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Cool explosions are the best thing here.

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Adult Written byMovieMan26 October 10, 2010

Waste of time...

Despite a cool explosion in the beginning, there's nothing else here worth seeing. Literally. The story is hard to follow, the acting isn't good (which is surprising), and event he rest of the action scenes are dull. Parents: if you or your kids end up seeing this horrible movie there are some things you should know: there's bloody wounds with every action scene, nudity, strong sexual content, and pervasive language. Bottom Line: Don't waste your time on this thriller when there are so much better ones out there. Thanks for reading! - Movie Man
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 13 years old Written byBroccoliLover84 July 15, 2013

Language, Disturbing Violence, Shows Halle Berry's Boobs

Lots of language like f--k and s--t, h-ll, a--, d-mn, b-tch, lots of violence, and it shows Halle Berry's boobs, not for kids or hormonal teens.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written bydarthsitkur September 30, 2015

A lot like the matrix in a way

The best way to describe it is it's like an updated version of the matrix that's more gritty and more nerdy but still fun all together, action fans who love their action movies raw and vulgar will have a great time with this bad boy
Teen, 16 years old Written byDonny A October 9, 2016

Action thriller flick is way too violent for kids

My rating: R for violence and language
Teen, 15 years old Written byThe age judge July 30, 2016
Adult Written bySam Marrick January 5, 2016

Sharp bladed action with substance of fly fishing.

The movie is no more violent than "The Winter Soldier". There is 30 f words with scattering of lesser profanities. Then there is the provocative and eventually topless Halle Berry and the bizzare use of oral sex as torture. The movie has memorable action set pieces such as the Helicopter Bus getaway, yet it all geels unearned with a plot devoid of logic. So many pointless scenes will have you thinking "did i miss 10 minutes?" once they progress. What was the point of the Finnish hacker in the beggining? The i twraxtion between Jackman and Cheadle midway is pointless other than to give a throwaway line about online privacy to act as some form of rushed character development for Jackman. An explosive encounter before end is treated like a long built up vendetta but just winds up as random and arbitrary. Halle Berry serves no purpose other than sex appeal and even when it try to shoehorn her into the plot with her being a supposed DEA agent it is invalisated by concurrent events in the film. Also how the hey did Stanley suddenly hack the system he just said was too advanced for him? The subplot between him and his daughter is forced and squandered (even there scene at the end when they are out of harms way seems like an after thought as we see them in a diner for 3 seconds before the scene cuts away as if it was in a hurry to check off a story checklist). Heck even Travoltas Tarantino-esque monilogue about nothing seems to give off a subtext of saying "Yeah thi movie doesnt need to explain jack" There are many more scenes and parts of the plot that are like this. However its a short film that goes by fast and provides over the top early 2000s schlock for when you get out of work early and dont know how you wants to spend ur extra downtime.
Teen, 13 years old Written byDman April 9, 2008

Good movie with a great message.