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Strawberry and friends work together to achieve goals.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byDarky'sReviews August 4, 2014

Bad Cheesecake

I remember those good ol days where Boomerang was my number one stop for Saturday morning cartoons. Horseland, Scooby Doo, Baby Looney Tunes, the cartoon of this and most of the other Hanna Barbara cartoons you can think of. However, when I found my 8 year old sister watching this movie this afternoon, I discovered this 'charming' show does NOT age well with older fans. Strawberry shortcake is probably one of the corniest, cheesiest and most stupid shows around, and the reboot didn't help much at all. It's really a shame really, because having all of the characters and places based off desserts is pretty darn awesome. As for this movie; the CGI is hideous, the whole 'dream' stuff is unbearably cheesy, The Peculiar Pie Man is still just as stupid as he is in the show, but his minions are particularly dumb in this movie, they don't even know what side they're on and Ginger Snap will not SHUT UP! Seriously stop talking fast all at once and actually BREATHE! Speaking of going too fast, these girls jump to conclusions WAY too quickly, and why have musical numbers pop out of nowhere? Do we really need the Pie Man to SING his motives? If you're over the 9 year age limit, forget about this movie. Don't even stop for the chocolate coated sundaes.
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