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Silly sequel has cartoonish violence, stereotyping.

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Kid, 8 years old February 6, 2014


I think its a great movie and shud be rated g
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Too much consumerism
Teen, 13 years old Written byScoobydoo2251 November 1, 2013

Funny movie!!

That was my favorite dramatic, but comedy movie! Especially in one scene where the bad guys, dressed as Inspector Gadget's biggest fans, one minion screams in gibberish. All of my other sibblings hated it, but not me. Although the violence is slapstick cartoonish, it's funny.
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Too much violence
Kid, 12 years old April 7, 2016

It's weird, but okay

So I kind of liked this movie, but I hate this movie. So Disney thought they could get away with a live-action Inspector Gadget movie? Well, somehow they did. Firstly, I. Gadget actually has some sort of a brain, Brain is a typical dog like other dog movies, Chief Quimby is just a mean old guy, and Dr. Claw...well, isn't. He's just a creepy, weird villain guy with the same name and a lobster claw. And also, I thought Dr. Claw didn't have a face. Disappointment! Then there's a bunch of weird guys helping him in an old bowling alley place which is creepy. (I like the part when McKibble says, "Why don't evil geniuses ever say 'please'?") And then there is a "replacement" G-2 girl which is basically a robot that looks like a human; and I actually thought that was a nice touch. And if you don't need to see this movie, you don't have to. The cartoonish violence in the beginning is fun, while the violence towards the end, is, well...a little iffy. I'm completely immune to it now, but when I first watched it I was a little creeped. And I'm twelve years old. "Dr. Claw" attempts to blow up Penny and run over Gadget ("One order of roadkill coming right up"). Ok, so while there are lots of funny parts, the violence in the end isn't really for little kids. It's really not like the original, so hardcore fans will be like, huh? Although I did like the revamped theme song in the beginning and end, that was cute for all I.G. fans!!! So really, all I'm saying is too much violence, weird characters, and although funny, not like the originals. Enjoy the cartoons instead. I highly recommend the 2015 Netflix version!!! It's 5 stars better than this stupid movie. With that said, "Hoo-o-o!"
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