Weird Stuff Here

This is not like many Marvel movies. It is bloody, questionable, and weird. Definitely not just for an average kid. Blood splattering against a helmet. The usual Marvel language. Everyone is a good role model. The movie is average.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byMovie World 1316 March 25, 2017

fun and action-packed movie is a little disappointing but just fine for tweens

Adult Written byLukeR 1 February 24, 2017


The movie is just boring and has barely any action the only concern is that there is little language and scary images for younger kids. But there is no serious content in the movie
Adult Written byG J. November 20, 2016

Too Scary For Kids

Fantastic Four is too scary and violent for younger kids

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byfonzieg February 29, 2016

Boring and poorly made superhero movie is a waste of a great cast and potential!

Okay, let's get this straight here! We got together a great director, a talented cast, and an awesome superhero team! Should be a recipe for awesome right? Actually, this movie was a huge steaming pile of crap! Seriously, this movie has no redeeming qualities! It has horrible special effects (they were not finished), HORRIBLE pacing, and one of the worst final acts I have ever seen in a superhero movie! This movie also makes one of Marvel's very best villains into one of the most laughably bad villains ever put to screen! The film was also very poorly constructed, seriously, this movie has no 2nd act! What could have been the 2nd act was instead one of the DUMBEST time jumps I have ever seen! Don't waste your time on this atrocity, it's boring, tedious, poorly made, and it's all around not a fun time! Give it a pass!
Adult Written byLowe's man February 21, 2016

Not too violent, but much destructive behavior in the beginning.

This movie, as is typical of other Marvel superhero movies, is less violent than other superhero movies made by different studios. For that we can be thankful. There's also teamwork. But that doesn't come until the end. That does not make up for the destructive behavior in the beginning. And believe me, the beginning has much destructive behavior.
Adult Written byDarkVeil_love December 14, 2015

Just hear me out.

I am not racist at all, but how can they put a white Johnny in all of them except this one? It puts all the others out of place because this is supposed to show how they started but how can skin color change from past to present?
Parent of a 7 and 14 year old Written byTwofunboys August 16, 2015

A Great Action Movie!

I saw this with my dad and I loved it! The action was great and it is a very good movie for a son and a dad.
Adult Written byrods August 14, 2015

Worst Marvel Movie ever made

The plot does not follow the comics so don't see it if you are expecting it to be like your favourite characters you gew up with. Even if you have never heard of the fantastic four movie then you are left with watching a boring and inaccurate documentary. The acting was also horrible, they dont work well together, do not make you believe they are at team, and it shows they dont believe in the movie.
Adult Written byvishnumurali123 August 13, 2015

Boring, Stupid, and Bloody

I think this should be a bit longer movie, and then we can say its a good rating, but things get pretty bloody towards the end. A guys head blows up, u can see that and the blood moving in his helmet. And then a guy gets graphically shot and bloods smears on the walls. It should be rated R. Without those scenes this move actually could have earned a hard PG due to the language. The violence was unnecessary.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written bykourosmomeni August 11, 2015

Good but not good enough

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byPennDisneyCEO August 9, 2015

Wait till it comes on DVD and/or Blu-Ray Disc

Loved the way they scripted the whole movie, but not much better compared to ten years ago of it's still-amazing fantastic four movie, so I'll guess this (Kind of looking) Sequel to it seems 50/50 since "The Rise of the Silver Surfer" own ending was connected to me. I won't say anything about it's "Overboard" content, since is already said for another review aforementioned title. Lessons from 2005, "What happens when you super-cool hot metal?", " Don't take drugs.", and from Torch "Or you know what, enjoy it!" seems rather good points than before...

2015 lessons from this? Besides team working from both movies, what was remembered is that same question aforementioned, but it does not sound right if even... Doom does come back with a badder set of deadly forces this time instead of himself. (Must been something between the two movies? Were those four young people born from their parents of same team? Strange, parents did revert to normal entirely beforehand.) Is possible that the next sequel well focus on a more complex storyline.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Parent of a 11 year old Written byandrewg2 August 9, 2015

Doesn't know it's target audience

The age rating is entirely wrong. The first hour of the movie is a brilliant intelligent build up to a gratuitous graphic blood bath. I left the movie soon after Dr Doom appeared with a traumatised son. Compared to Ant-man this movie is a huge disappointment and you would be best sticking to the original movie.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness