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Classic, clever, kitschy songs that teach.

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Teen, 16 years old Written byrebma97 August 27, 2013

Entertaining show; some historical inaccuracy

This is a really entertaining show. It has catchy songs that help you remember what you learned ("Conjunction Junction" and the "Verb" song are worthy mentions). The only thing that I would say is a downside is that they have some historical inaccuracies; for instance, the song "Elbow Room" was a glamorized version of the Europeans coming to America. Its overall job is the educate, though, so as long as you talk to your kids about it it's fine.
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Adult Written bynduns April 21, 2010

Never has learning been so fun

The songs in this show are so catchy you can't help but memorize what they're teaching you after a while. This is the ultimate in educational shows. Kids not doing well with multiplication? Well, this show has at least 20 songs dealing with that. Wanna teach kids about verbs? Show them the song about that very subject matter. I would recommend this for every child, and there's even some stuff for adults, such as a song about how to succeed in the stock market.
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Kid, 11 years old March 9, 2010

Educational and funny.

I love schoolhouse rock. It's funny and educational at the same time. Perfect to teach kids in elementary school.
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Adult Written byLowe's man March 16, 2014

educational and entertaining

Because of this show generations of kids learned things like multiplication facts, electricity, parts of speech (verb, etc.) and how a bill becomes a law, all to catchy jingles. Kids who were regularly exposed to this became smarter all because of it. At the same time kids were entertained. This shows what happens when educational programming is produced by someone who understands both children's educational needs and their entertainment needs. The only shortcoming with this series is that American history is only shown from the perspective of European immigrants. Beyond that, this show is top-notch. Parents should seriously consider buying the DVD for their children.