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Parent reviews for Oklahoma!

Common Sense says

Excellent singing and dancing on the frontier.
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Parents say

age 10+
Based on 9 reviews

Kids say

age 10+
Based on 3 reviews
Parent Written bydouble_sigh May 4, 2013

Darker than I remembered

I love the music! Love the female characters and the portrayal of the ol' frontier. The items that give me pause are (1) "Poor Jud is Dead" song. Curly tries to convince Jud to kill himself. I was surprised at how dark and disturbing this scene is when I re-watched it. (2)The dream scene is disturbing and hard to take. (3) Jud has a pretty violent end. Implied, but there. Just know the Jud theme is dark. Darker than I remember.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 7 and 9 year old Written byKunmingMom July 1, 2010

Fun story, saturated in sexual innuendo

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written bymilliemum January 29, 2016

Not as good as I remembered. Great music and songs. Story not so much

Well it had been ages since I saw this and I wish we had chosen something else. I agree with some of these other reviews but no one mentioned the many references to "girly photos" Of course you never see anything but guys are repeatedly oggling "french girls" Jeb is even nearly caught looking through the window at the main character getting undressed. Not what I want in a kids film. That plus the dark jeb character and the crazy dream sequence. I LOVE music and I know all the words, but not worth it for all the other stuff.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byS K October 26, 2016

Actually, this movie is about sexual consent

This movie is about consent. A very creepy farmer stalks and eventually attacks young Laurie when they are together on a wagon. She escapes by making the horses run wild and then pushing him off the wagon and getting away. Worth discussing this aspect with your kids. If you let young kids watch it, you can talk about it as an extension of the basic rule of play, "It's not a game unless both people agree."
Parent Written byMommaAnderson September 4, 2016

Great movie - some concerning innuendos

Interesting, funny and romantic movie. However - there are scenes relating to sexual innuendos (and some are pretty obvious). There is violence , hinted at and discussed, but there really isn't much actually shown other than a weapon-free brawl between some men.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byAnne S. October 28, 2017

Great Movie, but FULL of Sexual Innuendos

Most people think of Oklahoma as a family-friendly movie in the same company as The King and I or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but it's not. There are multiple references to pornography (Judd has a naked woman hanging on his wall, Lorrie's elderly aunt jokes about the cowboys looking at porn and Will Parker glowingly describes the body of burlesque dancer). Plus, there's a good deal of innuendo. The peddler man asks Lorrie and Annie to bathe naked with him. He invites Annie to stay with him in a hotel overnight. He later implies that he spent the night with Annie in a haystack (prompting her father to force an engagement). Will admits that he's been "sowing wild oats" and has given up some things "a gentleman never mentions" because he wants to marry Annie. And in the last scene, Will and Annie appear on screen with their hair all messed and clothes hastily button up as Aunt Eller says "You missed all the excitement." They slyly answer "No we didn't." Look, I love this movie. The music is outstanding, the cinematography is beautiful, characters are memorable the storyline really engaging. But I would never let impressionable young teens watch this! Definitely for adults only, or at the very least very mature teens who are not in the throes of puberty and still trying to figure things out.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Parent Written bywhateverfloats September 14, 2009

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byazzz May 6, 2016

Love the music!

I watched the movie with my daughters and they enjoyed it. There are some sexual hints and weird dark scenes, but not too much.
Parent of a 7, 10, and 12 year old Written byMax L. January 21, 2018

Family fun with a dark ending

The three kids and I love this movie. We're always singing the songs around the house, the ending is a little scary and my youngest always gets jittery during the long ballet sequence (which is reasonable, it's pretty boring, but it's a testament to it's time).