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Adult Written bydaredevil April 9, 2008

I laghed a lot and had a good time with my friend

There is a lot off funny things and situations in this movie.There is also a lot of swaring like alot of use of bi--hs and some f--k,but it is a great movie and see it today or tommorow or the day after or when ever the h--l you want. BYE!
Adult Written bycoolmandude April 9, 2008

To much language and sexual humor for kids.

This movie is very sexual and has a lot of bad language including crude references. Basically this whole movie is about teasing a fat lady and it does not have a good lesson it has every sexual word except the f word but pretty bad. Not for kid 13+.
Adult Written byamiribenson April 9, 2008

so rude to plus size people

this movie was one big fat jokee it was rude and disrespectfl and i think that eddie murphy is getting millions for makeing fun of plus size people and saying we arew all mean and control everyone who is in are lives and don't care about there feelings and that is far from the truth and everytime we get in the tub we flood the house or walk the ground rumbles i don't see how you can find humor in this is one of the worst movies i ever seen i will never support another eddie murphy movie again he needs to rethink his movie ideas because this on sucked !!!!
Adult Written bybamincer April 9, 2008


We did not even stay for the movie. My husband and 13 year old daughter went to see a different movie which was sold out so we settled for this. I made the mistake of not reading the review first because what little we saw was not funny and pretty raunchy. We actually left at the scene where Norbit comes home and finds another man in his house. I was ready to leave before that but kept thinking it would get funny. That was enough for us and we wish we had not wasted the money. Live and learn.
Adult Written byG3 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byCloonetroop April 9, 2008

Movie with sexual bad stuff

Not recommended for young kids.
Adult Written bymemydaughterlik... April 9, 2008


they make fun of BIG people
Adult Written bytucker94 April 9, 2008

A Ton Of Language and Sexual Jokes

This is really all thats bad about this movie. It cusses non-stop. It never uses f***, but G-D about 3 times. B**** is used more than thirdy times. It talks about titty bars and "hoes" thats about it