All teen and kid member reviews for Holy Motors

Teen, 17 years old Written bySean Broucek August 11, 2013


Parents, this indie drama is probably on your teen's radar, because of the fascinating plot and intense heart-pumping violence, but the strong sexual situations and cringe-inducing graphic violent content is best left for mature teens and adults. Violence includes bloody stabbings, a dream sequence involving kidnapping, a man biting off a woman's fingers and licking her armpit, a graphic shooting, and two kids jumping off a tall building and their blood splattered on an old woman's face in a result of them jumping off, but all violence is in dreams except the shooting. Sex includes sensual touching, nonsexual full-frontal graphic male nudity (including an erect penis and buttocks), and a sex scene (with female buttocks and a breast). Language is used infrequently, but still includes s-t & f--k. There is also smoking. In the end, this near-perfect drama is best for mature viewers. SUGGESTED MPAA RATING: Rated R For Brutal Fantasy Violence, Some Strong Sexual Content, Brief Graphic Nudity, Language, Disturbing Images & Some Smoking