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Intense, insightful family drama celebrates love.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byilikemovies13 July 5, 2009

Amazing Movie For Older Teens

This was a truly moving and amazing movie. It dealt with some really heavy issues and I found it to be amazingly thought provoking. It was well written with few flaws and was surprisingly enjoyable.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 13 years old Written bydwiggit101 January 10, 2010

Very insightful and great movie! :)

I loved this movie! It's all about forgivness. Not only is it about forgiving other people, but it's about being able to forgive yourself and turning to God for strength. Wonderful! Some F-words. Mature teens and adults only!
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Great messages
Teen, 14 years old Written byeastside01 June 15, 2009

Who cares that Rachel is getting married.

Rachel getting married is Jonathan Demme's weak attempt to make a wedding memorable. The 1st problem is that there are way to many cliches and at the end everyone is supposed to be fine after "tragic" stuff. The 2nd flaw is probably the biggest is that when you get to the house you want to immediately leave after the first hour or so. The only thing that makes this good even a little is Anne Hathaway's daring turn as the disturbed sister but not even she can save this movie.
Adult Written byfanofdenial January 21, 2016

Patience is a virtue

Rachel Getting Married may be too slow moving for some viewers, but for those who are willing to sit and watch the deliberate plot movement and character development, it is worth the wait. With strong language and a brief sex scene, as well as a high level of emotional intensity, it is not a kid-friendly movie. But mature teens and adults who enjoy a good drama and well thought out movie will enjoy this. Perhaps the reasons that may off-put viewers who want immediate gratification are exactly what set Rachel Getting Married apart. The director and the actors seem to allow the characters and plot to unfold at their leisure, lingering on details that would normally be swept under the rug but that make the movie so much more of a study of real life, something that seems to be becoming a lost art in the film world.
Adult Written bythanners June 3, 2009

Ugh - overly pretentious yourself!

Overly pretentious movie that leaves you little sympathy for the lead character. If you enjoy a whiney, self absorbed on-again off-again drug addict, then this is your cup of tea. Craving total attention she tries to ruin sisters wedding, crashes father's car and demands to be treated like an adult.
Educator Written byShira Lee Katz March 25, 2009
This was a tough, tough movie to watch--not so much because of the drug and alcohol abuse by Anne Hathaway's character, but because of what we learn about the root cause of her fragility. Taking place against the backdrop of her sister's wedding, we see Hathaway and her entire nuclear family struggling to keep it together as deep-seated wounds are re-opened. Despite many compelling moments from a film-making perspective, landmine topics like blame, guilt, and loss inform my 16+ rating.
Adult Written byZeeber November 8, 2008

Great movie, but definitely only for older teens

Anne Hathaway does an incredible job in this movie. While the overall message of forgiveness and love is beautifully portrayed by this movie, it is quite a sad story that plays out. This is a family still struggling with a tragedy that is unfathomable. My 16 year old daughter liked the movie, but she is definitely into movies like this, that are thought-provoking. I'm glad, tho, that my 13 year old daughter didn't see it. She would have found it too dark and disturbing.