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Young pet lovers will get a kick out of dog comedy.

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Adult Written byJosieB February 1, 2009

Cute movie, but...

My kids enjoyed this movie, and I found it mildly entertaining as well. The dogs are very cute as are the inventions that 12 y/o boy character makes. While it's mostly innocent, there were some parts that gave me pause, that I wanted to share in case others find it relevant. * Stereotypical characters -- the boy's the clever one who does all of the work and the girl's the cute one without many skills. * The main character -- Emma Roberts -- spends much of the movie flirting with various characters, including several older men, in an attempt to get what she wants (e.g. a police office, a dog catcher) I found it kind of creepy. * The parents use the word "crap" several times. * In general, I felt like the movie really played up the sex appeal of 16 year-old Roberts. There were many close up shots of her giving bedroom eyes at a range of people, most often her teenage love interest. This might sound like I'm reading too much into it (and perhaps I am), but it just struck me as strange, unnecessary and inappropriate. * The kiss at the end could have been a lot more innocent. I almost felt more comfortable with my 4 y/o seeing it than I did with my 7 y/o because I felt like some of the parts that I didn't like were over my 4 y/o's head.
Parent of a 3 and 5 year old Written byLesliecritter January 31, 2009

will never get those 2 hours back

Pretty lame story, kids seemed to enjoy watching and talking about the dogs.... but didnt really understand why everyone was chasing eachother. I didn't like the treatment of authority figures in the movie.
Parent of a 7, 13, and 17 year old Written byamerego January 29, 2009
Kid, 8 years old January 28, 2009

i laughed

well i think the right age is 5 so if you think i am rong then i am ok with that
Parent of a 4 and 6 year old Written bykatiechamplin1 January 24, 2009

We all loved it

It was unrealistic and sappy, but we all loved it. I have two kids, 4 & 6 and I cringed at some of the stuff in here (the dishonesty in selling fake cell phones, the foster situation, etc), but the kids didn't. When all the dogs went back to the pound, my 6 year old was "Mom, this is a SAD movie - why did you bring me to a SAD movie", but then she was okay. I know everyone's child is different, but I consider my kids pretty sensitive to everything and they didn't come out asking a million questions (may also be because we got out at their bedtime). I'll edit this review if it changes over the next few days. My husband and I both loved this movie and ended up crying and laughing...
Adult Written byjennycereal January 24, 2009

Not a movie for parents looking for good role models for their kids...

My girls were excited about the dogs and contraptions shown in the previews but we didn't get to that until about 45 minutes into the movie. And when you get there the fun only last for about 20 minutes. That 20 minutes was the only time my 6 year old wasn't saying her stomach hurt and that she was scared. In fact the first 30 minutes of the show are filled with negativity, deception and poor-treatment of others. CSM says that this doesn't get too emotional but my daughter was crying when she saw the brother and sister separated and sent to different orphanages. She was still teary about this scene as we drove home. She also didn't understand why the foster parents would offer to take care of children but then padlock their cupboards, feed them gruel that even the "dogs wouldn't eat", and generally be mean to the kids. This was a little bit beyond grade-school topicality as was the budding romance and high-school party that the lead character goes to. My 6 year old's question in regards to this scene was, "Why do people care so much about what they look like to go to a party?" I didn't feel this was the appropriate time to explain that Andi was dressing up to impress the boy she liked so I tried to divert the conversation. As for recommending this movie, I probably wouldn't. My girls just didn't get anything positive out of it. I mentioned my 6 year old's reaction but even my 8 year old said she was scared at times. Yeah, it was fun for that 20 minutes in the middle but the rest of the plot was about deception, lying, sneaking, stealing, and working the system. Those elements combined to be more powerful than the movies intended message about finding homes for all strays, humans and dogs.
Teen, 15 years old Written bymilomil January 23, 2009


Parent of a 4 year old Written bytrnlvr January 22, 2009

What a great movie!

I took my 4yr old son to see this movie and I'm not sure who laughed more and harder! I don't understand those adults who rated it as boring or ho-hum. It was so nice to see a movie (not animated) that was clean, funny & very entertaining. I have recommended this to all my friends for their pre-schoolers as well. Loved it & will definitely be getting the DVD.
Parent of a 8 year old Written byErica Rios January 21, 2009

It Rocks!

My daughter says, "Watch it! Go ahead. It is lots of fun. It will make you want to have a dog. p.s. - Did I mention it rocks! lol" I say, "Sweet. Funny. Tear-jerker. I really enjoyed it. It also made me want to get a dog." ps- The cat won't let us get a dog.
Parent of a 7 year old Written bymephistoles January 18, 2009

I...uh...we actually liked it

I thought that movie was cute. Of course I had my "yea, right" moments, I had to remember this was a movie geared for children. It really was cute and we had the "warm fuzzies" at the end.
Adult Written bygirls of chino hills January 16, 2009

OMG!!!!! We cried! We laughed! We loved it!

We would totally recommend it to anyone. It was sad ): and had a happy (: ending.
Adult Written bydandamovieman January 15, 2009

surprisly entertaining, filled with laughts, fun and thrills

Hotel for dogs is all about two orphan children who have been moved several times throught foster parents- mainly because of there behaviur. As the film goes on you the two meet other kids who help them make and run the hotel for dogs. The film is a family friendly with only mild language throughout and barely any violence.