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Adult Written byaimlyss April 9, 2008
Adult Written byHayleyJessup April 9, 2008

Good fun for Fri night

Took my 8 year old son and we both enjoyed it very much. He loved the animals and how creative Nim was... thought the relationship between Nim and Alex was fun and the relationship between Alexandra and Alex rather funny. I think it is a fun movie and wished my 14 year old had been with us.
Adult Written byitsjustme April 9, 2008

Its Just Ok

I was sorry I took my 8 year old - it may have been better if Jodi would have put on a bra - way too much of her was sticking out through her tight shirt. The story was good but the wet t-shirt has to go
Adult Written byKrbbup April 9, 2008

Great Movie!

Classic family adventure movie! Wonderful characters, great plot, and witty humor. The only person who dies is the mother, which you never actually see in human form. I most certainly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a great family film!
Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written byMarinewife1024 April 9, 2008

I was falling asleep!

I saw this with my 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son last night. We went to see the 7PM showing and I am not the type to fall asleep EVER during a movie. My mom does that at the movies regularly but I never do that. My kids were interested at first. My son started saying he wanted to leave half way through the movie. My daughter was looking around the room and playing with her hands. I asked if she wanted to leave (desperately hoping she would say yes). She said no and so I was forced to sit through the rest of the movie till it was over. I was fighting to keep my eyes open and kept thinking this movie sucks! It's innocent enough for kids to watch but they may end up wishing they were at home watching TV. It was a real snoozer!
Parent of a 2 and 5 year old Written bystevenlael April 9, 2008

Good movie, horrible music direction

Overall, the movie is pretty entertaining and fun, and provides a good role model for young girls. The music, however, is overly dramatic and inappropriate at times. During a scene in which Nim is catapaulting lizards onto cruiseship tourists to scare them off her island (sounds like a comical scene, right?), my daughter had to leave the theater for a minute because the music was "scary and sad". Even the two potentially scary storm scenes are made much worse by very loud and frightening background music. If your kids are under 8 years old, I'd recommend waiting for the DVD so you can turn down the volume during these scenes.
Adult Written byrsb99 April 9, 2008

Not for the youngest kids

7+ is an appropriate age rating. I took a chance and took my 5-year-old, because she was so interested in the story. But this is an adventure story, and she was not ready to see her favorite characters in danger. There is nothing unsuitable in terms of language or adult activity. But your child must be mature enough to enjoy the excitement rather than be fearful.
Adult Written byleahy66 April 9, 2008

Action-Adventure for kids

It was great to watch a movie-with my 10 year old and have fun-and be thrilled by the action!
Adult Written bykatbetty April 9, 2008

Movie not as fun and lighthearted as the commercial for it promises

There have been commercials for this film all over the channels my 7-year-old daughter watches, so she was psyched for it. The movie was very intense and scary for her at times, and I was surprised at how nervous I felt through the whole film. It makes me angry how the media markets these films that are not appropriate for young children in a way that makes the film appealing to this group. My daughter stated when we left the movie that she wished she hadn't seen it. With the amount of action and peril in this movie, I'd say it's better off for the 10 or 11 and over crowd.