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Another quirkfest from Wes Anderson; not for kids.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byRyan Peter May 26, 2014

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How is a "sex" point added just because a character is bisexual. If you can't deal with your kids witnessing such horrors of the modern world, than maybe you shouldn't be allowed to choose your your opinion as the best choice for anything. I'm not one ti discount anyone else's views of the world, but I can sure as hell disagree.
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Adult Written byhamstergurl09 August 9, 2012


This is by far one of the best films I've seen in quite a while. Out of all Wes Anderson's movies, this one is my favorite. It's very quirky, and I can understand why some people might not really get it. Wes Anderson has a very different way of looking at the world, judging by his films, and I appreciate that. This film has a great story, with lots of interesting stuff happening, like pirate ambushes and extraordinary adventures. It is both funny and dramatic. The acting is excellent. The visuals are imaginative (including some cool stop-motion sea creatures animated by Henry Selick!). People's reviews on here make it sound like this film is X rated or something; it's really not that bad. Characters smoke and swear, and there's some kissing. An affair and bisexuality are mentioned. Seriously, it's not even that bad! I highly recommend this film for people interested in marine biology or a compelling story.
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Too much violence
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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 14 years old Written byThe Cheap Seats February 13, 2014

The Deeper You Go, the Weirder Life Gets

"The Life Aquatic" is one of my favorites from Wes Anderson. It's visuals are beautiful and the use of stop-motion is genius. It adds to this dreamy, other-worldly element that the film has going for it. "The Life Aquatic" is not only a blast but it explores human relationships to a large extent. It's a great movie tame despite its R rating. There are only a few f-words and milder profanities and brief topless nudity twice. There is some brief violence but it's very tame and done in a comedic manner. B+.
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Too much swearing
Adult Written byPan April 9, 2008


I love this movie, but I know not everyone will get it!! You have to have an IQ larger than your shoe size, dearies :) No, I wouldn't say this is for the kids, or for most adults...they're just too ignorant :)
Teen, 17 years old Written byindiemovies August 8, 2015

Weird in the Best Way Possible

This is one of Wes Anderson's worst reviewed movies ever, many critics attacking the fact that it doesn't stay relevant to the plot, and the jokes are unfunny and strange. But what most of those people don't understand is that this is one of Anderson's trademarks, and one that critics tend to dislike, and that is his placement of strange details and scene that could have nothing less to do with the story; but these little tidbits separate this movie from the rest of cinema, because it gives you a look into a life that isn't completely straightforward, no life in reality is, and that's what makes this movie great. Through some stellar and moody performances, this movie makes you cry without even really knowing why, with sudden surges of sentimentality that cut deep and give the whole experience some feeling of resolution and completion. There are a couple of bare breasts and sexual references, but none that are too adult for younger teens. This is, like all Wes Anderson movies, unbelievably quirky, and if you believe your kid will understand the humor and the skill put in, then they will probably love this movie and his others.
Teen, 14 years old Written byCMoreMovies February 26, 2014

Completely Superb

As with all Wes Anderson films, The Life Aquatic has a quirky and interesting tone to it. As a child of 14 I found it completely enjoyable and not at all offensive! All of the sexual content that is in this movie is in a non-sexual way. This just meaning that none of the characters become intimate. Really the only reason this movie is R (in my opinion) is because of the two instances of the F word.
Adult Written byalexo21 April 9, 2008


Not good for kids. Partial nudity, drugs, violence. And why would any kid or even older teen want to watch this. It's very very slow paced and boring. To tell you the truth I didn't understand the message of this movie if there was one. I was hoping for something good with Murray and Wilson but it's a huuuge waste of time.
Adult Written byjennbeau April 9, 2008

Very odd

This was very weird...I only really watched it because Owen Wilson was in it! LOL I was glad that he finally got to see the shark that he was searching for
Teen, 16 years old Written bydark rose April 9, 2008


i saw this at school and was disgusted. the f word is repeated way to many times. it's like the characters don't know any other words english vocab. an older man (really old) is shown desiring younger woman (a lot younger). my freind and i almost puked