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Parent Written bymarvistamom April 9, 2008

Better for Adults

There are so many obscure cultural references, this movie surely goes over most children's heads. Plus there are some rather grotesque scenes showing topless dancing and women of ill repute. I was not comfortable watching this with my 11 year old daughter.
Parent Written bywestcoastbohemian May 12, 2012


In the first 5 minutes, the movie starts with smoking cartoon characters, a topless dancing woman wearing only, well, either bananas or leaves around her waist, and a bunch of tiny people come onstage and pull them off her. It started out excessively mocking of obese people, which had no relevance to the story, and then became sad and bizarre. Matter of fact, that entire scene had no purpose, as best as we could tell. As many "weird" movies I've enjoyed, both foreign and not, I can't understand how anyone could enjoy this. I only watched it because of the good review from this website, but neither my daughter nor I found it fun nor cheery. It was astonishing, but not in a good way. I'm just baffled at the recommendation from this site. But for anyone still wanting to watch it, don't be fooled by this site's review stating "The astonishing, outlandish, and singular originality of THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE defeats any attempt to describe or explain it." That's nonsense. It's a sad boy living with his grandmother and an increasingly overweight dog, with dead parents and a love of bicycles, who grows up to become an apparently professional cyclist, who is kidnapped by gangsters. Grandma and the dog get help and save the day. It's really not that complicated.
Educator Written bydfwems March 6, 2016

Beautiful alternative to American animation; with one important scene to be aware of.

The quality of animation is great and its in a style that you won't see coming from an American studio. No need for knowledge of French; or English for that matter. There is no dialogue, just pantomime. Young children might not be used to a film without dialogue; but they will eventually realize that they can understand just as much of the story by watching the images. There is one scene at the start of the film which is in black and white and is meant to be the singing triplets in their prime in the 1920/30s. This includes a character who is Josephine Baker (the beautiful African-American chanteusse who charmed Paris in the late 20s.) True to the French attitude about history, the Baker-like character briefly dances onto the stage, animated in a "piccaninny style" which early Disney films were known for. In current copies of Disney's Fantasia and others, these characters have been edited out because of how they reinforce early 20th Century racial caricatures. The French attitude about such things is different from the American and it is probably right to see this brief scene as a tribute to Baker and a mocking parody of Disney. However, children may not understand this (or even recognize the racial overtones.) A gentle explanation will suffice if it becomes an issue. The other scene which American audiences will react to quite differently from the French would be a scene of quasi-nude dancers. Lets be clear, these are still animated characters and the French just don't share American attitudes about nudity. Honestly, I sincerely doubt that children would even notice. Finally, the old triplets do smoke on occasion; but the effect is highly stylized and it is not represented as a glamorous activity - quite the contrary.
What other families should know
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent Written bymovieWatchingParent December 11, 2011

excellent, bizarre move

Fantastic animation. Nearly no dialogue. I watched this several times with my kids when the younger was about 7 or 8. She needed help following the story, but enjoyed it nonetheless. The older one (11 at the time) loved it. Basically a story about a cyclist who is raised by his grandmother who acts as his trainer after his parents are killed. He works hard, but is kidnapped in a bizarre plot. The grandmother - who is a great character, an old eccentric lady who just does whatever needs to be done to save her grandson (she is the amazing role model) - eventually saves him, after many strange adventures.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Parent Written bybill colins August 21, 2011

Sadly let down

My family were engrossed with this film but surprised when they discovered where the kidnapped cyclists were taken and for what purpose. The music performed by the triplets caught my girls imaginations 9 and 11 and showed that art is expression. Toad soup and popsicles had us laughing in disgust and the love of a mother who never gives up is inspiring. But again cultural gems for adults are over the kids heads. I loved the art, music and burlesque of real life reflected in this film. The kids liked the music, the theatre and watching a young man turn into a cycling champion. Unfortunately they lost interest in the organised crime turn of events and failed to finish watching it. Loved the mum (or nanna) a superb role model for relentless love. Good old Bruno and the beautiful animation. Such a sad reality of human nature to gamble on anything even death. Is the depiction of bare breasted dancers offensive…I think not but be prepared to discuss this aspect with your kids. For all it promised in the start I was really let down by the final stages of this remarkable film.
What other families should know
Great role models
Adult Written byperlepress April 9, 2008

Fabulous but not for kids

How wonderful. Everyone should have a dog named Bruno. Charming, great music but very sophisticated and all in French so it could go over the heads of younger kids who think that because it's a cartoon, then it's for them.
Adult Written byCeCe Bruissardt November 28, 2010

Love the Triplets and friends!

This is not a children's movie but i enjoyed it thoroughly. I was reluctant to view it when a friend told me about but I love it. It is witty and clever and beautifully done. The music is great and the characters well developed and drawn.
Teen, 13 years old Written byKIdX13 June 16, 2009

Uniuqe and memorable cartoon is more violent than you'd think

This is a very good movie, it has very few lines of dialog and yet it keeps you interseted, it has some issues though: 1. A woman is topless twoard the begining of the film, but it's not very graphic (Plus it's animated). 2. Violence includes: shootings, car crashes, some peril, explosins, no on screen deaths, but deaths non the less. 3. IF you look closesly you can see the finger breifly fashed (But it's hard to see). So overall this is a fun cartoon for teens.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008
Teen, 14 years old Written bystar April 9, 2008