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Parent reviews for Mary Poppins Returns

Common Sense says

Blunt is a delight in sweet, nostalgic, toe-tapping sequel.
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Parents say

age 7+
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Kids say

age 5+
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Adult Written byMarieadvises March 23, 2019

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bymovieman48 March 23, 2019

Mary misses the mark

A total misfire. One thing that made the first movie so memorable was the songs. I walked out from the sequel not able to remember a single song. The script was leaden and despite good intentions Blunt nowhere matched Julie Andrews' charisma. And the only thing our lamplighter friend had in common with Dick van Dyke was the awful Cockney accent. Hopeless!
Adult Written bybrodybelle March 23, 2019

Don’t let the reviews ruin your opinion before you see it!

Reading th reviews for this movie really set me up to not like it. I was kind of dreading watching it with my kids. It seems like people either love it or hate it. And the ones that hate it have a lot to say! I watched it with my children, ages 15, 12 and 7. We all liked it fine and my youngest even said it was better than the first!

I first want to speak to those who say the movie was “dark”. I don’t know what they are talking about. It did have a few bad guy scenes, but they were fun. And the death of the mother was handled in a sweet way.

For the average kid in today’s world who watches ANY Disney movie, this movie was not scary.....at all.

Emily Blunt was wonderful!! She really made the movie. Everyone should definitely see it just to enjoy her. I did not think she was a mean Mary Poppins at all.

I’m giving it four stars because there were some parts here and there that kind of dragged on and were maybe even unnecessary.

Overall, this was a very cute movie and would like to watch it again without all these negative reviews in my head!
Adult Written byC77 March 19, 2019

Good for older kids

This movie was delightful, enchanting and visually beautiful. I loved the cameos by Vandyke and Landsbury. It's a little more realistic than the original one in the sense the kids are dealing with the loss of their mother. And it's really long (over 2 hours), so small kids will get fidgety. The only scene I didn't care for was the "Cover is not the book" song and dance. It was a little crude for Mary Poppins.
Adult Written bywhisper78 March 19, 2019

Very Disappointed

Too dark. One Mary Poppins dance scene caught me off guard when she thrusted her pelvis. Not Mary Poppins, please! As a 4 year old kid I remember singing songs as I left the theater. I can't even remember any of the songs from the Mary Poppins Returns. Wish there were musical geniuses like we had in the original to create songs that would be memorable.
Parent of a 11 and 13 year old Written byDylan1226 March 18, 2019

Absolutely delightful, fun movie for all ages!!!

I'm always wary or sequels that come out so long after the fact, but this one was absolutely outstanding. Emily Blunt steps into Julie Andrews' shows and is as perfect in the sequel as Andrews was in the original. The music is fun and catchy. My sons, 13 and 11, both loved it as well. Just a fun movie. A lot of great cameos as well. One early on does not work, but two later in the movie are nothing short of outstanding.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bytieyellis12 March 17, 2019

I absolutely love it and can't get enough

This movie is everything. It picked up on all of the characters from the original and it's so entertaining. Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel are wonderful. I saw it twice in the theater and bought it as soon as it came out and my goal is to watch it until I memorize the songs. I honestly do not understand the bad reviews, It's outstanding

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byalice88keys March 16, 2019

You cannot miss this historical classic!

I suspect that most people have seen Mary Poppins the original, which is an amazing classic, in the opinion of this former child and current parent. Although Poppins Returns is a 'derivative work' in many ways -- you can practically map its structure to the original, and there are elements that are imperfect perhaps, there are superlatives about this film that make it a must see in the humble opinion of this writer. Thanks to Rob Marshall and the majority of his exquisite cast, this film is 'practically perfect in every way'.

I will give brief mention to my perceived negatives. The Ms. Streep scene sounds as though she is attempting to reprise her role as Sophie in Sophie's Choice, but the scene is too busy, too confusing and overall given the length of the film and the value of this number detracts from the value of the film. My kids could not wait for it to end, and I felt the same way. It was annoying. On other notes I do agree with the overall darkness of the film. Too often it was so dark, it was difficult to make out what was happening. A kid's film would be better off using color and light more effectively. I was noting that there was more 'evil' noted in this film than the original, but perhaps that is necessary for lessons learned - the children needed to learn (the particular lesson being taught in that sequence). The nature of the cartoon and the way it played, only for a few seconds, was nothing compared to children's movies of today. At one point, the children's father become's angry with them, which was appropriate, but the script had him take it too far, blaming them for his looming predicament -- not their fault and something for which he did not apologize. That was weak and disappointing. Finally, the movie was long, which would not have mattered if not for the above.

As for the positives, consider every detail of the remaining film. Tremendously original (oscar award-winning), creative, and entertaining. it did not surprise me to see that Rob Marshall was at the helm of this work. It was creatively brilliant. Not just the musical numbers, but the casting and direction the creators of this film had the wisdom to collaborate with the available talent from the original film -- Richard Sherman to consult on songwriting, Dick Van Dyke who still has a role at the Bank, and even a crew of the original penguin animation artists. They were concerned about doing things right, and it shows. Though the framework and the spirit may have been derivative -- it was no crime because it was, after all, a long-awaited sequel to a children's classic, the music was a whole new brand of wonderful. The children and their father were dealing two other heartwrenching crises besides the potential loss of their father's job. They really need Mary Poppins this time! As you may have heard, Emily Blunt as you have never seen her, accompanied by an amazing cast, delivers. Enjoy!

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byghostyroasty March 8, 2019

Tries Too Hard to Imitate the Original

While I enjoyed the film, as did my three children, I couldn't help to compare it to the original film in terms of the plot. Several points in the new film are lifted from the original. Cleaning their room in the original, turned into a bathing scene... Visiting Uncle Albert in the original turns into visiting Cousin Topsy. These are only a couple parts that happen at the same time as they did in the original. "A Cover is Not a Book" seemed a little too risque to be in a Poppins film.
As for the run time of the film, the original is actually longer by close to 10 minutes. If your child enjoyed the original, they will definitely enjoy Mary Poppins Returns. As an adult, I couldn't help but compare it to the original and was left wanting a bit more.

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Adult Written bymjkapp80014 March 4, 2019

A Great Comeback

This fabulous movie really takes off where the original ends. Of course things and events have moved on, some pleasant others not. I'm not sure if many realize this important event but I'm pointing it out. New events, family difficulties, successfully resolved mix very well with a bit of nostalgia thrown in to keep the Mary Poppins character and her style make it a great film! It is all done very well with no slow/boring areas. Two well spent hours!

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Adult Written byRoxin February 21, 2019

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 7 year old Written byErica99 February 1, 2019

Jumping up and down at the end of the movie

Our 7 year old daughter loved it. She saw the original on a small screen years ago, so she had that additional context. It was a lot of fun for us parents, too. I highly recommend for all ages.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written bygeorge11 January 22, 2019

Practically Perfect in Every Way

I watched it on January 16, almost 1 month after it came out, and it was the best movie I’ve ever seen in years.
The most I’ve anticipated seeing in theaters since Star Wars: Ep VII - The Force Awakens came out, except that movie was not so good and a rehash of the original Star Wars movie a.k.a. A New Hope with bits of Ep V The Empire Strikes Back and Ep VI Return of the Jedi, but this was a breath of fresh air.

It had a perfect storyline, perfect characters, perfect acting, and perfect dialogue.
Though the music songs were flawed on some, with the fact and reports that a Spoonful of Sugar, Chim Chim Chimiree or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious aren’t on it.
Plus Emily Blunt plays Mary Poppins instead of the original Julie Andrews, though I still do respect Emily and her work on acting her character.
Yet the movie’s rated PG for mild thematic sequences and brief action, keeping it from being suitable for all ages(as opposed to the original).
All of which are reasonswhy this loses 1 star.

But compared to the other movies which are either action movies that have too much CGI or remakes of classic Disney movies, it’s practically perfect in every way.

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Adult Written byDesignChick01 January 18, 2019

My 5 year old loved it, I thought it was worth the price of admission but not much more.

I'm confused as to why this movie has a 7+ age rating from parents. Other than a few cheeky remarks (which my kiddo didn't understand anyway) I can't see why a 4 or 5 year old wouldn't enjoy it. I found it to be lacking in originality - it's really just a carbon copy of the first film with all the characters made over and the sequence jumbled up. I enjoyed the music but over all the film didn't wow me. My daughter, however cannot stop talking about it. There are so few good family films for young children, I was happy to have this one in our local theatre.
Adult Written bytrickmind January 17, 2019

Most everything is great but the songs.

Was this really 2 and a half hours? I get bored with a lot of movies but I didn't get bored with this one and I sure didn't notice it was 2 hours. Actually the only time I got bored was with the one Meryl Streep scene. Not her fault the whole scene as it was written seemed pointless and just not that entertaining. The rest was great. It was touching with suspense, good villians, the guy that played Micheal as an adult was the best actor and it was fun and magical. The songs just weren't really good though. I mean they weren't so terrible that I hated them but they were not good disapointing compared to the great catchy songs of the original.
I am a young(ish) widow and cried a lot during the scene where Micheal was singing about the death of his wife.

I went with my autistic 12 year old and he did not get bored at all. HIs own dad died when he was 8 when his mental age was more like 3 or 4. I don't know if he took in the whole parent is dead plotline or not.

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Adult Written byBlack Coffee January 17, 2019

Too scary and a little salacious.

Well, for my five year old's first ever movie trip we thought this would be perfect. He adores Mary Poppins and has watched the DVD many many times. We were not prepared for a very young child to be kidnapped by grim cartoon animals, to be told "you'll never see your family again" and for the dark, disorientating peril of it. When the laughing Wolf turns and snarls, baring his teeth and glowing red with demonic red eyes it tips into PG.

My five year old was very frightened and for the first time in his life lost sleep over a film for several nights. That is NOT what a Mary Poppins fan expects. This scene is supposed to be the counterpart of the gentle, amusing fox hunting the original. Pah.

Mary Poppins awkward and salacious Sally Bowles routine is a serious misjudgement, singing music hall songs about sex and nudity. Who though that was a good idea? And rapping? And BMX tricks. Give me a break.

The cast go down a sewer at one point. Blee.

The rest of the film has a dark tone, harping on grief, tears, mental illness and is dimly lit, about 70% being in murky night, having a look of Carol Reed's Oliver! rather than the candy-cane paintbox of the original Poppins.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written bysimpleebella January 13, 2019

Fantastic! Our new favorite movie

The best, loving the original and the new one. Emily Blunt and other acting was fabulous. Movie of the century! We own the soundtrack and can’t wait to own the video.

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Positive role models
Adult Written bydanmackey January 12, 2019

Excellent for both kids and adults!

Great story. Great animation. Too long for young children. Positive messages throughout the film. Fantastic ending!
Adult Written bysjknipping January 9, 2019

A celebration of childhood for my children a re connection with them

My children saw the original Mary Poppins in the 1990s. It was one of the classics that they remembered. So I promised my now adult children that we would view Poppins Returns together. We were not disappointed. We loved it
Adult Written byBrown Sugar Van... January 7, 2019


It was a bit boring for me and I think that the old one was better. Overall it was ok.

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