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age 16+

An excellent, but mature, dramedy that isnt for everyone.

The Weather Man is a well-made movie full of great performances and sophisticated humor. As you probably have already noticed, The Weather Man is strictly for Adults because not only is it inappropriate for most teenagers, they will likely not be interested in the life of a divorced, depressed, weather reporter who is trying to reconnect with his family. Following content problems include: ___________________________________________________________________ - Pervasive strong language (over 60 uses of f--k and countless other profanity)__________________________________________________________ - Explicit and offensive sexual references through-out.__________________ - A sex scene that involves upper female nudity._______________________ - Themes that involve a rapist._______________________________________ - Some violence including a fist-fight._________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ What makes The Weather Man even more mature is how realistic the characters act. They also act unsavory and rude to each other. The main character is frequently offensive, as that character reminds us of ourselves. The movie is thoroughly depressing from start to finish. ___________________________________________________________________ *Spoiler Starts Here* The most mature, down-beat part of the movie is the ending and the 15 or so minutes before it. Eventually, Dave it's told by his father that he needs to "Chuck things" in his life to achieve his dreams, in this case, he is referring to his ex-wife and kids. Dave eventually decides to pursue his dreams and leaves his family and takes a higher paying job. *Spoiler ends here* ___________________________________________________________________ That ending, depressing and down-beat, is also morally questionable, and is certainly a message you probably wouldn't want your kids or teenagers to be influenced by. So caution is recommended nearly as much, if not more, morally than content. ___________________________________________________________________ Altogether, if you are somehow able to overlook all the content and moral problems, and truly enjoy dark, mature, drama-comedies, you may find a lot to like in The Weather Man. In no way however am I recommending it to anybody unless they are an adult and are aware of the moral and content issues laced throughout The Weather Man.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
not rated for age

This is the worst movie I have ever seen!

If I hear the F-word one more time... THe movie is no good the content is awful and should be worst movie this year!
not rated for age


Great movie that many teens should watch, only cause its a shocker that life isnt fun and life wont turn out how you want it to.
not rated for age

Funny but language def. not cool

Nicholas Cage says Fu-k more than 40 times, lots of sexual content including nudity, the daughter is smoking at 12, the brother almost gets raped by a creepy mentor person, the family just doenst get along at all, I would say that 16 to 17 year olds would be able to handle this movie definately nobody younger.