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Boy's magical travels are holiday fun for the whole family.

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Parent of a 14 and 15 year old Written bykengrant December 11, 2008

Why would anyone subject themselves to this?

This, by far, one of the worst holiday specials I have ever seen. Let's start with the fact that it is little more than an hour-long commercial for Macy's - add to that the fact that we have two minutes worth of a story inflated to fill an hour's worth of air-time. An hour should be more than enough time to actually develop characters and/or a story line - somehow this special seems to be able to go a full hour without being able to tell a story or develop a character.
Adult Written bypeterxyz December 12, 2008

Crass Commercialism At Its Worst!

Christmas in New York is the personification of gross consumption, materialism; and crass commercialism where prioritization is set on christmas depriving intrinsic worth out of a Macy's bag. In, short, the story is devoid of traditional holiday merriment in favor of consumerism; and processes involved in shopping to find the perfect expression of holiday sentiment.
Teen, 15 years old Written by9spaceking July 17, 2014

Terrible Movie

What kind of movie is this? Lame "Little Spirit" story, poorly executed boring moments throughout the whole entire event, in addition to lack of development-- Peabody and Sherman had more in only 5 minutes of Boy-and-Dog in comparison to the WHOLE ENTIRE MOVIE of this movie!! Absolutely no romance whatsoever, no comedy whatsoever, no grab-your-seat action neither is there any drama, furthermore you cannot feel sympathetic if you do not know the Boy-and-Dog backstory... the little spirit himself was so darned ridiculous it puts Monty Python to shame, but there was absolutely no funny at all in this movie, and the dog could not be liked, it was potrayed as just a dog....messed up even at the "good moments", there were two or three moments where I felt like they were going somewhere....but it passed up fast. There was also no character development, NONE. Not even the main character was developed much--what do we know about him? He's scared and cowardly? Dumb and needs magic to find merely ONE DOG?? He can't snag a girl or even make ONE joke??? Does this story even matter?? My god, this was one of the worst children film I have EVER seen, almost as bad as Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and that's saying something!!! Do not watch this movie. At least, not all the way through. You won't like it.
Parent of a 4 year old Written bychristianmom79 January 21, 2009

New Christmas Favorite!

My family absolutely fell in love with little Spirit!!! It was adorable, the whole family enjoyed, it was nice to watch a holiday cartoon with my son & neither of us get bored! As far as the 'commercialism' in it, it's pretty true to life actually, it was nothing a kid doesn't see if you take the holiday shopping with you! We don't get into the 'commercialism' of Christmas, so we were able to look past it & see the adorable story of Spirit!! We can't wait for the holidays to come so we can watch it again!
Parent of a 18+ and 18+ year old Written byWinston Bauer December 10, 2008


Great little story - Very NYC. Great animation and soundtrack. Charming telling of the story - how a lost dog is found with much more being found along the way.