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'80s romcom has mature themes; may not interest kids.

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Parent Written byMusic/Movies December 25, 2012

Sex: 8/10, Violence: 2/10, Language: 4/10, Drinking: 4/10

Sex: There is one heavy kissing scene that I would almost call a makeout scene. A man pulls a woman off of a chair and kisses her heavily in his kitchen for a few seconds. She eventually pulls away and gets nervous, but then jumps right back at him. This whole time you can tell they are french kissing because their lips don't even move that much. *A man carries a woman to his bed and throws her down. They talk to each other and use sexual phrases such as "Leave nothing but the skin over my bones" and "Take that revenge out on me". *A man tries to kiss a woman, but she pulls away and reminds him she is just going on a simple date with him. *A young man walks and older woman home and tells her that she could come to his apartment, but she refuses. They kiss each other on the cheek. *Three couples in this movie cheat on each other, which includes sex, kissing, dating and avoiding telling their spouse. *There are a few breif kissing scenes in the movie other than the heavier ones, but they aren't that long. (NOTE: Most of the sexual scenes are with Cher and Nicholas, and the whole time Cher is engaged to another man). --- Violence: *A man threatens to kill himself with a kinfie while he yells and knocks down things. *A woman slaps a man acros the face two times and then yells at him. *A man knocks over a table after a fighting scene and he pulls a woman off of a chair fairly hard. *Some fighting scenes and mentions of death. --- Language: One or two uses of s**t, one use of b*tch and a few milder things. --- Drinking: *The Italians have wine and other drinks, but they drink with responsability and they never get drunk or use alchohal in a bad way. There is pretty much no smoking and absolutly no drugs at all.
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Educator and Parent Written byFosterFan August 5, 2011

Great actors, great screenplay. Excellent film.

There's a reason Moonstruck has become a classic film, and a staple in the romantic comedy genre. The players are top notch, the screenplay's hilarious, and the direction magnificent. Cher and Olympia Dukakis shine brightest of all in a star-studded cast. Highly recommended.
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent Written byStepMomSterToo January 11, 2011
Kids would fall asleep. Has it's funny points.
Teen, 14 years old Written byJaneGodfrey September 18, 2015

A lot of Sex

This movie isn't intended for kids at all. It has some nice messages, and a good ending, and everybody finds love and everything. But oh my gosh, all the other stuff that goes on in there! The whole thing has a bunch of cheating going on, some strong language, and heavy kissing. A man grabs a woman, lifts her in the air, and yells "son of a b***!" as he is walking. The woman asks where they are going, and he says to the bedroom. She then said, "take me, I don't care!" He lays her on the bed, and then all you can see is her moaning with obvious pleasure. Nothing is shown. Later in the movie she is about to break up with him, because she is engaged to his brother, and he tells her to get in his bed. For obvious reasons. She breaks up with her fiancée and marries his brother two days later. So, definitely not great role models. There was no violence, not a lot of swearing, almost no money, and some drinking, but only normal.
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Great messages
Too much sex