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Affecting adult drama has mature themes, content.





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Teen, 13 years old Written bys.r.pablo April 9, 2008
AGENot rated for age

A very...serous comedy.

In this independent comedy-drama, starring Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman, Siblings, Wendy and Jon Savage visit their father at his retirement home, after he acts out, using his fecal matter to write messages on the walls of the home. Forced to move out of the retirement home, Wendy & Jon try to find a new home for their senile father. This is a very serious film, with comic-relief. The content isn't overly inappropriate. The main character has a prolonged sexual affair with a married man. There are few in-explicit sex-scenes, with no nudity. The language is what you would find in most R-rated films, many f--ks and s--ts. Drug content and violence isn't an issue, Wendy's brother Jon gets a neck injury few characters die, one on-screen, but not graphic. I wouldn't recommend this film for people my age, not necessarily for inappropriateness, but for thematic elements. The theme and situations are very mature and wouldn't catch a young teenager's attention. Although this film is considered a comedy-drama, this is very much, a drama. But I do consider this appropriate for ages 14+ depending on the parent's feeling of the film.
Teen, 15 years old Written byFishynmn May 27, 2014

Darkly comic dramedy is frequently depressing, but ultimately uplifting and affecting.

The Savages is a tragic story of love, death, and family that's rough around the edges but comic and heartfelt at it's core. While not everyone will enjoy this darkly comic tale, those who will certainly will take it to heart and will be inspired! Kids and teenagers won't likely be interested in the lives of middle-aged siblings, bonding while taking care of their dementia-stricken, abusive father. Also, the content isn't particularly family-friendly. Content issues include: ___________________________________________________________________ - Two or three sex scenes with some graphic movement._______________ - -Course language ( Something like 7 uses of f--k and occasional uses of s--t and other profanities).__________________________________________ - -Some sexually explicit dialog (including a vulgar use of c--k).__________ - -Stealing of drugs and pill popping._________________________________ - -Mature themes involving death, dementia, racism, etc.________________ ___________________________________________________________________ What also makes The Savages for mature audiences is some dark humor, specifically aimed at old people, but usually not in an offensive way. The main character is involved in an affair with an older man. It is implied that their father was abusive toward his kids. It should be noted that a lot of the movie is focused on victims of dementia. ___________________________________________________________________ *Spoiler Starts Here!* The ending ends on a down-beat note, but the very last scene brings hope and could even be uplifting. Eventually, Philip Bosco's character dies suddenly after being rushed to the hospital. Soon after this Laura Linney's character writes her first screenplay and Hoffman's character goes on to marry his Swedish girlfriend. Linney ultimately breaks up with her married lover, and adopts his dog that she loves, who would have been but to sleep due to old age. This shows us that life is worth fighting for, no matter how old or no matter what they might have done in the past to you. *Spoiler Ends Here!* ___________________________________________________________________ This ending settles nicely with the rest of the movie, and kind of gives it a neat finishing touch. It shows us that life is worth the fight no matter what. This, mixed with its relatively thin premise, somehow stretches to nearly the length of two-hours without barely breaking a sweat. ___________________________________________________________________ Altogether, The Savages is a heartfelt, moving movie that is excellent for adult audiences. Older teenagers who are oddly interested in viewing The Savages should probably do so with caution, not only to be aware of the mature themes but also of the sex, language, and adult situations. The Savages is toward the top of the line when it comes to dark humor and drama, however, to truly enjoy it you have to appreciate it's style.
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Parent of an infant, 2, and 11 year old Written byjpoo April 9, 2008
AGENot rated for age
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008
AGENot rated for age
Adult Written bystacymavros April 9, 2008
AGENot rated for age

Human story--flawed--honest.

Deserved R rating--not for minors. Adults will find this interesting. Another example of why indies are gaining in popularity due to the no frills nature infused with human life thruths.
Adult Written bykaralily April 9, 2008
AGENot rated for age

Slow and Steady

This movie is a very accurate portrayal into the life of a brother and sister as they deal with an aging parent. The acting is wonderful. The movie progresses slow but is steady. Deals with major issues in personal and family relations. This movie has a small demographic. Most people wouldn't care for this movie but as a health care worker I loved it.