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Dark, creepy story lacks Yuletide spirit.

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Parent of a 7 year old Written December 23, 2010
Rankin-Bass put all the best and moderate of their filmology, dropped it into a Waring blender, and poured out this long, boring, convoluted, and contrived slop. AVOID!!!
Kid, 12 years old November 29, 2008
Where is the true Christmas spirit in this movie? Seeing my favourite Christmas characters threatened like this isn't my idea of a good movie. Rankin-Bass almost always manages to create a memorable and wonderful Christmas special each time, but this is one of the very few examples why they aren't perfect. The musical numbers aren't amazing, and certainly not great. It would be a very saddening movie for young children, and it's best to just skip this one.
Adult Written byDominicboo1 December 18, 2014

Dark But Mostly Sweet Tale

One star really? This special is certainly NOT that bad. It's actually good to see all of these characters together in my opinion. Sure there are some scary moments, and one pretty upsetting scene where Winterbolt tricks Frosty into giving him his magic hat in return for helping Rudolph. Some kids might be upset after Rudolph's nose goes out and his friends refuse to talk to him thinking he's guilty of theft. However this is the reason Rudolph won't tell the truth and save his nose. The villain gives Frosty and his family magic amulets, so they won't melt at the seaside in summer. An evil reindeer helps the villain trick Rudolph into giving money to another one of the villains. You see, if Rudolph uses his power for evil he can't use it again. When Rudolph hears this he's about to tell, but Winterbolt tells him that if he does so Frosty and his family will all melt. He chooses to give his power and good reputation instead of losing his friends. Naturally he gets his powers back and everybody apologizes to him, but all that COULD upset kids and maybe even some adults who don't want to see an innocent character's friends being rude to him.
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Great messages
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Too much violence
Educator Written bymaddox121 December 26, 2015


gross see my new age ratings at
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Too much violence
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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written byLowe's man April 24, 2015

an excellent introduction to the world of criminal justice for the very young

Rudolph was tricked into giving money to a thief. Since Rudolph is a literary representation of a young child, in the above scene he displayed the same gullibility as a young child. He lied only to save his friends, Frosty and family, from melting. In other words, Rudolph only lied to help his friends. While that's not a decision that most people would make in real life, it's easy to see why Rudolph did so. Parents will want to explain this to younger children. And the truth is eventually revealed, with Rudolph's friendships restored. Don't Let the Parade Pass You By is a memorable song. What's more, Frosty has learned how to count! Don't let this special pass you by!