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Parent reviews for Mary Poppins Returns

Common Sense says

Blunt is a delight in sweet, nostalgic, toe-tapping sequel.
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Parents say

age 7+
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age 5+
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Adult Written byNoannellful December 28, 2018

Nostalgic and heart warming

I am 32 and loved the original Mary Poppins, this sequel has been done so so well and I loved every second. Real feel good nostalgia and seeing dick Van Dyke dancing and singing age 93 was lovely!

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Parent of a 3 and 7 year old Written byhamwax December 28, 2018


This was a great movie. Unlike many films today, it is paced deliberately, has genuinely nice characters who aren’t portrayed as cool because they’re sassy or self-centered, and takes a very childlike approach to fantasy. My daughter was deeply engrossed. It was a joy to see.

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Adult Written byeryka0818 December 27, 2018

Really good sequel

I went with my mother and 5 year son, who has seen and liked the first MP. I loved it as well as my son. My mom liked it but I think wanted it to be the original with the same songs, etc. ;) I appreciated that it had the same good heartedness as the original but I liked the new take on a classic. I loved the performances by Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel. My son liked it a lot--and he can be pretty sensitive to anything too scary. I may have cried during the parts about them losing their mother/wife but I also am pregnant and especially sensitive to loss. Great movie - take all the kids!

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Adult Written byKatemasson December 26, 2018

Loved It

Everything we hoped for! Catchy music, lots of beautiful imagination encouragement and many Disney references.

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Adult Written byJp Presnell December 26, 2018

Severe Disappointment

Too much singing and the songs were not memorable, Emily Blunt was the only thing good about the movie. Also way too cartoony and the story line lacked imagination. I also found it to be chaotic and unorganized..Nothing like the original which was inspiring.
Parent of a 9 and 13 year old Written byMagicStew December 24, 2018

Great family imagination fun

Took my two boys (9 and almost 13) so was a bit anxious, but the movie was great fun and some good laughs. The 9 yo loved it and the 12 yo said it was 'good', his standard description for anything that is not rubbish. Great for us adults as well.

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Parent of a 4 year old Written byJaqolyn827 December 23, 2018

The Magic Lives On

I took my twin 4yo sons to see this in the theater today, and they loved it! (I should preface this by saying that my boys are highly sensitive to anything scary, including most PG rated Disney films. They did get a bit frightened by a brief chase scene, but they quickly recovered and were happily glued to the screen for the remainder.) As an adult, I revisited fond memories, sang out loud and shed a tear...or two. Disney did a simply amazing job of capturing the magic of the original Mary Poppins while offering a new and captivating storyline as well as a fresh, mind-blowing score. The bath tub and ceramic bowl (animated) scenes are kids’ fantasies brought to life, pairing stunning visuals, brilliant songs and amazing creativity. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be seeing this story on Broadway in the very near future! Now on to the cast. Lynn Manuel Miranda was impressive as always, but Emily Blunt’s singing and practically perfect MP demeanor really blew me away. Who knew!? Colin Firth was a blasé villain, but it was frankly refreshing not to see the “bad guy” go off the rails in another children’s film. And of course it was an incredible treat to see Meryl Streep, Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury contributing their talents (song, dance!). Bravo. If you’re a fan of Mary Poppins, I insist that you grab you kids and run to the theaters! You’ll be so happy you did.

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Adult Written byAnndv December 23, 2018

Unless you want to suffer

Don’t go see this and pay for it... wait until it is on TV then you won’t feel so bad about watching it. Dark, sad sad version of Marry Poppins even the children hated it. We walked out
Parent of a 18+ year old Written byTabletlover1234 December 20, 2018

This is absolutely disgusting

It wasn't an independent film company so it got my goatee and lensless glasses in a twist. As a self Identified hipster non-independent films make me not happy. I will definitely not be contributing to this films box office gross. as the ancient hieroglyphs say: bird thing, jackal, oar, wheat, festival!

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