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Adult Written bybourkr April 9, 2008
Adult Written bymelvankomen April 9, 2008

Fab Fun for the Family!

My parents, husband, 3 children (ages 3 to 10) and I loved this movie. It really wowed me with the animation technology, but the story carries the film. Little Nemo and his father Marlin (along with a hilarious side-kick named Dori) discover that life has challenges and problems, but none are insurmountable. That is a message I want my children to hear.
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Sweet Movie, Duuude!

This film is wonderful! I went with my 3.5 year old son and his 4 year old friend. My son was a bit scared at times, but only because he was so into the plot - he asked me where Nemo was several times during the film and loved the "sweet" turtles. He laughed several times and talked about the movie all the way home. For parents, the film is enjoyable and the animation is fantastic! I'm a big fan of both Toy Story movies - with Nemo, Pixar gives it all their genius! The only thing that was missing from Nemo was the nostalgia of watching some of my childhood toys come to life (like those miniature soldiers!) - but, hey, I guess to have that, I should have had pet clown-fish as a kid! Nemo is wonderful, be sure to see it!
Educator and Parent of a 9 and 14 year old Written bylioness57 April 9, 2008

Fishy Fun for the Family

We took our 4 year old son and our 9 year old daughter to this film and they both loved it. Put this one on the short list of films that span that awkward 3-4 year sibling gap! Our 4 year old is typically petrified by Disney scariness (snapping Lion King hyenas et. al.) but the sharks didn't phase him. He even got the joke that these were "good guys that used to be scary sharks". The sufing turtle dudes were a little too cute for my taste but all in all I enjoyed the characters, the story, and the underwater imagery.
Adult Written bykingster April 9, 2008

Great! It was funny and very creative!

I am definately a fan of Pixar movies. They are creative and funnny and great for people of all ages.
Parent of a 7 year old Written byeswanson April 9, 2008

Not for the little ones

The fact that Nemo's mommy was eaten went over my 3 yo's head but he was definately scared of the sharks. He was also upset that Nemo's daddy couldn't find him. Brought up lots of questions about why Nemo ran away. Probably not so scary at home as it was in the theatre but I'd skip it entirely for the under 4s. Could also be too intense for some sensitive 5 and ups. Not as scary as Monsters Inc. though. GREAT for parents who can appreciate the amazing animation.
Adult Written byjrfosterjr April 9, 2008

You'll watch this more than once with your toddler

My 2 year old requests Finding Nemo over and over and certainly enjoys it. The only time she gets upset with it and wants to sit with daddy is during the scene with the shark, Bruce, after he smells the blood. The only other issue I had with the movie is a reference that was derogatory toward America. Most kids probably wouldn't pick up on it, but it's in there for some reason. Overall, it's really good and social issues and handled tactfully.
Adult Written bydudeman123 April 9, 2008

good stuff

ok yes this is a good movie and it is entertaining for even teenagers and it is a very creative movie but my 4 year old cousin saw this movie and she was to afraid to take a step into the ocean because of the great white shark bruce to scary for anyone under 5
Adult Written byjubajen April 9, 2008
Adult Written byChariot April 9, 2008

5 Stars!

This is my favorite movie ever! I'm 14 and I still laugh my hed off every single time i see it. (I've seen it atleast 20 times that i've counted. No joke.) A GREAT movie for the whole family! A must see!
Adult Written byMayra16SP April 9, 2008
Adult Written byviamars@optonli... April 9, 2008
Adult Written byshera129 April 9, 2008
Educator and Parent of a 14 and 15 year old Written byLiz Perle April 9, 2008
Adult Written bym0nde April 9, 2008

Excellent movie for kids and adults alike!

I loved this movie, and I'm not ashamed to tell you that I'm 33! From the quality of the animation to the story and clever dialogue and voice acting, this movie was delightful to watch from beginning to end. I really forgot that I was watching an animated movie created on a computer. The animation was so well done and the characters and story were so engaging that I was only interested in following them in their quest to find Nemo. I recommend you somehow take your family to see this movie on the big screen if it becomes available again. Seeing it on a television is just not the same.
Adult Written bybethlthomson April 9, 2008

i laughed

this is cute
Adult Written byMia101 April 9, 2008

i was very emotional when nemo was all alone

Adult Written byWahm2boys April 9, 2008
Adult Written byDexterSmith April 9, 2008

Finding Nemo

Sexual Content (Not an Issue): A brief innuendo about "thinking dirty thoughts." Violence (Pause): Marlin's wife and most of his unborn babies are killed in a shark attack (not seen). Some sharks almost eat Marlin and Dory (after we briefly see some blood from the latter). Language (Not an Issue): None. Social Behavior (On): Diverse characters, including a disabled character. Nemo learns to obey his father, and Marlin learns to let his son grow up. Commercialism (Not an Issue): None. Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco (Not an Issue): Sharks attend an AA-type meeting; some pelicans think that another one is drunk (with one saying that he's had too much and it's still only the morning).
Adult Written byheidirose April 9, 2008