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Adult Written bycelry April 9, 2008
Adult Written byBothOfUs April 9, 2008

Pleasing remake... A&E is better

First off, I'm a huge fan of the A&E version, so hard to compare with that. BUT, after watching this short version twice, I decided I liked it. It moves a little too fast and needed to delve deeper into the characters - their reasoning, personality, etc. However, it is a clean movie and I enjoyed it.
Adult Written byRachel D April 9, 2008

Another good remake

Have to agree that the A&E version can't be beat but for those who do not want to watch 6 hours of Austen this 2 hour version is excellent as well. A little confusing as they jumped through the story quickly but very well acted and clean, witty, romantic.
Adult Written bycarish April 9, 2008
The movie Pride and Prejudice, based on the novel by Jane Auston, is certainly a must see! Pride and Prejudice is a Romanticism era love story between a haughty, conceited, but devilishly handsome Mr. Darcy and a strong-minded, proud, but compassionate Elizabeth Bennet, that will capture your attention until the end with all the irony and realism the movie portrays. To really get in depth with the characters, you should read the novel. Jane Auston brought dialogue to her novels, which made her novels more real, and her characters seem like you’ve known them all your lives. However, the movie is vague and deals mostly with the over all love story and the trouble with love. Pride, society and emotions as opposed to reason are all brought out in the movie to make every girls fantasy come true. I recommend the novel and movie, Pride and Prejudice, to anyone who loves romanticism and believes in happy endings.
Adult Written byjtepps April 9, 2008

i felt dummer have seen this

Adult Written bysawj April 9, 2008

Twisted Brains

If you’re the type of reader that likes to be clueless, then this book is for you. Five poor girls growing up without any discipline turned out to be some of the finest girls anyone could want. With all different personalities, Elizabeth was the most outspoken very blunt of them all. She was well known for her intelligence or shall we say wisdom. Jane the eldest who seem to be the prettiest goody to shoe, had all the men at her disposal. As for the men, Mr. Darcy who happens to be one of the richest guys seemed to have a yet secretive side to him. Mr. Bingley whom wasn’t as rich, but had a seductive side was well mannered. Mr. Wickham the favored, whom wasn’t as fortunate could lure anyone to his wings. Although the mother and father of the five girls (Mr. And Mrs. Bennett) didn’t have much to agree on, they did seem to know what they wanted for their girls. The mystery lies beneath them all. Who will be the most fortunate of the five girls to dwell in the hands of the finest man? Only time will tell, so read and you shall seek. It will have you past the point where your mind is twisted and upside down. Towards the end of the novel things seem to shape up and become a little more interesting. Everyone ends up with a story to tell, while Mrs. Bennett the greedy mom suffers from mental relapse. Do the daughters live happily ever after? Oh and there is a big bad wolf in the story.
Adult Written byjacollins07 April 9, 2008
Pride and Prejudice A Must See What a phenomenal remake of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy first meet at a ball and Mr. Darcy turns down dancing with Elizabeth. I don’t think Mr. Darcy made a good first impression. They both think they don’t like each other. As the story develops Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy realize how wrong they both have been. Mr. Darcy professes his love for Elizabeth but she is hard headed and tells Mr. Darcy that she doesn’t have any feelings for him. Mr. Darcy’s aunt doesn’t like Elizabeth because she is from a lower class. Elizabeth is sitting in a meadow when Mr. Darcy appears out of the fog and Elizabeth confesses her love for him. This film fits the Romanism period because it expresses the beauty of nature and also shows examples from the neoclassical era because it is funny at times. This was a good movie because it did not show all the love scenes and kissing that most romantic movies show. I recommend this film for anyone who enjoys a romantic chic flick.
Adult Written bymnfulmer April 9, 2008
“I am much more dumb havening seen this film.” A story of two young people, the rich Mr. Darcy, and the poor Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth, and her sisters go to a ball near their home all with the intentions of meeting the men of their dreams. When Elizabeth sets eyes on Mr. Darcy he comes off as an arrogant, pompous, but extremely handsome. Nobody likes Mr. Darcy including Elizabeth. As the story unfolds Elizabeth, and Mr. Darcy begin hanging around each other a lot, and it becomes clear that they may be falling for each other. Neither one knows what to really do, Mr. Darcy was raised to be a proud “rich” man, and Elizabeth has been borderline “poor” all her life. This “classic” romance is a bomb in my opinion because it has all of the tendencies, and qualities of a cliché love story, and I don’t think that we need anymore of those. Two hours of back and forth mixed feelings isn’t my idea of a good time. I feel that this is not a timeless classic, its just another spin on the classic love story.
Adult Written bygray44 April 9, 2008
“Love is key in the Pride and Prejudice!” This movie is extremely outstanding for people who kill to see someone’s true feelings lash out. This movie really shocked me because I actually liked it. I t was basically focused upon future and marriage. Five daughters were like wolves howling and giggling over men that they had their hopes up for. One of the daughters was simply dislike the rest and put her down. Romanticism had itself in this movie many times. The movie had such a boring topic and I never thought I would be interested in such a ladies movie. It was actually a “two thumbs up” movie. It was only because I had to get into the eras to understand it. If you were someone that would just look for characteristic of any old novel, you wouldn’t know that it was a romantic film. I think love was really a huge point in this movie for the simple fact that Elizabeth wasn’t about just marriage. She loved Mr. Darby. On my side, there never have been any personal experiences. Love definitely isn’t a huge experience because I’m too young to just commit. That’s my basic opinion on a topic such as the one I chose.
Adult Written byprsollee April 9, 2008

A must-see film

Pride and Prejudice: A Unique Love Story Two lovers: Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy meet at a ball in Lizzy’s hometown. There is a wall between these two individuals. But as all things do, love conquers all. Mr. Darcy confesses his love for Lizzy as she finally discovers the trueness of Mr. Darcy. The theme teaches people to not judge people upon first impression. Jane Austen introduces more simplistic dialogue and emotion of her characters. The Romanticism era coincides with this story of love and country life in Britain in the 19th century. Also with a touch of neoclassical characteristics, “Pride and Prejudice” meets with ironic relationships that develop into love. And terms of endearment really show the respect of the sexes back in those days. My opinion of the entire story was that it was a great love story that represented the views of a great author. I definitely liked the movie better because it was a great example of what Austen tried to project through her in depth dialogue. It’s a must see film and must read. I give it a 4.7 out of 5.
Adult Written bydeidjeng4 April 9, 2008

a true love story shown well

Pride and Prejudice is a mere artwork of the novel. In watching, you can see the romanticism, and the acting can be overwhelming. Kiera Knightly played an excellent roll as Elizabeth Bennet, showing the right amount of sternness, along with the look of love and despair in her eye. She starts off being the second oldest child, and according to her mother, the least likely to attract a suitor. She has a hard way about her, speaking her feelings, and not worrying about what others think. When meeting Mr. Darcy, even his high place in the society doesn’t change that. At one point, she states that she will “loathe him for all eternity.” As time goes by, emotions fly between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, as they slowly let go of their pride. This shows characteristics of the Romanticism era, letting us see the true feelings of the characters, and it also shows so much nature in almost every scene, letting the audience get a real feel for the kind of life people lived back then. Also, it shows the Neoclassical era from the irony of two people that start out hating each other, become lovers. The movie lets the audience see what Jane Austen thought in her mind while creating this amazing love story. Even though it’s in a different time frame and dialogue, it captures the heart and pulls you right into the love story. I loved this movie, and would recommend it to anyone who likes desire, timid romance, and plain, true love stories.
Adult Written bydeeduhdee April 9, 2008

"A wonderful film, i give it five stars!"

The movie “Pride and Prejudice” is a wonderful replica of the book by Jane Austen. There is a strong resemblance between the way the characters are in the book and the way that they are portrayed in the film. The movie is a perfect example of a classic and real love story without too much “Hollywood magic.” Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are set apart in the beginning because of social stature, and hate each other because of bad first impressions. By the end of the film, they realize that they belong with each other, and make that very thing happen. This movie surprised me because the title makes you think that it will be very dull, but it is a pleasant and sweet story with a little bit of humor mixed in. “Pride and Prejudice” reflects both the neoclassical and romanticism eras in its sophisticated wit, common language, nature and emotional experiences shown through its characters and scenery. If you are a sap for a good love story without too much “love,” this film is a must see for you. This is a wonderful film and I give it five stars.
Adult Written byjoy2007 April 9, 2008

End Me Please

When I express my opinion about Pride and Prejudice. I just want to castigate the movie crew. When people are in love in a movie they always have them going in a maze before they really get together. Elizabeth Bennet is in the 1800’s era is living with her parents and four other sisters’. Mrs. Bennet, the mother of the five girls is searching for them a husband that is rich and wealthy. Mrs. Bennet is not letting them give their opinion about what type of husband they want. Elizabeth the smart and open minded one. On the other hand there is Jane who is the pretty “ I’m so innocence one”. Getting deeper in the story Jane and Elizabeth start to encounter with Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. Jane and Mr. Bingley start to show more emotion and feeling towards each other. Elizabeth and Darcy are at first of opposites than they start to show there to feelings towards each other. Time pass over than Mr. Darcy comes back one more time than he walks through the fog and him and Elizabeth comes together and lock lips. Basically this movie is for romantic
Adult Written bysleeveless April 9, 2008

I Might Need Some More Pepto-Bismol

Pride and Prejudice is a classic book by Jane Austen made into a movie starring Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen. The two fall in love with each other through a rough first impression. Elizabeth (Knightly) is a low class sophisticated woman with sharpness and wit that Darcy (Macfadyen) a rich bachelor who comes out from the shadows to reveal to Elizabeth about his love for her. This movie takes you down from the beginning and spins you around with complete nausea with all the drama that takes place. If you don’t mind that at all, then you can skip the pepto and enjoy the ride. Anyone who enjoys movies with romance and a lack of realism would surely take pleasure in seeing Pride and Prejudice. With both elements from the Neoclassical and Romantic era, it takes place in old time England in the 1700s. Elements of nature move from scene to scene while still keeping the romance alive with passion and manners. I give the movie two out of five stars.
Adult Written bycarriejacks1 April 9, 2008

Jealous Love

Pride and Prejudice was a wonderful movie as well as the book. However, in the end of the movie a lot of details that were included in the book were taken out of the movie, which affected the realism of the movie. This movie and book is the complete opposite of the neoclassical era, but a wonderful example of the Romanticism era because of the feelings in the movie and human like experiences. The story was about a family; husband, wife, and five children all of which were different in personality. The mother wanted all of her children to marry someone rich so that their family would inherit a good wealth. One of the daughters had all signs of not getting married to anyone. She met a wealthy man, Mr. Darcy, she fell in love with him and eventually got married. However his aunt was highly upset because of their love. I would recommend everyone to watch the movie and read the book, especially if you like the romantic period.
Adult Written by0001 April 9, 2008

Romance in Romantism

Romance in the Romantism A pride and prejudice review By Daniel Ray White Pride and Prejudice is about a young woman named Elizabeth who upholds a responsibility to parents and her sisters. In the movie she meets a man named Mr. Darcy who at first didn’t care much for at all. The film contains countless emotional moments that will make the viewer feel the intense drama. In my opinion I believe that the movie shows how life in the romantism era is like where everyone expresses emotion yet at the same time think logically. This film is very unique and can’t be compared to any other movie. This movie also expresses and depicts the author, Jane Austin. If I were to rate this movie I would give it four out of five stars for the raw emotions and expressions observed in this film. One thing I liked most about the film is that it stuck to the events in the novel and the only differences were at the end. Overall the movie was great and was really romantic and the only negative thing I can possibly say about this film is that I thought they should have kept the original total, First Impressions.
Adult Written byjenell18 April 9, 2008

simply romantic

Adult Written bydixiebabe161514 April 9, 2008

The Perfect Movie

Pride and Prejudice is a classic love story between many young people from two different classes. I unlike some people thought that the movie was much better than the book. The movie had all of the qualities that a good movie should have. The movie had the villain Lady Katherine, the mother who just wanted her daughters to marry well, and a father that couldn’t let go of his little girl, then there was Mr.Wickom the man who lost all of his money and was paid of to marry the youngest daughter Lydia. The language of the movie came from the neoclassical era around the 1700’s. Elizabeth was my favorite character of the movie because she spoke her opinions about everything and she wouldn’t be forced to marry someone that she didn’t love. But Jane, Elizabeth’s older sister was very soft spoken and didn’t really say what she felt. Jane married Mr. Bingly because she loved him and not because she was forced too. I honestly thought that Elizabeth still would have not been married at the end of this movie because of who she was. In my opinion this movie was a great movie and everyone should see it.
Adult Written byCameilla9ar April 9, 2008

Pretty good typically love story!

Watching Pride and Prejudice this first thing you notice is the main characters ability to stand out from the rest of her sisters. I find Keira Knightley the perfect component for Austen character, Elizabeth. Her acting skills are on key with Elizabeth’s persistence and stubborn attitude. You can tell right in the beginning that Elizabeth is different from the rest of her money hungry sisters. Elizabeth looks for more that money or land, as she refuses Mr.Collins hand in marriage. When first meeting Mr.Darcy she finds him dull and nothing special. Right away you can tell Mr.Darcy is intrigued by Elizabeth’s beauty. Mr. Bingely, Mr. Darcy’s counsin falls for Elizabeth’s sister, Jane. Mr. Darcy does not see Jane’s love for Mr. Bingely so, he drives Bingely away from happiness. Soon as Elizabeth hears the news of what Mr. Darcy has done she is outraged. They meet up to discuss the crisis. You can see the temper in Elizabeth’s face as she is disgusted by Mr. Darcy. He tries to explain and confesses his love for her. Elizabeth being the strong person she is tries not to at shocked and ignores it. Elizabeth is too hard head to see that she is in love with Mr. Darcy. She does not want to admit that she is in love with this man that drives her insane. Nevertheless, she finally lets her guard down and falls in love with Mr. Darcy.
Adult Written bymisslizzie April 9, 2008

Austen Is Amazing. . .

This movie is a wonderful take on the book. Emma Thompson did a superb job writting some of the script, especially where Charlotte makes her speech to Lizzie about marrying Collins. It was well thought out, and wonderfully executed. A MUST SEE!!!!