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Parent Written byMomandpsychologist September 10, 2012

A major problem makes this otherwise good movie dicey for sensitive kids

ATTENTION: SPOILER ALERT!! I watched this movie with my two die-hard dog-loving kids, ages 9 and 11. The movie is good overall. It is about a boy and dog who find each other and develop a deep connection. When they are lost together in the NWPacific wilderness after a boating accident, they go through many adventures which deepen their bond. The dog saves the boy's life and they come to depend on each other. After a while the boy is rescued and the two are separated. Eventually, though, the dog returns home to the boy and they are reunited. Happy ending, right? Ok, but there is one problem IF your kids are sensitive. Near the end of the movie, the boy is rescued by helicopter from a position where he is hanging over a deep gorge. He begs his rescuers to save his dog but they cannot get the dog. The dog, in fact, endures an agonizingly long fall to the bottom of the gorge, where he climbs, injured, onto a rock and whimpers, staring longingly and sorrowfully at the helicopter carrying the boy far away from him. This scene was too much for my kids. My 9 year old left the room crying and did not want to come back. My 11 year old, who can't stand to watch animals suffer, burst into tears. I also had tears in my eyes. While the boy is recovering from his injuries at home, he longs for his dog. In the last scene of the movie the boy spots the dog coming through the field toward home, injured and wounded. He runs to the dog and the two are together again. However, the reunion scene and "hug" are very brief, and neither long enough nor detailed enough to make up for the trauma of the separation scene. My two kids ended up concluding that this was a "horrible" movie, and I ended up wondering why the story had to contain such an awful scene. Good boy/dog movie overall, but if your children are sensitive, beware.
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Adult Written by413804 February 4, 2012


This is a pretty dull movie. If you want to watch a dog movie, I would recommend Marley and Me
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Adult Written byjoshua martinez July 18, 2010
Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog is a great family movie for your young kids there's nothing bad about this film the story is about a boy name Angus who finds a dog name yellow and his father john where going on a vacation when suddenly a huge storm hits there ship and they are separated from shore now Angus and yellow must fight and survived to find there way home there is a good positive message in this movie it's all about friendship and teamwork.
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Adult Written bygoodgirl November 24, 2015

i enjoy it.

A young cute Jesse Bradford who later did a movie Bring It On as he matured yet he is still cute . even in this movie. Its good that his dog came home. rated PG. There is a part when the girl kisses him other than that its a nice family film.
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Adult Written bydvdqueen March 7, 2012

a boy and his dog surving together

A very sweet nice movie about a boy and his dog surving in the wilderness together a very touching movie but also a very nice movie and Jesse Bradford was so adouarble in this movie!
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