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Parent of a 7 year old Written byeswanson April 9, 2008

Kids in the theatre CRIED at the violence

So glad I didn't take my 6yo! Yes, the animation is great and the penguins are really darn cute but orcas are shown with open wounds from being caught in propellers. It isn't just Coyote being flattened by yet another Acme Anvil! Why do movie people think that stuff is really necessary?!? The penguins also get themselves into a wide variety of sexual positions by sliding around on the ice. The kids think it's funny but don't get the meant-for-grown-ups-joke. Oh, there's also a Nemo-esqe bad guy jumping out unexpectedly. Don't waste your money!
Adult Written byheidit76 April 9, 2008

Scared out!

My daughter who is almost 5, cried throughout the movie. We finally had to get up and leave the theatre. There were a few very scary, dark creatures that startled you initially and then had some seriously scary chase scenes. My 7 year old loved it, but we had to get our tickets refunded for my 5 year old daughter and I. Don't think I'll buy this one on video. Great animation though.
Adult Written bybooleygirl April 9, 2008
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008
Adult Written bycarb101 April 9, 2008

UNhappy Feet

It was my UNhappy feet leading a crying 4 year old out of the theater. I am stunned that this movie is rated G. It seems that some people have let the cuteness of the dancing penguin blind them to the frightening scenes, racial and religious sterotyping, and sexual innuendo that comprises the bulk of the movie. Heck - just think what I might have to add if I'd actually made it to the end of the movie!
Parent of a 6 and 6 year old Written byjagness April 9, 2008

Do NOT give these people any of your money

No matter how cute the penguins are the anti-Christian message is ugly. I'm just getting really tired of the prejudice against those of us who dare to be religious in a country founded on freedom of religion. The only way to let Hollywood know that we Christians will not allow outselves to be portrayed in this manner is with our wallets. PLEASE do not spend any money on this movie or its merchandising.
Adult Written byruby2007 April 9, 2008


Why would anyone think that it is okay for kids to watch a movie about mating penguins???? Granted there were a lot of other messages in the movie, the opening scene alone almost made me walk out. We live in a world where kids are forced to ask questions and learn about sex under the age of 8. Movies like this one make sure of it. I think that it is discussing to market a movie with songs like "Lets talk about sex" and "I'll make love to you," to children. I am even more disappointed with the parents who think that its okay simply because it's "cute." The way it was marketing, I feel like I was duped into wasting my money.
Adult Written byncsoutherncat April 9, 2008


It showed being different is not a big deal. If you really want something go for it. True love always wins.
Adult Written byjoshsmommy April 9, 2008

My family loved it!

We loved the entire movie (including my husband). I havn't stopped telling people to go watch it. We plan on adding this movie to our collection. It totally made my birthday!!
Adult Written bymcmom2 April 9, 2008

Not really about tapdancing penguins....

We went to see this movie mainly because I have a teenage daughter who dances and was excited to see the tapping, and a son who is preschool age. The first half hr or so was ok, but I felt that as it went on, it became darker and pretty depressing. I think the enviromental issues were too much for an animated film and that it was geared towards adults, not children. The adult behind us actually started crying and I heard her say "I didn't think I would get so upset about a kids movie". That sums it up. I do feel that the previews were misleading and I probably would not have taken my son to see this movie had I known the content. I guess it was PG for a reason! (I do think some props should be given to the awesome Savion Glover who did the tapping for Mumbles--that is the reason we went to see the movie!)
Adult Written byjfamily8 April 9, 2008


This movie has great animation and the cutest little baby penguins. It had the potential to be a really cute movie about a penguin that didn't fit in-but that was just a mask for the real agenda. It starts with penguin "singing" mating rituals that are way too sensual for little kids to watch. It included songs with the lyrics "let's talk about ex baby" and "I'll make love to you, like you want me to" and several other songs with lyrics too sensual for young children. It had underlying themes that portrayed humans as bad people who are ignorant to the plight of animals. It shows the younger penguins rebelling against the older penguins and their traditions. It shows penguins lining up to worship and ask questions to an "all knowing" penguin. When we were walking out of the theatre my husband said "I feel like my kids have just been taken hostage". That statement pretty much sums it up.
Adult Written bymichaelsep April 9, 2008

Don't be scared away from other reviews

Okay, I read every review of this movie before my wife and I took our three year old to see it last night. It was good to know that there were some intense chase scenes that were scary but this is no different from the movie The Incredibles. As far as people's reactions to the "sexualization" of this movie, they are way too over sensitive to this. It was not a big deal. In the animal kingdom (look out big secret) animals mate and they usually have a season in which they do this. Its not like they showed the penguins "doing it". It is a great message of how we as humans need to take care of our earth collectively and globally. We do have a history of destroying animals natural habitats. Yes my daughter was frightened at times but that is okay. It was a bit slow in the middle but things picked up at the end.
Adult Written byKayhawk April 9, 2008

Happy Feet, Tortured Soul

This headline says it all. My biggest complaint about this movie was that it wasn't entertaining. Kids started squirming and crying about an hour into it, and I was tempted to do the same. The plot was schmaltzy and zoomed all over the place, with a big sloppy "message" slapped onto the last quarter of the movie. This is a mish-mash of March of the Penguins, Moulin Rouge and I don't know what else -- some boring documentary about overfishing, I suppose. Enjoy the previews when you see them on TV, that's the only fun part of the movie.
Adult Written byjuddfamily6 April 9, 2008


The penguins were adorable, but the movie moved too slowly. The toddler left early and then my 7 yr. old asked to leave. The seal was too vicious for a kids movie and unnessecarily large and scary! Did not see the end because the 3rd oldest asked to leave also. PLEASE keep the cartoons innocent and funny without all the drama!!!
Adult Written byskipper April 9, 2008

Tries to brain wash kids

The movie is way too long for small children and can not hold their attention in fact I got bored with the show and was ready to leave half way through the show. The under message of the movie is to brain wash the parent and the child. It is definately not a movie I will buy when it comes out on DVD.. Watching it once was one too many times.
Adult Written byhatewhatisbad April 9, 2008

mislead by cute commercials

This movie had the wrong rating. It should have been rated pg-13 for all the sexual references. Yes, we know penguiuns and other animals mate and have a season to do so but why display this on a cutesy disney kids movie? Yes, kids do see worse things at school but why show it to them here on the big screen too? We as parents and they as kids have to deal with it enough already outside of the theatre. This movie was very uncomfortable to sit thru. Each time the penguins males would sing and would surround the female penguin it felt as is they were about to jump her and rape her. The stereo-typing of certain ethnicity groups was also uncomfortable. And we wonder why this country is so messed up and why some do not respect each other just because of how they talk or how they think all in one particular group are. The way religion was portrayed was also very negative. Lovelace the "high preist penguin" was a womanizer and a liar. Well, lots of preists have been proven liars but on the big screen during a kids movie?!! What are we teaching our children? That this is all a normal way to be and oh well its okay until they get caught?!! Well, with this movie they are learning nothing good. Yes, the graphics were cute and that is the only thing i liked about the move. Overall it was a waste of time and money. We will not rent this movie when it comes out on DVD or buy any of its merchandise.
Adult Written byMommaTish April 9, 2008

Laughed my head off

Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

i cried then i laughed

i liked it because it really showed my kids that no matter if you are diffrent from other people u do not make fun of them because they are speacial.
Parent of a 11 and 13 year old Written byaveryt_m April 9, 2008

Gorgeous Animation - too bad about the story

Where did good storytelling go? There was no story to Happy Feet. Many scenes were just gimmicks for pop songs, Robin Williams schtick, or over-the-top peril or schmaltz. The best scenes were of the Antarctic and how real penguins survive. Watch for the dazzling animation of the dark winter night, the colonies of elephant seals, penguings diving and swimming, ice calving, and the cold Antarctic winds and seas. Dazzling! Also fantastic was the melding of live action actors with the animation in the final act. The story really let the animation down though. Though they were stereotypes, the Amigos were the best characters because they were *fun* not posturing or flirting or being pompously virtuous. The view of religion here was dismal - we talked about the religion and racial stereotypes right away with our kids and the commercialization of using pop and disco music. The environmental message was timely but, if that's your main reason to see "Happy Feet", please, take your children to see "An Inconvenient Truth" instead.
Adult Written byericvc April 9, 2008

Too intense, we had to walk out...

The promotions (and reviews) promise a great time -- cute penguins, lots of music, a foot-tapping sensation. But it is really needlessly scary and intense. I had hopes that the chases and persecution of Mumbles being different would ebb, but it was relentless and my kids (5+ and 8+) were crying to leave. My kids loved Madagascar, even March of the Penguins, but this was too scary. And I'm equally surprised how many other kids were shocked into silense -- there were no squeals of delight in our packed theater. The depressing thing is that this could have been so much more appealing if they didn't go so over-the-top in trying making it "thrilling."