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Teen thriller/romance is gory but ho-hum. Skip it.

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Adult Written bywonder dove May 28, 2010

Not bad, enjoyable!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this which was surprising because it seemed very cliche sounding! One reason why I watched it was for Mischa Barton, such a great actress. Her role was the obsessed ex-girlfriend named Shelby who lives on her own, has her own house and owns a bar called "The Pitt". She kidnaps her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend Elizabeth (Jessica Stroup) by hitting Elizabeth while driving home one night and brings her to her home out in the toolies. Experienced with nursing, Shelby takes "care" of Elizabeth in a hospital bed and all, until she realizes that Shelby killed her own mother and is ultimately dangerous. Locked up in a room, Elizabeth tries every way to escape while Shelby is out seducing her boyfriend (Shelby's ex-boyfriend) Mike, while Mike thinks Elizabeth ditched him for one of her ex-boyfriends she recently ran into the other night. It is quite refreshing with less blood & gore than most thrillers. Although sometimes cheesy, I found it very entertaining. Language is infrequent but contains f-words, sh*t, b*tch, some sexually related terms. Violence is quite strong with a man being axed and then shot, a woman twists and then cuts another woman's tendon (foot), a body is thrown in a garbage can and then lit on fire, a shot to the leg, characters get knocked out by a toilet lid and a syrup bottle, a woman is rough with another woman and pulls her hair, a woman gets her head bashed in by a football helmet multiple times, a woman is tied up with tape around her mouth. Sexual content has a near-sex scene that's quite steamy where characters unbutton shirts and unbuckle pants but the guy decides to go no further, some kissing of couples throughout, a woman is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend and keeps photos of them in her room - she also re-watches a tape of their homecoming kiss repeatedly, a woman parades around in lingerie that's very revealing, a woman frustrates another woman saying "I almost f-ed your boyfriend last night and I think tonight will be "thee" night", a woman forces herself on a man but he pushes her away, men talk about women and their relationships. There is social drinking and smoking. I think teens aged 16 and up would love this, NOT recommended for youngsters!
Kid, 10 years old November 7, 2009
Such a Scary Movie My Book Review- First, this boy named Mike who is going out with this girl name Elizabeth. This girl named Shelby meets him and realizes that Mike was her long lost ex-boyfriend. Since Shelby, saw that he was with another girl,she got furious. One night Elizabeth was walking home, Shelby who was driving her car sees Mike's girlfriend. On purpose Shleby hits her. Shelby gets out of the car and takes her home with her. She supports her and gives her all the caring she needs. The only reason she's doing this is because to get Mike back and to get closer to him while Elizabeth is at Shelby's house. Elizabeth tries really hard to get out of the house,but Shelby always catches her. Then, Mike is always sending and trying to call Elizabeth, but sees that she doesnt answer or anything. What Mike doesnt know is that Shelby is trying to kill Elizabeth. At the end of the movie,Shelby is going to church. Mike's friend whos a police man stops by at Shelby's house. Elizabeth is tied and taped in Shelby's basement. While Shelby and Mike's friend talks,Elizabeth who is very smart, pulls the lever which closes the radio. Mike's friend who is very caring insists to go down the basement to turn it back on. When, he goes to the basement he sees Elizabeth tied up and tries to rescue her. But,he's too late. Shelby who has a gun,shoots Mike's friend. Mike goes into Shelby's house and Shelby's say hello and says that she has to go get something. Then, Mike hears a sound. He runs down to the basement and sees Elizabeth tied up. Mike and Elizabeth together work to kill Shelby.. They do, but when they leave, Shelby is on the floor with her eyes opened... Scary.......
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Great role models
Teen, 13 years old Written bySoftballlover August 28, 2010
I really liked it! It was awesome