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Excellent, but magical adventures getting edgier, darker.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byswimgirl April 9, 2008

Good...except for dragons and Voldemort!

This was a pretty good movie. I am not really a Harry Potter fan but I went with my friends. The only part that might be frightening for younger kids are the dragons and under water creatures, and when Voldemort comes... My friend's 7 year old sister came and got scared at this part.
Teen, 13 years old Written by9001 February 19, 2010

Outstanding, but not for young children.

This is a great movie, but a lot of stuff from the book that I would have liked to see in a movie was left out. In terms of inappropriate content, there is some language: d***, bloody h***, p*** off; some violent and frightening scenes; some s*xual content including some images of a topless mermaid who's hair barely covered the breasts, a ghost girl who gets up close to Harry in the bathtub; a mild reference to h***s*xual relationships, and other mild romantic content.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Great role models
Kid, 12 years old November 20, 2010

not PG-13

okay yeah there's dark magic blah blah blah who cares. This is a good movie nut it shouldnt really be PG-13. If you have seen the third movie, then you could definately see this one. A little bit of fantasy violence, a couple of scary scenes, and brief mild language. The language only includes one use of d-mn and one use of p*ss off, but that's all. Still, pretty good movie.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byTending Bloom April 9, 2008

A darker Harry Potter.

This is a little darker than the previous movies. It has a particularlly ghastly sceen where Voldomort comes out of the caldron. I had to look away. I also didn't like that an innocent got killed. I think the story would have been just as exciting and meaningful if they hadn't killed someone. I did like the fact that Harry got rewarded for having "moral fiber". And that Harry would choose friendship over winning. That gets an A+.
Adult Written byFinneylm April 9, 2008

Great adventure--

I didn't see the point of making Harry Potter grow up (and didn't want him to), it was such a great series for younger kids, but the movie was great. I found myself wondering why it received the PG 13 rating until the last 1/2 hr or so when I was scared and I had my friend's 7 yr old hiding her face sitting on my lap. Voldemort is truly scary and the scenes with him in it are well done but frightening. The 10 yr olds loved it as did I, any younger or with any issues such as dwelling on scary movie scenes and you may want to wait to let them see it.
Teen, 13 years old Written bysuper movie reviewer February 10, 2010

good movie that might be to much for SOME 9 year olds.

i still like this movie but i loved it in 4th-5th grade (9-10) Although in fourth grade near the end when Voldomort and wormtail where torturiing Harry (That scene includes scary images of voldomort who does look creepy, and torture of a 14 year old boy includong cutting into his arm with a knife.) it did scare me a little especially when i was watching it alone. But by the time i was 10 i wasn't so scared of it anymore. So i don't recomend this to any kid 8 and under. I do recomend it to SOME 9 year olds who like a good scare and i recomend to all 10 and ups.
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Too much violence
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008


it was a great movie!i want to see it 50 more times! if you seen alkll the other harry potter movies movies you will really enjoy this ! it was a grea movie !~
Parent of a 6 and 9 year old Written bymominator April 9, 2008

Not as scary as the other Harry Potter movies

After reading all these reviews, I was very afraid to show my kids this movie. I will take reviews read here with a huge dose of salt from now on. My kids are youngish (girls 5 & 7) but huge Harry Potter fans and have seen the previous movies (at home with lots of talking - NOT in a theatre). My "mature" 7-year old has read all the HP books. The movie actually was kind of a let down. I think that the other HP movies are scarier. This one had to cover so much ground that it jumped from one highlight to another without building a cohesive storyline or drawing you in enough to even get scared. It is a movie of cool highlights for people who have read the book. My 5 year old was bored because she couldn't follow the storyline (although I told her to cover her eyes for the scene with Voldemort in the graveyard). My 7 year old really liked it. Neither child was scared. I think that the dementors, basilisk, spiders, three-headed dog, troll and werewolf from the other HP movies were much scarier than any scenes in this movie.
Adult Written byBeckstar October 31, 2011

Not for kids in my opinion

I do not know why this is PG-13. This film is way too violent for a pg13. Slicing wrists,'s very scary. When I was 10 the kids in my class were seeing the films. I just don't think kids should see these under 15! The first film is ok for PG13 and maybe the second one, but this one should be a M rating or higher. That's just me though. This is the last Potter film I watched as it got too violent for me. I refuse to watch any of the ones after
What other families should know
Too much violence
Teen, 15 years old Written byteamjacobgirl2.0 August 29, 2010
This is one of the only Harry Potter books\movies that I found pretty instresting. I'm a big Twilight fan and I can't say I've ever loved that Harry Potter series but, this one isn't bad and I don't think it sends a bad message either.
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Great messages
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

the best potter movie yet!

Teen, 15 years old Written byski123 April 9, 2008

The best of all the Harry Potter movies!!

The pg-13 is pretty accurate but i wouldn't take anyone under 11 years old. The only sexual stuff is when a ghost gets near Harry while in a bathtub. There is some violence at the end of the movie: Harry duels lord voldemort after a character is murdered. Also, one of voldemorts helpers cuts his off his arm (offscreen,but you know whats happening).
Teen, 13 years old Written byhrh38 April 9, 2008

i love love love love love LOVE this movie

im a huge fan of harry potter & this is by far the best movie of the series
Teen, 17 years old Written byUgli Chic January 4, 2011

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This is one of the darker Harry Potter movies, as Harry grows up. Maybe it should be named Harry Potter and the Goblet of Torment, since it caused nothing but trouble. It starts out pretty good, as a magical tournament with promise for the main characters, but ends disappointingly. Special effects amazing, as usual. Good development between characters, and good role models- show that loyalty to friends and honesty is better than power. But there is no shortage of dark, intense scenes. Some of the main characters are almost killed, and 1 good guy is killed in a very tragic scene, which includes a cauldron and some bloody witchcraft to bring the main bad guy back, Voldemort. (Course if they didn't bring Voldemort back, there would be no more movies, right?)Constantly throughout the movie, Harry is being followed and manipulated by one of the professors at Hogwarts, who eventually turns out to be a notorious murderer who impersonated and imprisoned the original professor. Flirting between characters wasn't that bad. Some bad language, and some of the dark scenes were so intense I winced and had to skip past them. Definitely not for those under 13. Die-hard Harry Potter fans will watch this one, and keep on going, but I'm gonna take a breather before watching another Harry Potter movie. Thanx for reading!
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Great role models
Teen, 16 years old Written bykris.tenn April 9, 2008

I love this movie.

Harry potter is the best
Parent of a 17 year old Written byim cool and i w... September 29, 2010
this movie really everybody can watch exept for the voldemort scene you really can not watch that scene untill your 12 or somthing
What other families should know
Too much violence
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byimersway April 9, 2008

No jellylegs jinxes in this one...

This film is intense, from the opening scene on through to the end. The tone is raw and real all the way through. It is very true to the book with regard to what immediately affects H, though the whole Rita Skeeter line, house elf line is left out. The magic bits are not playful, as they have been throughout the first 3 movies-no jellylegs curses here; it's dark and evil watching V come back to life. If your kids have read it and know what to expect you are a lot better off. You might want to read it too, so you know what to expect. It's a GREAT movie, but not really appropriate for any but the VERY prepared young ones. If you go, you won't be dissappointed and your older children will want to talk about it for DAYS!!! Have fun, heads up!
Adult Written bywnddybrd April 9, 2008

Great movie but for more mature kids!

I think this is my new favortie of the Potter films. I really liked that it was watchabe for people who haven't read the books. We will not be letting our 8 and 10 year old watch the movie in the theater however. (They are seriously disapointed) The maze and graveyard scenes are done really well. Voldermort is icy cold and evil. And "The death" is very emotional. In fact this film really shows the emotional complexity of alot of the chaacters really, really well. In short, its a great film but only you know what your kids can handle!
Adult Written byKitty Jones April 9, 2008

I laughed! I cried! Am I pathetic?

I LOVE THE BOOKS ABOVE ALL ELSE!!! But this movie came closest to the level of the books. they were all cute when they were younger but now they are good looking teens! i watch this movie at least once a week and still laugh and cry shamelessly. just don't bring your seven year old or wimpy ten year old. the graveyard scene can be most disturbing for them (and indeed me).
Parent Written bydirkt May 31, 2015

triwizard tournament

You guys should really watch this. I'm a BIG fan of the movie. However, I was really sad that the Dursleys weren't in the movie, as their story is an entertaining and interesting subplot that helps develop Harry's character. There were some scary parts, but I didn't have to look away or cry, even at the scenes where people died. However, I am a relatively mature seven year old, so for less experienced viewers of my age, this film could be troubling.
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Great role models