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Adult Written bymonikafrancois April 9, 2008

Excellent, but phenomenally violent

This is an amazing film. It gives you a strong sense of the history of the Spanish Civil War and the visual effects are stunning. The violence level is very high, however, and we're not talking your average "blow 'em up," explosions galore, silly action flick. I had the impression that this was a movie about a girl's escapist fantasy world. It is perhaps half that. The other half comprises her extremely cruel--a caricature, really--stepfather, who tortures everyone around him. The scenes of violence in this film are extremely graphic and personal, to the point of being simply gratuitous. Torture, sawing-off of limbs, point-blank shooting of innocents; it certainly gets the point across that the Fascists were evil people, but I would argue that it is excessive. Please don't take your kids to this movie. Encourage them to see it when they are 17 or so. Again, it is an excellent film, but it is more violent than you probably are expecting it to be.
Adult Written byneji hyuga April 9, 2008
Parent of a 8 and 8 year old Written byEzri_B April 9, 2008

Not for kids

This is a lovely fantasy, fairy tale, but it certainly isn't for kids. There are some really disturbingly violent and even gorey type scenes. With a lot of subtext that wouldn't be comprehendable to children.