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Richie Rich

Macaulay Culkin vehicle very rich in product placement.
  • Rated: PG
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Year: 1994
  • Running Time: 95 minutes

What parents need to know

Positive messages

Mired in the depts of all of the product placement is the message that the Rich family values the things that are sentimental in value, rather than those silly material things that they spend so much time and effort accruing. Cute and maybe a little endearing, but confusing.

Positive role models

Role models go both ways. Richie is a good guy underneath the trappings of all of the riches. Just like his dad, who wants to keep Union Tool company in business just so people can keep their jobs. Meanwhile, though the Riches do love each other, their excess distracts them from spending that most precious of commodities: quality time together.


There are pistols, machine guns, and lasers, which are used at close range. Though no one is killed, there are many perilous scenes, including a plane crash where the victims land safely in the water and a scene where a group of kids are about to be destroyed by a molecular reconstruction machine. Some hair-raising moments with characters hanging from a cliff.


When Claudia Schiffer performs an aerobic workout in a skin-tight leotard, Richie and Cadbury take in the view of her behind, making moony faces. A couple of adult innuendos, including Mrs. Rich telling Mr. Rich that not only does she love him for his billions of dollars, but she thinks he has a "cute butt."


For the target age, it's a bit explicit: "s--t," "hell," "fart," and "crap."


Lets the viewer know exactly which kind of everything a Rich kid should have. Richie has a McDonald's in his house, wowing his friends, who pig out on burgers and shakes. Other brands mentioned and shown include: Twinkies, Reese's candy bars (particularly the Nutrageous bar that Richie holds up in a business meeting), Bubblicious ("Richie's favorite gum," says his mom), Radio Shack, Oil of Olay, the New York Yankees, Money magazine, People magazine,  Chanel, Bill Blass, Rolls Royce, Karl Lagerfeld, and more.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking

The Rich parents drink champagne on their lifeboat, getting a little tipsy. Van Dough smokes a cigar and celebrates his evil scheme with a glass of champagne.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that with so much air time given to worshipping the gadgets and wonders of being super rich, the rest of the movie gets lost under the sheer weight of it all. Richie is a kid who doesn't have any normal friends (his school friends are freakishly precocious in cultivating their inner Donald Trumps). So his butler gets the "townie" kids to come over, and Richie blows them away by sharing his toys (a kid catapult, a roller coaster, an in-home McDonald's).

Parents say

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What's the story?

Richie Rich is born into unimaginable wealth, and is burdened with the issues that go with this conceit: he has limited time with his parents (even though they dote on him, they are so busy), he has to learn how to behave in situations that are not kid-like (running his father's company when he is missing, for example), and he has no real friends. In fact, his own friends are either too self-consumed or too busy learning to rule the world that they can't even find time to hang out on the weekend. Enter the kids from town, who are bribed by Richie's butler to come over for a major league play date, and are so charmed by Richie's laid back attitude about sharing all the cool stuff he has that they reject the bribe money at the end of the day. Meanwhile, a bad seed tries to off the Rich family so that he can take over their billion-dollar estate upon their demise. Can Richie save the day?

Is it any good?


Though it has charming moments, this movie adaptation of the 1960s comic is too weighed down in product placement to be a  winner. Though the longing for friends and normalcy that Macaulay Culkin portrays does hit a truthful note, his performance is pretty wooden. Not until he starts running his dad's business does the usual mischievous twinkle in his eye come through. Perhaps the gimmicks and gadgets feel a little re-heated. Perhaps all of the product placement is distracting. But the moments of the movie that are the most compelling occur when Richie is with his adoring father (played by Edward Herrmann). There's something to be said about quality family time after all.

Families can talk about...

  • Families can talk about what the other kids in the movie have that Richie doesn't. Do you have friends who have more stuff than you do? Do you have friends who have fewer things than you do? Does it make a difference?

  • Richie Rich has a McDonald's in his home, and he is constantly slurping milkshakes. Does it make you hungry for a milkshake? Can a movie's product placement influence your likes and dislikes?

Movie details

Theatrical release date:December 21, 1994
DVD/Streaming release date:February 15, 2005
Cast:Edward Herrmann, John Laroquette, Macaulay Culkin
Director:Donald Petrie
Studio:Warner Bros.
Topics:Adventures, Friendship
Run time:95 minutes
MPAA rating:PG
MPAA explanation:For mild violence and language

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Kid, 10 years old March 29, 2013

''Mom,Can I Have A Rollercoster Like Richie Rich?''

I'm On Spring Break,So I Rented Richie Rich From Amazon.The Plot Is That Richie Rich Is The Richest Kid In The World.Riche's Life Is Pretty Fun,Until He Realizes That Money Can't Buy You Valuable Things,Like Friends.Then,Things Get Worse.A Man Named Lawerence Wants To Hack Into The Rich's Family Vault.To Do That,Lawerence Sends Them Off To Meet The Queen, So He Can Break Into The Vault.But Lawerence Dosen't Know That The Vault Is Voice-Activated,And Can Only Be Opened By Mrs.And Mr.Rich.Meanwhile,While On The Plane,Mr.Rich Finds Out That There Is A Bomb On The Plane.The Bomb Explodes,Sending Mr And Mrs Rich Into The Ocean.Then,Lawerence Realizes That The Vault Is Voice Activated,So He Sends The Riches (But Not Richie)Back To The Riches House. Then,Richie Finds His Parents Trapped.Can Richie And His Gang Of Friends Save The Day And Defeat Lawerence? DETAILED REVIEW: Sexual Content 4.5/10 Some Crude Humor,And Richie And His Butler Make Suggestive Looks At A Woman.Some Minor Cleavage.Some Kissing. Language 1/10 Some Rude Humor Like ''Fart''. 1 Use Of Hel* If I Recall.Also,One Use Of Shi*, And One Use Of Crap. God's Name In Vain Is Used Once. Probably Some Name-Calling Too. Violence 4/10 People Are Almost Killed In Various Ways.People's Molecues Are Almost Mixed Up,Witch Could Result In Death I Belive. Stuff Like That.Also,Some Comedic Violence.The Three Stooges Are Seen On The Guard's TV.Also,Most Violent Sences Are Full Of Peril.Richie Gets Shot But Not Killed.Some Shootings. Consumerism 4/10 I Have To Agree With Common Sense;There's Lots Of Consumerism In This Movie.Mcdonalds, Nutragous(Witch Must Be A 90's Fad,Beacuse I Have NEVER Heard Of That) Twinkes,And More Are In Here. Drugs And Such 2/10 No Drugs,But People Drink Frequently. Lawerence Is Almost Always Seen With A Lit Cigar. Positive Role Models 3/10 Richie Seems Like A Good Role Model To Me.He Realizes That Money Is Not That Important.That's What The Audience Should Take Away From This Film Along With Friendship And Responsiblity. Postive Messages 2/10 Basicly What I Said In Postive Role Models.Themes Like Friendship And Responsibility Are In This Movie,Along With More. Overall:4/5. This Film May Get Some Rasied Eyebrows From Parents In Certain Parts,But Overall Kids Will Enjoy This Film.But Parents:Kids May Be Asking You Things Like,''Why Can't We Have A Mcdonalds In Our House Like Richie Rich?'' Or, ''Mom,Can I Have A Rollercoster Like Richie Rich?'' Then His/Her Sibling Would Say,''Yeah Mom!Me Too,Me Too!'' Then You'll Be Thinking,''Thanks Richie.'' True,It Isn't The Best Movie In The World(In My Book,That Would Go To Houseguest With Sinbad)And Most Critcs Probably Hate It,But It's A Great,Warm-Hearted(Well,Kinda) Movie That Kids Will Definetly Enjoy. RECOMENNEDATIONS: If You Enjoyed Richie Rich,You Would Probably Enjoy: Big Fat Liar, Here Comes The Boom, Houseguest( With Funnyman Sinbad) And,The Truman Show (Or,Maybe I'm Just Listing Of Some GREAT Movies That You Schould DEFINETLY Watch.) And Remember......RICHIE RICH! Suggested Rating:PG For Peril,Violence, Crude Humor,And Mild Language.
What other families should know
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much consumerism
Kid, 10 years old July 15, 2011

Gets Boring FAST

The movie is completely appropriate, but after seeing it twice at my summer camp last year, most of the group was sick of it. It isn't one of those movies I'd like to see again. However, it has its bad role models, and its good role models. Even though Richard (Richie's dad. Richie is really Richard Jr.) is a millionaire or billionaire (what REALLY is the difference?), he is a pretty nice guy, and has a strict rule against firing people. Ya know what? I'm literally getting bored of reviewing this movie that should shown at a YAWN-FEST.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Kid, 11 years old January 6, 2010
I really enjoyed this movie.