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Thoughtful romance mulls impact of large age difference.

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Adult Written bywonder dove July 27, 2013

Excellent film!

I wanted to see this movie so bad and finally did. I liked it, but was expecting a little more out of it. It was refreshing and real, none of that teen romance chick flick stuff. Some quotes in the film really stuck with me, characters were easy-going and enlightening. I loved the genuine feel throughout. Elizabeth Olsen is simply wonderful and her character was very down to earth. It's basically about an upbeat college student named Zibby (Olsen) who meets a kind man in his mid 30's who's visiting his favorite professor where he went to college. Both instantly attracted to each other, they wind up spending a lot of time together. When they part for a short while, they keep their friendship alive by writing real handwritten letters to each other (no emails or other use of technology) sharing stories and more until they need to see each other again. However, their age difference interferes with their desire to get closer and ultimately, in the end, they must make a huge choice. It's a tad slow sometimes but you really get into the story because it's that great! Violence is not an issue at all. Language is not a big deal, some common words throughout but no "f" words except for the middle finger. Sexual content includes some talk about sleeping with older men, a one night stand shown in the dark with some sex sounds but not explicit, gentle flirting and innocent kissing. There is drinking at college parties, a girl gets hungover. Smoking is mild. Perfectly fine for 13+!!
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 14 years old Written bystudboy24 June 16, 2014

Liberal Arts

I first wanted to see this movie because it was a film by Josh Radnor from Himym (How i Met Your Mother). But the film became so much more than that. It was interesting, funny, and kept your attention most of the film. The movie also had strong supporting cast such as Zach Efron, and Allison Janney. So I think that it is a very good movie and is not that inappropriate and is good but I think that it might be boring for younger viewers just because there isn't any action that makes them want to sit through it. The only bad part is one of the characters is depressed and some stuff happens in the film. But the film has a great message which is be yourself and love can conquer anything such as age and long distance. Also Josh Radnor's character is a good role model because he is nice and helps when people is in need. Also he didn't sleep with a girl because he had feeling and he respected her too much. Finally there is one scene that he has a one night stand but it doesn't have anything graphic. I very recommend you to see this movie. I enjoyed it a lot.
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking