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Parent of a 7 and 10 year old Written byannette5977 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bydrod13579 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bymegnkyle April 9, 2008
I was disappointed in this movie. I brought my 8 year-old daughter and 5 year-old son to this and they were divided, my daughter liked it, my son was bored and asked to leave several times. That said, I was uncomfortable with the sexual innuendo, it was blatent and not over my daughter's head. I really thought this movie was a bit of a downer. I am already aware the environment is in trouble and they hit you over the head with it but then had a ridculous ending with people showing up in a helicopter, to do what......? Then they start dancing wit penguins. If you are going to make a documentary on the environment I am all for it and maybe we will be entertained. But I thought this was a funny, light-hearted family movie and then they lecture to us. And one more observation, after about the third musical number I started thinking about Hello Dolly. Just when you thought you were getting back to the story,,,another musical number. My poor son, he was so excited to go see this movie, afterall, weren't the trailers cute and funny. I hate to be mislead, misspend my money and disappoint my children. I can only hope Charlotte's Web will be more redeeming.
Adult Written bystine75 April 9, 2008

Loved it!

Okay, my kids are a bit older than some of these other reviewers...9 and 12...but we loved this movie. Yes, there was some sexual innuendo...but I think it would've gone over the heads of most younger kids. And, in the song that everyone has to mention...yes, the original words were "let's talk about sex, baby" but in the movie the penguins clearly say "let's talk about eggs, baby". I laughed more during this movie than I had in months. I think it's one of the better animated movies to come out in years now. And yes, my 9 year old daughter was dancing in the aisles on the way out, along with most of the other kids to leave the movie theatre. I recommend it.
Adult Written byDae1 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bykelliec12 April 9, 2008


This movie is GREAT! It's good for both children and adults. Keeps you smiling and on the edge of your seat the whole movie! Had NOTHING bad to say about it!
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written byvbluebass April 9, 2008

Not as Advertised

All of the cute, fluffy silliness that was so heavily advertised is merely a ploy to get families into the theater. Once there, you are bombarded with the "evils of mankind" and our callous approach to the environment. All cuteness is quickly thrown out the window and you are left with a heaviness that only Hollywood slef-righteous guilt can give you. My whole family left the theater extremely disappointed.
Adult Written bylovesunnydays April 9, 2008

Do NOT take the kids!

If you were planning on taking your child to see Happy Feet - the movie about the penguin who dances - DON'T DO IT! There was a lovely animated preview that made it look like a movie about a cute little penguin. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. First off, the violence is unreal for a PG-rated movie. There were moments when my daughter crawled into my lap, terrified. I looked around the packed theater, and saw other kids burying their faces in their parents laps, with the parents looking just as horrified as I felt. Kids were crying, people were walking out. Where do I start? First off, the "bad guy" seal has blood-red eyes and bloody teeth. In another scene, large ferocious looking birds try to kill the cute little penguin who is trembling in a hole in the ice, after pleading for his life. Toward the end, the little penguin wakes up in a glass zoo, and it's like a nightmare he can't get out of. The movie is terrifying, depressing, and despairing, all things I try to shield my daughter from. Then the sexual overtones and the racial stereotypes were unreal. They were all penguins, but you could tell who was the short, horny Mexicans and who were the fat, horny black guys. The female penguins had chests. The penguins were singing songs about making love, "let's talk about sex baby, about you and me" and "I want your body." And the story line? What story line? From an adult perspective, there was clearly a message here about right-wing religious fanatics not accepting gays. (The respected "elder" of the penguin pack pledges, and I quote, "devout following of tradition" by NOT accepting this "different" dancing penguin....hmmm.....) There is even a scene of black and white closeups of politicians screaming at each other about whether to stop fishing in Antartica - do we save the penguins or not? As a liberal person, I'm all for these statements ... just not in my daughter's entertainment. Our daughter was really upset. I felt bad, but how were we to know? I had read the reviews, mostly goood! But looking back and reading those reviews again, the adults writing the reviews were more praising the LOOK of the movie (it is visually stunning) and the MESSAGES about global pollution ... all good stuff .... for ADULTS. This isn't a child's movie. This movie was really over-the-top and not in a good way. If your kids are dying to see this movie, find a way to put it off until its on DVD and you can screen it. Even better, take them to go see that other animated movie, Flushed Away. I know it's about toilet humor, but it's probably more tasteful than Happy Feet!!!
Adult Written bykpickup April 9, 2008

It was fast paced and musical

I took my kids (3 and 5) and most of the film was good for their age. There were two main scary and intense interactions between the main penguin and a scary sea lion (I covered their eyes) and killer whales (my 3 year old cried so I should have covered his eyes then too !!!!) Otherwise it was very entertaining and there was a good message in the end about perseverance. There were some inappropriate sex inuendos that went over the kids' heads and didn't need to be addressed but overall it was good. The best part was the music and the tapping!!!
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Geared toward kids with a message for all

This cute movie appealed to my just 6 year old, he is talking about it days later. Some of the stuff other people seemed concerned about went over his head other than him understanding that the emperor penguins found their mate with a song and "happy feet" didn't have a good song. Which made him unique but special and led us into a storyline about how humans are affecting their environments. I think that part passed over my son's head other than the humans were suddenly concerned about them. Music makes it fun. It has layers of entertainment for adults and kids.
Adult Written byjordanurn April 9, 2008

Left in shock

I was with my 8yo niece and 4yo nephew and seriously did not enjoy this movie. I was floored by the sexual nature of the film, the portrayal of the female pengiuns (their chests, butts, even the way they danced, & of course their choice of songs!) You have got to be kidding me that what we saw in the movie trailers ended up being "How to grab a guy penguin" - I felt it was inappropriate for children under the age of 8-10, hmmm...I'm thinking back to the fat guru pengiun with 6 'sexy' female penguins jumping at the chance to "share him." Come on. I think they went too far with this film. Even the "Seaworld" scene depressed me. Did I really pay good money to watch that?
Adult Written bymjhasley April 9, 2008

A little shocking, but overall fun

My wife and I took 5 kids to this movie, all were from 2-6. My children (2 and 6) had seen the trailers on Yahoo! and really wanted to see it. When we took our oldest to see Finding Nemo in the theaters for the first time, we weren't expecting the mother fish to die within the first few minutes. She did ask what happened to the mommy, so we told her she was in fish heaven, and she was fine. The opening scene of Happy Feet might have the same effect on you. The song choice and "dancing" were strong in sexual innuendo. In fact, in once song where the words say "sex" I think the penguins say "x." It happens a few more times where luckily, it was over the heads of the kids we took, but I wonder if 8-10 year olds would catch it, and ask tough questions for mom and dad. Definately a PG movie. Overall though, it was very good for the kids and parents. The 'violent' scenes I wouldn't consider violent since they are natural to the animal world, but they were scary for young children, the kind of scary they like. If you can handle a few sexually explicit song lyrics, you'll really like this movie.
Adult Written bysbm_dvd April 9, 2008

best family film currently showing

My son and I saw this film today and we both really enjoyed it. The audience we were part of appeared to have an age range of 5-50 and they all seemed to enjoy it. Yes you will be dancing in your seat. No it is not racist. Personaly, I think that this is one of those movies where if you think it is racist that is because YOU are a the kind of neo-racist that things that racism is in EVERYTHING. I have also read that some adults are conserned about hints at sexuality in the film. I do not think this is really an issue. The mating rituals of the penguins is somewhat a mild focus. But is that so terrible? There was nothing that I found offensive or had issue with my 9YO child witnessing or hearing. I think the message of being true to who you are AND for the human race to be aware of our affect on our world are excellent messages in a family movie.
Adult Written bymemargolis April 9, 2008

Not for young kids under 6.

My 3 and 5 year old kids were excited to see it, but didn't get the plot, got tired of it, and we left early. Don't get fooled by the cuteness of penguins, its not meant for younger kids.
Parent of an infant, 5, and 7 year old Written bygrumpyjenn April 9, 2008

Really really good... but a little long

My partner and I took our girls - 6 and 4 - to see this at a morning matinee. Aside from the length (the four-year-old got a little bored at one point) we all four had a blast. By the end we were LITERALLY dancing in the aisles; this movie gave us all Happy Feet. We even bought the soundtrack on the way home from the theater!
Adult Written bybrennafly April 9, 2008

Very Cute movie

I saw this movie with my friends and we all loved it!!! The baby penguins were adorable and the latin inspired penguins were hilarious. robin williams was talented and funny as always and the movie was appropriate for the whole family. The seals may be a little scary for little kids, also, the scenes at the zoo were sad. A good environmentalist message... Great movie!!!
Adult Written bysissyict April 9, 2008

Good Movie

Not as funny as I had hoped. The message is good, both from the perspective of being yourself and from the perspective of protecting our environment. Will not really keep the attention of young children, it is cumbersome in some spots. Will probably own it though as Mumble is just too cute!
Parent of a 7 year old Written byeswanson April 9, 2008

Kids in the theatre CRIED at the violence

So glad I didn't take my 6yo! Yes, the animation is great and the penguins are really darn cute but orcas are shown with open wounds from being caught in propellers. It isn't just Coyote being flattened by yet another Acme Anvil! Why do movie people think that stuff is really necessary?!? The penguins also get themselves into a wide variety of sexual positions by sliding around on the ice. The kids think it's funny but don't get the meant-for-grown-ups-joke. Oh, there's also a Nemo-esqe bad guy jumping out unexpectedly. Don't waste your money!
Adult Written byheidit76 April 9, 2008

Scared out!

My daughter who is almost 5, cried throughout the movie. We finally had to get up and leave the theatre. There were a few very scary, dark creatures that startled you initially and then had some seriously scary chase scenes. My 7 year old loved it, but we had to get our tickets refunded for my 5 year old daughter and I. Don't think I'll buy this one on video. Great animation though.
Adult Written bybooleygirl April 9, 2008