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Parent of a 6 and 10 year old Written bydandandude June 1, 2014

Bad messages about adoption

I did not expect this movie to be a feat of cinematic greatness, but I was sorely disappointed by the negative stereotypes and scary messages about adoption throughout. I read reviews of this film beforehand and I have to say I was blindsided, as nothing I read mentioned negative adoption themes. First there was Sherman, found abandoned as a baby in an alley, taken in by Mr. Peabody, who happens to be a dog. Because Mr. Peabody was brilliant and uber accomplished, a judge determined he would be a great fit for Sherman's dad. Stupid, but it got worse. Later because Sherman gets in trouble at school, it comes to the attention of a woman who works there (in some position of authority) that he is being raised by a dog. She tells him that she will have the adoption revoked and Sherman removed. She makes a visit to their home and threatens to take him away if they don't make her happy. She has no basis for her disapproval, her character is just mean. All of the messages in this movie are stupid, and clearly fantasy, but for kids who are adopted, sending the message that s/he can be taken from a parent at the whim of a bad person (or any person) with an evil agenda is terrifying. Another aspect of this movie that I didn't like-- Mr. Peabody is so intellectual that he can't be called "Dad" or say "I love you" to Sherman, even though Sherman says it to him. This is harmful and sad for any children, but for adopted kids, it's especially bad. Had I read reviews that cautioned about the poor adoption messages in this movie, I would not have taken my kids. In the past, Common Sense Media has mentioned such in their reviews of movies, and I was disappointed they dropped the ball here. Very bad form.
Parent of a 11 year old Written byMominCambridge March 13, 2014

Strong adoption theme

Having grown up watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Peabody, I was looking forward to taking my 11 year old son to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. While we all enjoyed the movie, I so wish they had chosen to handle some parts differently, particularly having to do with adoption. Adoption drives the plot. All the other dogs got families, but Mr. Peabody grew up without a family because no one wanted a dog like him. Then he finds a baby (Sherman) who had been abandoned in a box in a dark alley and goes to court to adopt him. When Sherman starts school, he is intensely bullied by a girl who makes fun of him because his father is a dog, which leads to a very mean social worker telling Mr. Peabody that she is going to do everything she can to take Sherman away from him. The idea that a family formed through adoption can be broken apart as easily as it was created certainly could be tough for kids who were adopted, and, in addition, it reinforces the idea among non-adopted kids (and parents) that these families are not really permanent. As part of a family formed through adoption, that in NOT the message I want to see in a movie. At the same time, the movie provides an opportunity to talk about what makes a family, compare Penny's parents with Sherman's dad, as well as how to deal with kids who bully other kids because they are different (like they have a dog for a dad!). I would like to see Common Sense Media include mention of these kinds of themes in their reviews. The ending is predictable in a satisfying kind of way.
Parent of a 6 year old Written March 24, 2014

Very disappointed

There was a really good preface for this to be an amazing movie, but they threw in a lot of inappropriate talk and some disconcerting images. There is a beheading that makes you think Mr. Peabody is getting killed. There are images of a body cut opened being disemboweled, and many butt jokes. Mr Peabody and Sherman were trying to get past a booby trap and when Mr Peabody said booby trap, Sherman says,"Oh you said Booby!" Mr Peabody rushes in a room and yells something like I had to come in before you touched yourself to Sherman and the cartoon grown-ups acted appalled. There is a girl who is a really harsh bully. And she never apologizes to Sherman for her actions. Of course, he thinks he's in love with her. Sherman and Mr. Peabody ask people from the past if it would be okay for them to go into the future and they all say it would be fine and Bill Clinton pops on screen and says, "I've done worse." I just think this is not a movie for young children. I am sure many of the jokes are over their heads, but when I as an adult, feel embarrassed when watching a cartoon with my 6 year old, I think the movie makers really did a disservice to families wanting to take their children to see a good movie.I am beyond disappointed.
Parent of a 2 and 5 year old Written byraisingboysisgreat March 21, 2014

Not good for little ones

The relationship between Mr. Peabody and Sherman is wonderful -- and why this movie didn't just develop that is theme and show the adventures of a son and boy is beyond me. They then had to introduce some pretty hard core bullying by the girl -- who never does apologize to Sherman although Sherman does forgive her pretty fast. She is mean to Sherman through most of the movie, although she does soften progressively. The part that sent my 5 year old into tears was when they were taking away Mr. Peabody (the DAD to Sherman) in a noose (dog catching pole). It is just too much. So, between the portrayal of female characters (none are positive) and the constant threat of a boy being taken from his father -- this movie was too heavy handed with those themes and they are the lingering memories when you leave the movie. Although much of the movie is about great adventures that will stoke any child's imagination. Yet, they ruin it with these heavy scary situation that sent my son to bed crying.
Parent of a 5, 10, 11, and 14 year old Written byashmgb March 12, 2014

Horrible Messages About Adoption

Other reviewers have mentioned the extremely negative female character, but my biggest problem was the negative ideas portrayed about adoption. Sherman is adopted by Mr. Peabody ... who for some reason instructs the boy to call him Mr. Peabody instead of Daddy. Sherman is regularly mocked for being adopted. There's also a CPS-type caseworker who is out to take Sherman away from his adopted family. Overall, as an adoptive parent I was really offended and it definitely had a negative impact on my adopted children.
Parent of a 9 year old Written bycaribbeandream March 11, 2014

Bullying, mean-girl character ruined the movie for me

First of all, if your child has been a victim of bullying at school you might want to skip this movie. Sherman's first day of school was basically ruined by the worst "mean girl" I have seen in the movies in a while. Then said mean girl proceeds to manipulate Sherman into disobeying his own father (Mr. Peabody) for the sake of her own pleasure and entertainment. At the end of the movie she "redeems" herself but to me she basically ruined what could have been a great movie.
Educator and Parent Written byMister_E March 16, 2014

Some casual elements of death are inappropriate for younger kids

I knew I was pushing it, but when a reviewer raved about the movie for her three kids, youngest of which was 2, I brought my 3 and 5 yr old to see it today. The historical references were great, and they sparked good conversations with my 5 yr old (they were over the head of my 3 yr old). The character of the 7 yr old boy was great. The bully 7 yr old girl was probably good to talk about, but not something to just let it slide by. But there were two scenes that I think are deal-breakers for the 3 yr old and I think maybe even the 5 yr old: one spoke of killing a 7 yr old girl and disemboweling her. Another spoke of the Trojan streets being a sea of red from the blood of Trojan soldiers. Maybe fine for families who let their young kids deal with blood, death, fighting, swords, etc. But I am still protecting my 3 yr old girl, and to some degree my 5 yr old girl...certainly didn't need them to think about why someone would choose to kill and disembowel a 7 yr old girl.
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Too much violence
Parent of a 6 year old Written by4SMama May 16, 2014

Most sexist kids movie I've seen in a long time.

The female character goes from being a sexy, popular bully to a "likeable" stupid ditz who must be rescued by the male leads. Not sure why the editors thought this change was "redeeming." Horrible message for both girls and boys.
Parent Written bypeacefire1827 March 7, 2014

Not a single positive female

Fun movie but not a single positive female figure in the entire thing. The main girl is petulant, manipulative, and cruel. Yes she learns a lesson, but only in the last ten minutes!!
Parent of a 8, 11, and 13 year old Written byKindness Girl March 22, 2014

Cute, but be careful

This movie is cute and has some cartoon violence, but what was most troubling to me was around the adoption theme. There are issues about whether Sherman is going to be taken away from Mr. Peabody. I think this could be confusing to young (and maybe not-so-young) children who have been adopted. I cautioned one family with children who have been adopted and they changed their movie tickets.
Teen, 15 years old Written byamericangladiator March 16, 2014

A punny and heartwarming tale.

First of all, I do not understand how some of the reviews said it was a ripoff of Snoopy, had foul language, and had a drug reference. This movie was adorable and hilarious. The film had an excellent use of puns and family-friendly jokes. There were no similarities between Peanuts and this film besides the fact that there's a boy and his dog. I am not sure where that reviewer got that drug reference from because it was definitely not in this film. I'll touch on the foul language later. The bullying aspect of this film was shown because bullying is a real problem in America. Yes, Penny was a brat and she was a terrible person. However, this is life. Life isn't full of rainbows and sunshine. Dreamworks tried to portray what some kids go through at school because of their home life. There were some violent parts like the explanation of mummification and sword fights, but nothing too gory. The adult humor that was included was nothing sexual, and instead just about historical facts. For example, there was a joke about Bill Clinton. Arguably, some jokes a couple of parents had issues with was the booby joke and the "I came here to stop you from touching yourself" joke. They were not meant to be sexual in any way, and they're only sexual because of what type of mind you have. The adoption was handled in the best manner possible for children to understand. In fact, it's realistic since it shows the challenges some adopted kids face and reinforces the idea that not all families have to look like the others to be considered a true family. A lot of reviews on this site are forgetting the most important part of this film; Sherman standing up for Mr. Peabody. Sherman realized just how much Mr. Peabody has done for him and states that being called a dog would be an honor if it means being like Mr. Peabody. That drives the film's moral about how it doesn't matter what kind of family you come from; what truly matters is how their love transcends all types of bullying and negativity from outsiders. In the end, Mr. Peabody & Sherman was a fantastic movie that every family should go see. You'll laugh, cry and awww at this heartfelt and perfect movie.
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent of a 6 year old Written byMemphisMaestro June 11, 2014

Loved historical figures, disliked kid's attitude toward authority (very disrespectful)

The blasts from the past are lots of fun to watch and think about and there are tons of adult level jokes throughout. The movie was well thought through in that regard. However, I do not like the negative attitudes portayed in this film. There is very little regard for the main parental authority figure, Mr. Peabody. Penny, the girl the boy is in love with (yes every kid movie has to have that and I don't know why), is constantly challenging the boy's father (Mr. Peabody) on direct parental guidance. Hollywood tries again to "break the controlling father" by portraying direct disobedience by the children as the only route. This is, as always, very disappointing. This sends the wrong message to children. Also, TONS of action/explosions - too many for my taste. Let me also add: beheading scene from French Revolution, helpless damsel style drama (male chauvinism), Bill Clinton saying "I've done worse", and negative comments on adoption throughout, etc, etc...
Parent of a 10 year old Written byAiko in WA March 18, 2014

Interesting Mix of Science, History, and Social Relations (incl. adoption)

4.5 would have been more accurate. I enjoyed it and found it positive. I am fairly picky about the movies and TV shows I let the boys watch, so I was a little apprehensive after reading some of the reviews and pleasantly surprised after seeing the movie. It was the first movie we have seen in a VERY long time with no extremely frightening scenes, as judged by my 3 yo, who did not have to hide is eyes even once, unlike most movies (Lego, Frozen, Epic, etc.). Also unlike many movies, it praises intelligence, science, kindness, and a healthy curiosity for knowledge, as opposed to the usual glorification of idiocy. I did not notice any drug reference, and only one mixing of drinks by Mr. Peabody in a Tom-Cruise-like fashion. I can appreciate the reviewers that were concerned for their adopted-child and it could have been helped with a few lines from Mr. Peabody or prepping beforehand about how one DCFS worker cannot rip you apart from your family. But to be fair, all children fear losing their parents and it was a big part of the plot. Also not perfect: more than a few poop/fart jokes; a good female role model would have been nice (maybe Penny's mom, but she was not a strong character); and the bully's behavior IS horrible, but I did not believe it to be overboard as another reviewer mentioned - that is life sometimes. My boys have been asking me about the movie and asking me about it, and not just remembering the poop jokes. I like that the movie stimulates thinking. I recommend this movie over the others currently playing.
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Great role models
Kid, 7 years old March 29, 2014


If you're 7 or under, it might be scary. At the end of the movie it was scary because I thought Peabody and Sherman died. But they didn't.
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Too much violence
Parent of a 6 and 9 year old Written byspringandrene March 19, 2014

Pleasant Romp Through History

I took my two kids aged 6 and 9 to see this, but only as it was on a special offer at the local cinema - yet both really enjoyed it, and it even kept my interest until the end. The kids chattered on and on after the film about some of the concepts raised, and my eldest in particular burst out laughing several times during the film. What is interesting to me is that we all came out feeling we had seen a nice pleasant film, with some good moral lessons (importance of love and affection, honesty, friendship) and some interesting things to discuss afterwards (time travel, adoption, bullying, periods of history). But then I read some of the reviews here, and thought that maybe I had seen a different film. Yes I guess on reflection the things mentioned by other reviewers did occur, but to us at least they pretty much passed by unnoticed and did not spoil our viewing of the film in the slightest nor concern me personally. Every family and every kid is very different, but for us this was a nice film, that the kids enjoyed, and the only reason I would not recommend it to the under 5s is that some of the key concepts (time travel and adoption) I think would be over their heads.
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Great messages
Kid, 11 years old March 8, 2014

Nice movie!!

As a kid i was familiar with such historical figures. In one part, mr. peabody says "Quick! Don't let him touch himself!" he didn't mean it that way but it can sound a little dirty. Other than that, it was a great movie and it does have an educational value to kids, filled with fun facts about times in history and famous figures. Hope this helps!
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Great messages
Great role models
Educator Written bycbairos August 13, 2014

Finally left after Mr. Peabody bit the social worker

We finally left this movie because it scared my son when Mr. Peabody bit the social worker. The idea that the social worker was trying to take Sherman away was very scary for my son. I would stay away from this if you have adoptive children as it may bring up some scary ideas. I wish I had read the review below before I took my kids to this. Ugh.
Adult Written byJEDI micah April 1, 2014

Cute and amusing!

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a really cute and entertaining movie that has great animation (as usual, cause it's DreamWorks for crying out loud!), jokes that are so terrible that are actually funny, and it helps kids learn more about history! Sure, there is some bullying, but it all stops when each character learns to cooperate! I think this is a fine movie for kids and parents! It's not the best that DreamWorks has to offer, but it sure is fun to watch!
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Great messages
Too much violence
Kid, 9 years old April 10, 2014
Parent Written byaimless1 March 15, 2014

Good movie for families

We liked movie. We took our daughters, age 5 and 8. It had some fun historical characters that I am not sure my 8 year old recognized or knew who they were. For example, the Trojan horse, I think they were entertained even though they had no idea what it was. The movie did not have overstimulating, rapid movement that I dislike my kids watching. It had a little comedy for adults, a couple really funny parts for kids and it was a nice, un-offending movie. There was some cocktail mixing done by Mr. Peabody but I don't think my kids thought it was anything more than a juice drink with a cherry in it. I don't have a problem with them seeing adults drinking alcoholic drinks but some families might. My kids would probably want to watch it again. I didn't love it enough to watch again but it is great to be able to take the kids to a movie that really does seem to be made for kids, not tweens.