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It tries to say something, but typical studio filmaking brings it down

In the end, I did not think Kinsey was a very good film. The film seems determined to shock us. It wants to show us the true story behind Alfred Kinsey. But it all comes across as very forced. Collage kids (and the film audience) are shown a slide depicting penatration. They are shocked. The collage kids have never had sex. What a shock. Kinsey's research shows that women do masturbate after all. What a shock that in Kinsey's era they didn't know all this. Kinsey's father, naturaly, was sexualy repressed. The film has some decent scenes, and provides great laughs. But it loses credability when we are asked to believe that in the 1950's, families would talk in ways that by today's standards are extremely explicit. Ultimiately, I would recomend the movie as a comedy, merely because the drama is just the same recycled preach for sexual liberation against the establishment that we have seen in many different better movies.