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Iranian dramedy scores with gender equity issues.

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Adult Written byJael April 9, 2008
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008


I went to see this wonderful movie with a friend, who's also almost 12, and her little sister, who's almost 8. It's now one of my new favorite movies. It's not filmed by a genius like Peter Jackson or anything, but the camerawork is quite good. At the beginning, the actors were so good that I thought it was a documentary - I would have never known that this was actual acting, it looked so real. The story is great and there are some hilarious moments, although younger kids might not get them (a soldier calls his girlfriend, the girlfriend hears a woman's voice and thinks he's cheating on her). It's well done and makes you think. My only complaint is the subtitles - I'm a really fast reader, but sometimes you miss stuff. There is some language in this, but it's used completely in context and makes sense. It's not anything that kids over 9 (or kids who have older siblings and were taught curse words) wouldn't have seen or heard, so that's all good. I'd say it's good for 8 and up, and it wouldn't hurt if smaller kids saw it, although they probably wouldn't be able to read the subtitles fast enough.
Parent Written byJackKnauf January 14, 2013

Not made for the USA

This movie downright sucks. It is suppose to be considered a comedy but I did not see anything funny about it. Actually it is the stupidest movies I have ever seen and if you want to shoe it in America, film it in English so I do not have to read every word that is spoken at the bottom of the screen. As for the cast, I thought the actors did an excellent job but other than that, it is a two thumbs down movie and children should not be subjected to such a culture where women are no body and men are violent. Definitely a two thumbs down movie.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Educator and Parent Written bykeep kid kind May 12, 2016

Political movie, For Iranian

Hello It is like cold war movies. To criticize Iran government why women banned for attending in men sport stadium. Director is used to produce movie like this to criticize Iran government. The film screening was banned in Iran.
Teen, 14 years old Written bySomebodysMe July 22, 2009

A great movie

This movie is very enlightening on what is happening to women all around the world. One of the best foreign films I have seen in a while. There is a little bit of language and sex, but nothing earth shattering. At first it seems boring, but you get caught up in the characters and plot, and you just forget you are reading subtitles and are listening to a foreign language. (Warning, the ending isn't very good though!)
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing