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Movie 43

Depraved, unfunny anthology comedy wastes tons of talent.
  • Rated: R
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Running Time: 97 minutes

What parents need to know

Positive messages

Mostly very iffy/problematic behavior (with little consequence), including greed, lust, threats, and revenge.

Positive role models

No characters behave admirably or responsibly, and the segments aren't long enough for them to learn or change.


Characters threaten one another with guns and grenades. Two guys fight with two leprechauns, with punching, shooting, and lots of blood. Parents humiliate their teenage son by throwing basketballs at his head. A teen girl gets her first period; blood is shown. There's a discussion of men losing their hands and penises while using a "naked girl iPod." A man punches another man in a restaurant. A woman gets hit by a car and then tries to kill an animated cat with a shovel.


A naked woman is shown full-frontal; she's an "iBabe," which is a something like a life-size iPod. Several other women are shown topless in the same sequence. Halle Berry mixes guacamole with her naked breast in another sequence; she's seen later with huge, naked (and obviously fake) breasts. A woman asks her boyfriend to poop on her during sex. A mother and father play sexually charged scenarios with their teenage son. A man has a pair of testicles hanging from his neck. A man has a climaxing penis tattooed on his face. An animated cat is shown masturbating (including inserting a brush into his anus). Strong innuendo and heavy kissing.


Language is extremely strong and includes frequent use of "f--k," "s--t," "fag," "pubes," "d--k," "suck off," "blow," "boobies," "ass," "balls," "vag," "vagina," "beaver," "son of a bitch," "butthole," "masturbate," "jizz," "p---y," "c--k," "c--t," "prick," "douche," the "N" word," "hell," "crap," "damn," "goddamn," "oh my God," and more.

Consumerism is mentioned. The Rocksmith video game is shown.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking

A teen party is briefly shown, with suggestions of drinking and drugs. Adults drink vodka at dinner.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Movie 43 is a collection of short but over-the-top comedy films (directed by the likes of Peter Farrelly) that are tied together with a wraparound sequence about a writer making a pitch at a Hollywood studio. The content is astoundingly vulgar, loaded with sex (including full-frontal female nudity) and sexual innuendo, depravity, the foulest language imaginable ("f--k," "s--t," and much more), some violence, and drinking and drug use. The film boasts an incredible cast of talented actors and a funny trailer, so teens will no doubt be interested in seeing it. But the situations are so depraved and of a negative nature that any and all potential viewers are hereby warned.

What's the story?

A screenwriter (Dennis Quaid) pitches several story ideas to a Hollywood executive (Greg Kinnear). Among them is one about a woman (Kate Winslet) who goes on a blind date with a man (Hugh Jackman) who has testicles hanging from his neck. In another story, a couple (Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber) homeschools their teen son and tries to offer him the humiliations of high school as well as the lessons. In another, a woman asks her boyfriend to poop on her during sex. Then a company has technical issues with its new "iBabe" line of iPods, and an Internet date turns into a cruel game of "truth or dare." And so it goes. Does the movie ever get made? Who cares?

Is it any good?


This movie's so bad it may acquire legendary status someday; but then again, maybe not. Twelve directors came together for this anthology film, with Peter Farrelly taking the connecting, wraparound sequence as well as the first short. It's one of his worst efforts, sinking too far into so-called shocking, vulgar humor and too little into any kind of emotional connection to real-life experiences. Other directors -- including Brett Ratner, James Gunn, Rusty Cundieff, and Griffin Dunne -- don't fare any better.

The wonderful comic actress Elizabeth Banks makes her directorial debut with her segment -- about a teen girl getting her first period -- but it's frenetic and cruel and doesn't suggest much of a future for this part of her career. MOVIE 43 is the kind of film that makes you wonder which sequences are the most irresponsible and depraved and what these talented people were thinking to get involved with such a project.

Families can talk about...

  • Families can talk about Movie 43's sexual situations. Are there any relationships in the movie that could be defined as healthy or positive? What messages does the movie send about sex?

  • Some segments revolve around cruelty to children and teens. Are they funny? Why or why not? Who are they intended to appeal to?

  • In the final sequence, an animated cat is involved in some of the movie's most depraved humor. Does the fact that the cat isn't real affect the impact of those scenes?

Movie details

Theatrical release date:January 25, 2013
DVD/Streaming release date:June 18, 2013
Cast:Emma Stone, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet
Directors:Elizabeth Banks, Peter Farrelly, Steve Carr
Studio:Relativity Media
Run time:97 minutes
MPAA rating:R
MPAA explanation:strong pervasive crude and sexual content including dialogue, graphic nudity, language, some violence and drug use

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Teen, 16 years old Written byB-KMastah January 27, 2013

The worst movie ever made. The biggest waste of talent ever.

I saw this opening day; in retrospect, I don't know why. I laughed at the jokes in the trailers, to be honest. I feel obliged to elaborate my review, which I posted on January 25, so here it is. This is a horribly made, stupid, uneven and beyond a WTF-fest. Every joke is completely immature and inane, completely relying on "offensive" jokes. It's one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen but I giggled once (I'll get into that later) but I felt like my IQ dropped 100 points afterwards. It's not necessarily due to the raunchy humor, (though that was a factor) but mostly how the entire film was witless and relied on childish jokes involving feces, bodily fluids, language and mild bestiality and incest. Some sketches were just horrendous and some were just awful. (Which one is worse? Exactly.) These are all DISGUSTING, crude, and void of any wit at all. I can laugh at crude; 21 Jump Street, Ted, and This is the End made me cry with laughter, but these are the worst things I have ever had to endure. The one with Anna Faris and Chris Pratt was unbearably awful and made me want to shoot myself in the face; it’s just one “joke” about how gross they can make dialogue about coprophilia, all while seemingly trying to harm the audience's intelligence. The iBabe sketch was really bad given how terminally stupid it was, as was the Beezel sketch given its terminal velocity of terribleness. I was disappointed by the Homeschooled sketch because the idea is actually very funny: two parents harassing their home schooled child in order to give him a true high school experience. However, that went past when it was funny and just became uncomfortable given the jokes about child abuse and mother-son and father-son incest. It truly could have been hilarious, but it just made me want to leave due to how mean-spirited and void of wit it was. Because this is a series of sketches, the characters aren't actual characters, just actors due to the non-existent plot and non-existent character development. The cast is good, so you're watching screen saying, "That's not a character, but it's just Emma Stone, who I really like." Right after that, you become overrun with an unspeakable amount of pity and depression in regards to how all of these amazing actors and actresses are in this: the worst movie of all time. (Keep in mind that I’ve seen Jack and Jill and Piranha 3DD.) Speaking of Emma Stone, her sketch was the only one that had me giggle. Her banter with Kieran Culkin and their love-hate relationship and jokes actually made me chortle once, and I'll admit that. (Their arguing, “chicken-egg” debate, the Golden Girls, etc.) The Batman and Robin sketch also had *some* potential elements of funniness, such as a joke about Superman's hair and comic book references, but it was wasted away. The timing is bad and the shots in the film feel like a first take, as if they didn’t even try. All mentioned moments, also, add up to about 20 seconds total. That’s 0.35% of the entire “film”. Ultimately, the most depressing part of it all is that the cast is actually in this crap. They don't seem to be trying and it's documented by one of the directors/producers that no one actually wanted to be in this; it's evident due to the horrid delivery of "funny" lines. The entire cast is wasted and nowhere in the 94 minutes of trash did they ever take advantage of their incredible, funny and talented actors. This is the stupidest film of all time but I somehow giggled once. Is it a good movie? No. Never. Not at all in the slightest. In fact, it’s the worst movie of all time. It has EVERYTHING wrong with Hollywood — and the world — in one atrocity. A-listers to cynically attract audiences (victims, really), a pile of trash that has absolutely no work put into it, no art whatsoever, a “comedy” with no laughs, and it somehow managed to make 94 minutes feel like four hours. After you cringe two or three times due to the humor (which is all driven by making people go “ew”, nothing else), you really do get bored. It’s so repetitive, and I can’t believe that not a single sketch was good. This could have been really good, considering the talent involved, but once they decided to make it all obscene, they should have stopped. There’s no way to win. You infuriate and insult 99.99% of the audience and once they become accustomed to the beyond lowbrow “humor” that it’s going for, you become numbed to it and begin to cry inside. It’s lose-lose-lose. It’s expected for an anthology to not be 100% great, but the ratio of miss-to-hit here is simply astounding. Sitting through it made me a stronger person, and one of the worst parts of it was that it was so incredibly boring. This is the biggest disgrace to cinema ever, something that I love near and dear, something that is truly my passion. I used to like a ton of these actors, but I won't be able to forget their involvement in this catastrophe. At least Elizabeth Banks’ sketch is halfway through the credits so most people won’t see it. Also, they cut out the sketch where Anton Yelchin played a necrophiliac that would rape female bodies at the morgue at which he worked. If I were to ever commit suicide, rest assured, Movie 43 would be blamed for my fatal actions. 0.6/10, suicidally disastrous, beyond atrocious, three thumbs down, the worst movie I've ever seen, etc.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Teen, 16 years old Written byndrwcd January 29, 2013

this will be without a doubt one of the worst movies made in 2013 maybe even one of the worst movies of all time

never seen movie 43 and I don`t intend to,plus this movie is great example why America is getting stupider
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Kid, 12 years old July 20, 2013

should be nc17. worst movie ever