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Art battles duty in bracing German spy thriller.

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Parent of a 16 year old Written bybronco7732 November 10, 2009

Amazing but mature

Amazing german spy film that is gripping as well as emotional binding. One of the best made movies of the decade. However, there i some explict sexual conduct with little nudity. There is also a quick scene of violence. But outside of this, I would recommend it to every person I know. Use discresion, but if your teen is mature enough, they should see it.
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Too much sex
Great messages
Great role models
Teen, 14 years old Written bylin2211 April 9, 2008
wow... if you manage to get through the first 45 minutes or so you will be rewarded by an amazing movie. I wish they could go back and edit the boring first part because the middle and ending were amazing. This is a forgiegn film (english subtitles!) that i would recommend to kids my age, but not younger.
Educator Written bydabbo January 27, 2009

Really depicts life in the former German Democratic Republic

As an educator, it saddens me that some parents do not approve of this movie to a certain age group. In Germany, you would be allowed to watch this movie at age 12, but it is rated R in the United States because of its sexual content. Most high schoolers, particularly age 15+ would easily be able to handle this movie, and the sexual content is relevant to the culture and story in which the movie is trying to depict. Please watch this movie and think about the message before banning your high schoolers from seeing it. There's a reason it won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Adult Written bydcscott April 9, 2008

The other side of the wall

No doubt the story probably accurately portrays the day to day workings of the Stasi and their relentless pursuit of those “enemies of the state” who dared to think differently. Most American’s will probably find the subtitles of the movie bothersome but that shouldn’t deter adults from watching. Mid to older teens might find the subject matter somewhat “boring” as the action is more psychological than shoot ‘em up. A few sex scenes make it probably inappropriate for younger teens and certainly pre-teens. Overall an outstanding movie but caution should be taken if you’re thinking about having the kids plop down next to you for a family movie night.