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Parent reviews for Rush Hour

Common Sense says

Buddy cop fun amidst explosions, bad guys, and language.
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Parents say

age 12+
Based on 6 reviews

Kids say

age 10+
Based on 23 reviews
Adult Written bythepineapplehead March 9, 2019

Not your average buddy cop movie

Jackie Chan's martial arts detective meets Chris Tucker's fast talking LAPD cop in this 1998 explosive action comedy movie. The plot revolves around the kidnapping of the Chinese consul's daughter, held for ransom by Hong Kong crime lord Juntao. The FBI's attempts to rescue the girl are constantly (and unintentionally) thwarted by the hilarious acrobatic antics of Lee, and his reluctant babysitter Carter, who eventually crack the case and save the day. The movie is fairly safe for children who understand what bad language is, and why they should not copy what they see on TV. Chris Tucker is a fast-talking, 100 miles-an-hour cop who punctuates every sentence with s**t and d**n, with the occasional b***h and a*s thrown in to keep it from becoming too monotonous. Part of the humour comes from the breakdown in communication between the two stars, most notably when Carter uses the n-word to greet people and Lee tries the same thing with disastrous results. Carter has somewhat of a character arc in this movie; he goes from being a self-centred, crass, "I'm the best" attitude to realising what is at stake and what really matters, mainly fuelled by Lee's attitude towards the case. Carter wants to join the FBI and sees every case as a chance to show off how great he is, whereas Lee has a personal reason to help and is only interested in rescuing the consul's daughter. There's no on screen sex in this movie, there is a kiss but it's between the two cops after a particularly tense scene and is not sensual or sexual at all. There's a lot of violence, most of it is comical OTT martial arts performed by Jackie Chan. A lot of nameless redshirts get shot (both cops and the bad guys) and a lot of things explode. Make sure you stick around for the outtakes in the credits! Spoilers below: None of the "good guys" die in this movie. A lot of nameless characters get shot but it is unclear if they die. The kidnapped daughter, who ends up with a bomb vest strapped to her, is rescued and the bomb does not explode. Sang (the main henchman) is shot and killed by Carter (on screen) and Juntao falls to his death. Bother these deaths happen at the end of the movie.

This title contains:

Adult Written byAidan S. August 5, 2015
Some violence some swearing And one minor reference that he had been spreading rumors that they had slept together
Parent Written byPlague March 15, 2010

Rush Hour

Super funny action flick.
Adult Written byAshnak April 9, 2008

Gets your attention

Jackie Chan makes another great movie and Chris Tucker makes this more for adults. I would say 15+ because some of the comments by CT. But overall great action movie
Adult Written byquest13 April 9, 2008


12 and older but you'll love the ation/comedy but watch out for the language by Chris Tucker.
Adult Written byhola man April 9, 2008