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Parent reviews for Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Common Sense says

Entertaining "threequel" has some mild violence, innuendo.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 7+
Based on 25 reviews

Kids say

age 6+
Based on 55 reviews
Adult Written byMax99 January 12, 2014

Soft racism agenda and political innuendos not for kids

It seems French bashing has become socially acceptable to the point that people no longer pay attention to what really amounts, in my view, to a form of soft racism. Simple light headed humour in a political context where mockery is backed up amongst adults with contempt and even political hatred is not at all the same thing. This movie is almost centered around French vilification. Now to make this a spectacle for young kids is plain wrong, as they will lack the maturity and judgement not to interiorise these basic concepts in a racist manner. To me, this movie has the potential to educate kids to be racist against a targeted human group.
Parent Written bymonkeybusiness December 4, 2012

madagascar 3 most wanted rude words in song at the end

great film but at the end of the cartoon just before the credits, a song is played and it sounds as though the words that are sung are 'moving that nice, im here to get d*ck'. I have played it back and it seems like thats what it is. someone else

This title contains:

Educational Value
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy October 20, 2012

Funny movie.

I don't see why my mom hated it so much.She really wanted to walk out of the movies.Mom DOES know that I,my brother,my sister,my cousins,and my dad liked it.She does NOT know CSM liked it too.But still,IN YOUR FACE MOM! This was so funny!
Parent of a 7 year old Written bySylviaP August 12, 2012

Dark film, with few laughs or smiles in our theatre

This is the meaner, darker, weirder of the Madagascar series. King Julian falls in lust with a bear (all kinds of inappropriate innuendo here). A child gets stuck in an elephants behind. A truly evil woman (DuBois) who hunts animals & hangs their heads as trophies. Is this appropriate for small children?? We loved the first two in this series. But this movie is a huge disappointment--and my 6-year-old sat terrified throughout the whole thing. The theatre was full, and hardly anyone laughed. And all this for $30 plus the snacks.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Parent of a 6 year old Written bywade1976 July 30, 2012

Great, but a little too many slaps

Loved it but felt it was more violent than the other two. Still funny. My 6 year old loved it.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byDebra66 July 10, 2012

Where were the lovable, original characters? Hardly anywhere.

I wouldn't even rent this one on DVD. Boring plot that doesn't make sense and the movie introduces and focuses on too many new characters that my family and I didn't care about. It was not smart funny or even just funny, but creepy. My 13 yo son, 11 yo daughter and 8 yo son did NOT enjoy.
Adult Written bybaltimore joe silk July 8, 2012

The first 45 minutes is bad...

Mean spirited and hurtful physical slap stick humor for the first 45 minutes. Then we left.
Adult Written byKristenMama July 4, 2012

Fun for whole family

Very funny and fast-paced movie with good character development. Simple plot still to difficult for 4year old to follow. Slapstick comedy went over well though. Nine year old enjoyed it very much. Very funny for adults too. lots of fun!
Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written bykarenluningmom1 July 2, 2012

Not for little ones!

This seemed to be for older children unlike the first two that all ages could enjoy. I did not like that one of the circus animals was throwing knives. He came way too close. I also don't like that my son figured out that the tiger caught on fire. Finally, the crazy lady that tried to cut the lions head off with a really large knife. Come on why... must we make these so adult like?? Chase scenes, attempted murder, real guns being pointed at them as well as dart guns. Not pleased!

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byGreenK July 2, 2012

My 6-year old wasn't so sure....

My 6 year old had a hard time with the bear. She appears from an adult perspective developmentally delayed. There is a scene where her tricycle breaks and another where King Julien is yelling at her. My son found both upsetting. I think in part because the bear doesn't respond like you would expect and that was hard for him to understand. She almost seemed taken advantage of by King Julien. The last scene with Alex and the animal catcher was a little intense for younger kids too with her trying to shoot him with the dart gun. Otherwise, I agree with Common Sense, the plot is thin for adults, okay for kids. Lots of flash but not a lot of story. My 9-year old enjoyed it the most out of all of us.
Parent of a 11 and 13 year old Written bycyndifug8 June 23, 2012

Loved it!

My 11 year old daughter and I enjoyed this film very much. The 3D effects were good, and the story was entertaining. We laughed from start to finish.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Violence & scariness
Adult Written bycommonsensefor2girls June 22, 2012

Not worth it.

My 8-year-old daughter hasn't been able to go to sleep tonight because of the awful, mean and inhuman animal catcher. Too much cartoon violence and impossibilities in this movie for it to be enjoyable. This was our first, and will be our last, Madagascar movie. Fortunately, I believe the double entendres and inapporpriate innuendos went over my 8 and 10-year-old heads. The color and creativity of the circus are enjoyable and worthwhile, but the rest of the movie is a pass. Bad, but endearing, characters (penguins, dogs, and more) abound. Stealing, casinos, lying and abandoning friends all get laughs. Positive messages are there but are buried.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Parent Written byImjustsaying June 22, 2012

Boring and slow for adults

I saw all the Madagascar movies and this one was just awful. The story was lacking in all areas. I felt bored the whole time. I loved the first movie and the second was just ok. I think this fanchiese has to retire now.
Parent of a 6 year old Written byellamc June 19, 2012

Fine for families.

our three -six year old girls loved it...lots of chase scenes and cartoon violence..a couple of "stupids" but mostly nothing that encourages mean behavior. A silly romp kids like, but sort of boring for adults.
Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written bytk42one June 18, 2012


Not that great. I hope it is the last in the series... I really liked the others, as did our kids but this one was totally meh. Both kids (5 & 7) were happy they saw it, yet haven't talked about it at all since the theatre, which is unusual for them!
Adult Written byRarityfan June 17, 2012

They are back and better than before.

I like to move it again. The zoo animals ends up in a circus this time. A lot of new characters and a diva villain and Gia is one of those who steals the shows. More action than the other two movies but also funnier. It's rare I give applause for movies but I give this one. Consumerism includes a load of special edition DVDs and a celebrity filled soundtrak.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written bykaetra June 16, 2012

Colorful, artistic, funny and very entertaining for the entire family.

Another fantastic Madagascar movie! Mom, dad and kids were all very pleased with this wonderful film. It's definitely not the same-old-same-old tired plot. The end scene is absolutely beautiful to behold. An all-animal Cirque of Delights and Giggles.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byVioletJ June 13, 2012

violent, frenetic, made my son beg to leave the theater

Major thumbs DOWN, Madagascar 3. More shooting than Rambo movies, knives flung at characters left & right, a Bad Guy who tries to SAW OFF ALEX'S HEAD... SEVERAL times... while she's BEATING him. Frenetic scenes, psychedelic visuals totally devoid of logic. A Russian tiger spewing "That's Bolshevik!" instead of "That's B---S---T!" (A ticked dad let the theater know what he thought of that maneuver.) One of my 7-yr-olds asked twice to LEAVE. I should've. Shame on me for sitting through it rather than making a scene by leaving. This, to a theater full of small children. Shame on Dreamworks.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byJEDI micah June 11, 2012


It may not be as good as the first 2 movies, but I thought that it was entertaining, and I did want to see if the animals would actually make it back to the zoo(If you haven't seen the movie yet, then the ending will surprise you)! It was cute and had positive messages for kids! My dad, though, thought it was the worst one in the series! He told me that there was too much going on and that everything was moving too fast. He was also thinking to himself, "When is this going to end?!" Well guess what Dad! I liked it, my mom liked it, my sister liked it, my cousins liked it, and most of all, Common Sense liked it! YOU'RE OUTNUMBERED! Anyway, parents, this will be a good family movie to watch! And just to let you know, Common Sense, Marty says "Afro Circus", NOT "Circus Afro"! You may want to fix that on your review!!!

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byShivom Oza June 9, 2012

‘Circus Americano’ At Its Best - Shivom Oza

Alex (the Lion), Marty (the Zebra), Melman (the Giraffe) and Gloria (the Hippo) are back once again to enthral you in the third instalment of the ‘Madagascar’ franchise, ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’. This time, they travel across continents from Monte Carlo, Rome to London and finally to their beloved abode New York City. And following them on their trail is the hot-headed, super heroic and the conniving French policewoman (Frances McDorman) who fights tooth and nail to capture Alex. Now, the crux of the story forms when the group of four meet up with the penguins at Rome and en route to the Central Park Zoo at New York City, they meet up with a circus troupe and deliberate their next plan of action. The artistes giving their voice overs for the principal characters Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Shwimmer and Jada Pinkett Smith are first-rate, escalating upon their acts in the previous two versions. There are certain sequences in the film that take your breath away, such as the one in which Alex tries to teach the female jaguar Gia a fabricated act christened ‘Circus Americano’. The chemistry that the two beasts exuberate, the background music (the maestro Hans Zimmer at his very best) and the stupendous animation on display make this scene one of the highlights of this crisp yet entertaining 93-minute joyride. The circus show put on by the animals, the adrenaline-pumping speech delivered by Alex, the camaraderie amongst all of them, the adorable moments shared between Alex and Gia, as well as Sonya the Bear (Frank Welker) and King Julien (by the inimitably hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen) and the colourful circus acts performed to the music of Katy Perry’s hit ‘Firework’ is what make the film all the more inviting. There are no lull moments in the film. The shortness of its length helps the story move at a breakneck pace, leaving audiences at the edge of their seat throughout. There’s always something or the other relevant happening. Thankfully, no fillers have been incorporated, as is the norm with animated movies. The song selection is stellar from Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ to Yolanda Be Cool’s ‘We Speak No Americano’ to Danny Jacobs’ works topped by a brilliant sound given by the Oscar winning musician Hans Zimmer. The animation is pristine abled by spectacular 3-D effects. The 3-D does accentuate the overall look of the film, unlike recent fare which doles out its apparent visual effects only to bring in the numbers. DreamWorks Animation has a winner at hand with this one, exhibiting picturesque locations such as Rome, Vatican City, New York and London. To sum it up, this film is a complete jamboree and brings back delightful memories of the first and the second film. Wait till the end credits, because you cannot take ‘I Like To Move It’ out of a ‘Madagascar’ film. Want to go on a vacation, folks? This film is your perfect weekend getaway! The reviewer gives the film 3.5 stars. Shivom Oza