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Parent Written bySinfoniarc March 28, 2012

A Graphic and Realistic Dose Of Reality

I checked 5 out of 6 icons above my review because they're ALL relevant to the picture. My fiance and I saw this movie when it was previewed in Orlando and LOVED it. I think the biggest concern for us was the use of violence to stop violence. It's not your typical movie/documentary about missionaries engorged in a 3rd world country, engulfed by warfare. It's about a man with a rough past who gives his life to God and then becomes a missionary who is forced to use violence in order to spread God's word. I suppose that's what's ironic about the whole picture. The main character, who becomes their preacher, engages in questionable behavior from the beginning and not always for the right reasons. As a Christian and someone who has done missionary work, I couldn't help but question the protagonist's decision to financially bankrupt his family in order to make a difference to a third world country, fighting a tyranical government. At least the protagonist doesn't claim to be an angel (or a saint for that matter). While there's something inherently wrong with killing people in order to minister to others, by the end of the film you can be assured that his heart is in the right place. The movie is violent, profane, graphic, and disturbing. Get ready for a bumpy ride and a learn about how God really does work in mysterious ways.
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Adult Written bydarthsitkur September 1, 2016

really hard hitting

machine gun preacher is very gritty and hard hitting and it leaves quite an impact, Gerard butler's performance is amazing and there is plenty of hardcore action too, the shootouts are very intense. anyway, I very highly recommend machine gun preacher if you like Gerard butler and darker action films that leave an impact after you see it
Adult Written bygbtate July 12, 2012

A "Must See" for every adult in the universe

A "must see" for every adult in the universe. It's so easy to turn our backs to the atrocities taking place every day in Sudan... but there comes a time when we must face it squarely. That's what this film has done. So... what can we do about it? Tell your congressmen that you support the capture and bringing to justice of Joseph Kony, the real culprit of this movie, even though unseen. With a very real dramatization of the war in Sudan, one must realize that the people there face these situations every day of their lives. Turning one's head might be more comfortable, but the real life Sam Childers asks the question during the end credits: "if your child was abducted, and I brought him or her back... would you care how I did it?" A rather penetrating question, I would say.
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Too much violence
Too much swearing