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Inventor fights for recognition in feel-good film.

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Adult Written bywonder dove June 18, 2009

I liked it...a lot.

This was a refreshing movie. It was nice to learn something about an inventor, something I never knew. There is a good message to be learned here, and also a not-so-good message. The good one is that you should never give up your dream, no matter what anyone thinks of it. For the bad, choosing your dream over family is not such a great thing, but hey that's life! And that was his life! He chose it. Having someone come along and rip your heart out of your sleeve will hurt bad, and that's what Ford did. I understood his pain. Young kids wont understand this movie, I think it will be too slow for them. I say 4/5 stars, especially Kinnear's acting, I love him!!
Adult Written bysan anselmo January 25, 2009


this movie was ok i thought it was a little boring in some parts. not my kind of movie. -christian, 10 yrs.
Parent of a 11 and 12 year old Written bygokuro March 1, 2009

Nice business story, not a good family lesson

The movie has a good David vs Goliath story in the business sense but unfortunately David pretty much looses his entire family in order to defeat Goliath. Not exactly what I would want young kids to learn. Older children may be able to understand that part of the story is not exactly a good life lesson. There is some bad language but it is brief and is rare.