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Gory, brutally violent, but well-made horror/thriller.
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age 16+
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Parent of a 8-year-old Written byBobby G. July 30, 2019

Good but very gory thriller

The only real inappropriate content in this movie is violence, but it is VERY high. A few examples include a hand hanging off of an arm after being chopped, a mans stomach being cut open (no innards shown), half a mans face blown off with a shotgun, and dogs eating and tearing peoples necks. All of these acts are shown for a couple of seconds and not lingered upon, hence the 16+.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bySam M. November 14, 2017

Barroom Brawl of Nightmares

A taut minimalist thriller from rising indie maverick Jeremy Sulinier. A consistantly immerive grungy atmosphere pervades and grounds every scene. Characters are dumb but believably so. The opening goes on abot but is more relevant than it seems. Reflecting on both thier job situation and thier choice making skills (if you can call it that). Yet these dummies arent full retard. They have thier skills they are just underhanded by believable circumstances. A few moments of overtly movie-ish stuff like a bad guy announcing hes gonna kill somebody when he has the jump on them. Now when the thriller aspect comes into play it starts with mind games with out heroes trapped in a room not letting the neo nazis in (with a small but subtle and compellingly manipulative performance by the leader: Patrick Stewart) Things get more visceral when they try to make way out several time bit have to retreat and hope they can attempt again as the nazis restage thier counter tactics. Its thrilling stuff. Dont expect political commentary. The existance of Neo Nazis is only to have an easy bad guy (theyre not shown to do anything overtly racist).
Realistically brutal violence. Not much gore aside from a man has his abdomen disected with a boxcutter (brief but gross) but plenty of brutality. A dog chomps on a mam neck and blood profusesly pools as we see the mangled wound. A man has side of face blasted with a shotgun. Slit throats and gunshots realistically spurt and dribble but are not lingered on pornographically. Blood trails shown. A mans arm is gruesomely mutilated (the hand is barely hanging on and there are multiple messy cuts). Other scenes are off screen including stabbing and mauling. Frequent F words (at least 50).
Adult Written byStevie111 May 1, 2016

Green Room is a very well done and entertaining thriller

For what Green Room is, it is really, really good. The acting was decent for a smaller thriller, including performances by Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, and Patrick Stewart. Green Room is fairly violent and especially intense and graphic when present. Dogs maul characters in great detail and there are several killings with a box cutter. There isn't too much language and there is mainly just references to drugs. Sexual content is not present. I found the film to be exciting and overall pretty good. I would recommend it, but to older audiences due to the violence.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness