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Uneven melodrama with confusing messages about love.

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Teen, 17 years old Written byB-KMastah February 21, 2014


This isn't as bad as I thought it would be, and also not as corny. The direction helps it from being bad and the performances are good, but the script does eventually get ridiculous and goes on for too long. Specifically, there's a narration-based epilogue that isn't really needed and kind of makes the ending not as good as it could have been. It's kind of cool that Jason Reitman is trying something new, but this is not what he should be trying. He works well with acerbic comedy, but not romantic dramas. He does elevate the material to an extent (for example, the pie scene shown in the trailer isn't nearly as hacky as one would think), but the material also holds him back, even if he did adapt the original novel for the screen. It's not like this movie made me upset or anything because you can tell that they actually tried, and I appreciate that. They just shouldn't really have been trying on this type of film, but their efforts made it better than one would expect. It's still not good, though, due to the source material and the script that it caused. 6.1/10, okay, one thumb down, average, etc.
What other families should know
Great messages
Teen, 14 years old Written bydoubleE February 1, 2014


What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Parent Written byDan G. February 1, 2014

Entertaining for adults, too sexually explicity for children

This film is told from the viewpoint of a 13 year old boy who witnesses his mother jump into bed and (loudly) have repeated sexual relations with a stranger she has known for less than two days and who is an escaped murderer. This, of course, plays with his mind, as he knows exactly what irresponsible things his mother is doing with the stranger who now lives with her, and is struggling with his own awakening sexual desires and how to handle them.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Teen, 15 years old Written byJflores14 April 3, 2014

Love, loss, romance, and some action

This wonderful book based drama about how divorce and loss can hurt a family. Great acting and such a interesting story line. There was little to no language. There was one brief "sex" related scene.