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Parent Written byAmy K. February 10, 2018

Not funny or appropriate

As a food allergy family we had no idea they would have a scene encouraging bullying of those with food allergies or totally misrepresent how people with anaphylactic allergies have to deal with their reactions. This is a ridiculous movie and not suitable for kids

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byJen P. February 10, 2018

Food allergies are NO JOKE

As a mom of a kiddo with life-threatening food allergies, I'm disgusted at this film. Anaphylaxis (a life-threatening reaction to food allergies) has nothing funny about it, so I'm completely dumbfounded as to why a film would portray this as humorous. It's disgusting. Every year we lose children to anaphylaxis after they eat or are exposed to a food that they are allergic to. It's devastating. Why would we want our children to laugh at this?! If you want to teach your child to be empathetic, kind, and compassionate to those who have medical issues such as life-threatening allergies, do NOT see this movie.
Adult Written byCheryl M. February 10, 2018

Inappropriate and sick

Includes storyline of bullying a character because they have a food allergy.
Would upset kids with allergies and give other children ideas on how to bully others.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byKasey N. February 10, 2018

This movie teaches bullying and hate

This movie’s plot is against those with life threatening food allergies. A character with a food allergy is bullied and targeted to kill by other characters by “shooting” the allergic food into the characters mouth. Why is this any different than racial bias? Or any other type of hatred based bias? These poor children didn’t ask to be born with food allergies! The stress that they go through is immense, thinking they could die from a single mistake, now we are teaching children to hate them based on this?? Please don’t waste your money on this film!
Adult Written bySpencer B. February 10, 2018

Please boycott this film

As someone who has grown up with life-threatening food allergies, and who has been personally bullied multiple times from kids who have used allergens as weapons, this film should be pulled immediately for depicting deliberate attacks like this as comedy.
First of all, food allergies are NEVER funny and should never be personified as a parody or otherwise treated lightly. If someone had cerebral palsy, cancer, or cystic fibrosis, no one would ever suggest to make this the basis for comic relief. Why should food allergies, which can bring death in minutes, be treated any different?

Second of all, showing the character use his EpiPen and go about his merry way is entirely misleading--many children and adults alike (including myself) have nearly died after using five EpiPens and spending 6 hours in the ER with solumedrol IV. I nearly went into organ failure on one such occasion, as the reaction continued to rebound.
Children who see this scene, who do not understand how serious this is in real life, will be inspired to use food allergens to bully others or to pull pranks. It has happened enough without this movie portraying it humorously. (See Will Ferrell's prank years ago where he thought it'd be funny to see his friend react to peanut; and more recently the three teens in Pennsylvania who deliberately soaked their hand in pineapple juice to make a student react who they knew was deathly allergic).

If I had children of my own, I would never take them to see this film because of what the filmmakers have done. (And I would be in a far better position than most parents to explain why that scene is so wrong, as many parents (who whose children don't have severe allergies) may not have the knowledge required to talk to their children about what that scene really means and why it is misleading.
Parent Written byKeli G. February 10, 2018

Not Food Allergy Aware

We were sooooo excited to see this movie. I brought my 3 sons and two of his friends. We loved the movie until the rabbits were trying to kill Thomas McGregor with a Blackberry which he is severely allergic to. Thomas went into anaphlactic shock and had to use his Epipen. This is exactly what you DO NOT want to teach children. Rabbits just attempted to murder Thomas. My son was horrified when that happened in the movie. Clearly Sony is not concerned with the message they are teaching children. Sony could have found another way to take out the villain. It was a cute movie until. My son was like it was make believe and I had to tell him that unfortunately this can happen in real life.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byDeb H. February 10, 2018

Peter Rabbit is not for anyone

This version of Peter Rabbit is way too boring and confusing for young kids, too predictable for older kids, and too mean spirited for anyone. It also shows the rabbits bullying a person for their food allergy and attempting to kill him by feeding him the allergic food. Don't waste your money.
Adult Written byCandice W. February 10, 2018

Not appropriate for children.

This film condones food allergy bullying and is not appropriate for impressionable children.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byLisa L. February 10, 2018

Awful Movie!

My little girl was SOO looking forward to this. She is ANA to Peanuts and is terrified of her allergy. How dare you encourage bullies to encourage teasing and almost killing using the allergy card. I am
So disappointed and disgusted. Shanme on you! The kids w allergies won't be at this movie... the bullies who get ideas will be. Livid.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byKaren C. February 10, 2018

You should be ashamed...boycott this sick movie

Movie includes scenes where characters shoot at another character with the food he's allergic to, resulting in an anaphylactic reaction. He has to use his epi-pen. There are hundreds of thousands of kids and adults with severe food allergies. Why is this a punch line? These are deadly allergies. Would you make fun of kids with cancer or heart defects? What were you thinking? This has to stop.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byAmanda May Dundas February 10, 2018

Food Allergy Bullying

Parents should be aware that the rabbits, after learning that McGregor is allergic to blackberries, launch them at his mouth. He goes into anaphylactic shock and needs to use his epi pen. It's disturbing that Sony made a kids movie that promotes food allergy bullying.
Adult Written byJessie A. February 10, 2018

Allergies are no joke and kill

Don't see this. They make fun of food allergies. Make it trivial. Kids see this and wonder if they can do the same. It will kill someone.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 4-year-old Written byMeghan G February 24, 2018

Just awful.

A depressingly dysfunctional family of violently sadistic young bunnies follows its work-averse abusive alpha on a wanton spree of destruction and theft, engaging in vandalism, bullying and repeated attempts at homicide. After boasting about murdering a senior citizen (whose death by heart attack we actually witness) the cunicular protagonist leads an all-night fete in the deceased’s home that contains hints of sexual activity and drug use and which results in the wholesale destruction of the dead man’s property. When the shambled estate passes to the fallen’s sociopathic and obsessive-compulsive nephew — fired from an executive position at tony Harrod’s after a violently explosive overreaction to a career setback — the tired plot-line of displaced-urbanite-in-overalls ensues. An attractive animal-loving country neighbor provides hope but ultimately the pair couldn’t find chemistry on the Periodic Table and the contrived relationship, sustained on deception anyway, speeds toward an ugly end. Sadly, even this mercy is denied the audience as the slog to the finish results in an inevitable and unsatisfying reconciliation of all parties, punctuated by a few deliriously violent final notes. The recurring joke of a rooster who awakens each morning genuinely shocked to find that the sun has come up yet again holds promise but is utterly squandered when, amazed at yet another dawn, he exclaims that had he realized last night that tomorrow would come, he wouldn’t have made all those eggs because, oh no, now he’s going to have all these kids and he’s going to be saddled with responsibilities that he never wanted. Sony Pictures has already apologized for the scene in which the bunnies attempt to kill someone by exploiting a food allergy (he’s saved by an EpiPen, thank God), but I can’t believe the apology stopped there. Not recommended.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byMarge B. February 17, 2018

Boring and crass

Brought 8 year old. Fart, butt jokes, pranks and disrespectful to property and others. Just nothing slapstick about it. The story was not novel. I really can't recommend this. Seems like it was created by non parents or even non comedians.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byCynthia G. February 16, 2018

Don't take small children
Adult Written byAl L. February 16, 2018

Not the Peter Rabbit we love

We were so excited to see this movie. Unfortunately, it was a HUGE let down. They did not do the original Peter Rabbit any justice.
The insensitive scenes regarding food allergies was WAY too much for our family.
In one scene the Farmer dies from a heart attack. Very scary for young children.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byAustin B. February 11, 2018


Do not trust the rating the critics made they were just being dumb the movie is great and will be remember eyes forever and ever put this on the news until all the credits that they suck go Peter Rabbit it will win 2018 best movie of the year so please don't listen to those critics

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byJackie J. February 11, 2018

This title contains:

Adult Written byRhian M. February 10, 2018

Violent but with values

This kind of comedy is the same kind as Tom and Jerry. Two characters trying to outwit and hurt each other until one wins except for this one, both sides win. Mind you kids will laugh and at the antics but only an adult can understand and explain what the characters are. That there is no black and white. An easily tempered human can have a gentle heart and a seemingly innocent rabbit can be mischievous. I enjoyed laughing at it although taking the joke to where he has to use an epi pen is taking it too much. Overall, this is not for kids. Tom and Jerry, early versions of Mickey mouse where intended for adults. But if you happen to watch it with kids, be mindful to let them understand what they are watching.
Adult Written byLauren F. February 10, 2018

Food allergy bullying

I’m so glad I saw the reviews before taking my children. My children would be horrified to see their 2 year old sisters life threatening food allergy taken so lightly in a children’s movie. It’s not even bullying or pranking. Exposing a child with food allergies to their allergen is attempted murder. Disgusting and ignorant scene.